10 Premium Malaysia Snacks Brand

If there is one thing Malaysia is famous for, it would be food! With so many ethnicities and cultures coexisting peacefully in one country, it’s no wonder Malaysia is a worldwide hub for some of the best food in the world. Much fanfare has been made around popular Malaysian food such as roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, laksa and so many more. However, Malaysians are nothing if not amazingly creative. Our locals have also been concocting and selling delicious, unique snacks that will leave you addicted for more. Here are some of the best businesses selling scrumptious Malaysia snacks brand.

  1. BREAKFIRST by Amy
Malaysia snacks brand

Who doesn’t love a good old spread on top of their slice of bread, especially the popular peanut butter? Founded in 2018, BREAKFIRST by Amy specializes in gourmet nut butters such as almond, pistachio and the trusty peanut. Not only that, this amazing brand also sells multiple different unique flavored nut butters namely espresso, banana bread and even himalayan salt. A special low calories snacks Malaysia for your early morning breakfast.

Malaysia snacks brand

Do instant noodles count as a snack? We definitely think they do! No one would eat instant noodles as a complete meal or at least no one should. Although, these mouthwatering mi segera from KAMPONGKu is certainly tempting enough to do just that. With flavors like curry seafood, garlic pepper and even mi goreng mamak, this Malaysia snack brand is to die for! You can even buy cooking pastes from them such as curry chicken, fish and asam laksa to make your own tasty dishes.

  1. Kantin Lab
Malaysia snacks brand

In the mood to munch on some tasty chips from a premium snacks brand in Malaysia while lounging in front of your television? Look no further than Kantin Lab, a Malaysia snacks brand selling crispy crinkle cut chips of all flavors! Their Salted Egg Crinkle Cut Chips are an absolute fan favorite. If you’re a Korean food fan, try out their Spicy Mala Flavored Salted Egg Crinkle Cut Chips but be warned of its high spice level! In true Malaysian food brands fashion, Kantin Lab even sells nasi lemak flavored chips to honor our culture.

  1. Huey&Wah
Malaysia snacks brand

If you’re not quite in the mood for a crunchy or savory snack like potato chips, Huey&Wah sells deliciously chewy gourmet marshmallows! A proper healthy snacks Malaysia, their marshmallows contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You can choose from a variety of gooey marshmallow flavors namely vanilla, lemon, chocolate, passion fruit, rose, stout, salted caramel and pandan+salted gula melaka. This Malaysia snacks brand also sells other snacks such as scones, cookies and cakes.

  1. myEureka
Malaysia snacks brand

Popcorn definitely ranks high on the list of the best snacks of all time. However, it can be quite boring and repetitive to buy popcorn at the cinema since most times, the only options available are caramel or plain popcorn. In face of this, myEureka is a God send as they offer a wide selection of popcorn flavors! Their scrumptious B.B.Q, cheese, caramel, sour cream & onion and salted egg popcorns are among their best sellers. This snack Malaysia brand also concocted unique popcorn flavors such as lobster cheese, seaweed, sea salt and even tomato. 

  1. Lekor Bites
Malaysia snacks brand

All Malaysians are more than familiar with the famous and well loved Malaysian street snack, keropok lekor. But here’s a Malaysia snacks brand game changer! The creative locals behind Lekor Bites take the street snack one step further by making it bite sized! Now, you can enjoy your favorite crispy Malaysian snack like it’s popcorn or potato chips, portable and convenient for easy snacking. Apart from the trusty original keropok lekor flavour, you can try out the many different Lekor Bites flavors such as Hot & Spicy, Tom Yum and Seaweed Wasabi. 

  1. Truly Gourmet
Malaysia snacks brand

Another modern twist on a local classic is this healthy products in Malaysia from Truly Gourmet, tempeh chips! If you’re unfamiliar with tempeh, it is a popular meal in Indonesia and other parts of Asia. Nowadays, the popularity of tempeh as a superfood has expanded significantly and many people throughout the world have begun to consume tempeh as part of a healthy diet. With Truly Gourmet’s tempeh chips, it’s even easier to eat food that’s good for you! These healthy chips come in many different flavours like sea salt, onion, garlic, cumin and many more.

  1. Merry Me
Malaysia snacks brand

Talk about range, this Malaysia snacks brand list even features the one and only, everyone’s favorite frozen dessert, ice cream. What more is there to say about this particular sweet, sugary, cold confection? Merry Me contributes to the wide range of ice cream flavours in the Malaysian market with their quirky Earl Grey Lavender, Salted Egg Oreo and even Tau Fu Fah ice cream based on the popular Chinese snack made with exceptionally delicate tofu. Put down your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream carton and give Merry Me a try!

  1. Jenny Bakery Malaysia
Malaysia snacks brand

If you’re on the lookout for another healthy snacks for diet Malaysia, look no further than Jenny Bakery Malaysia. Famous for their scrumptious butter cookies that are available in various shapes and flavors, what more could you ask for in a tasty snack? Jenny Bakery even offers chewy nougat candy, almond flakes, macadamia & cranberry tarts alongside many other mouthwatering baked goods that serves as the perfect late afternoon tea time snack.

  1. Vive Snack
Malaysia snacks brand

It wouldn’t be a complete Malaysia snacks brand list without including a business that sells chocolate aka every person with a sweet tooth’s favourite candy!  There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a sweet bar of chocolate at the end of a long and hard day. Vive Snack offers a variety of dark chocolate bars, powder and even peanut butter with an assortment of flavours like hazelnut, soy and almond. If a whole bar of delicious chocolate is too much for you to eat in one seating, Vive Snack even sells bite sized chocolate named Mess Bites with both almond and cacao bean. 

  1. What counts as snacks?

A snack is defined as a modest quantity of nourishing food that we consume between meals to temporarily satisfy our hunger while waiting for the next meal. As such, drinks and beverages such as soda and milkshakes also count as snacks as they can be quite filling. Snacks can come in either sweet or savory options, and they can range from simple yet healthy food like fruits, yogurt and oatmeal to more decadent options like chips, candy and chocolate.

Nowadays, packaged snack foods grew in popularity as convenience shops became more readily available. Snack meals are usually made to be portable, fast and filling. Processed snack foods are designed to be longer-lasting, sturdier and more convenient to carry than cooked foods, making them a popular option for on-the-go consumption. They frequently contain high levels of sugars, preservatives and delicious components like chocolate, peanuts and specially-designed tastes (such as flavoured potato chips).

  1. What makes a healthy snack?

If you’re not sure if a snack is good for you, always check the Nutrition Facts label in order to determine if a snack is healthy or not. The Nutrition Facts label includes details on the snack such as serving size, calories, fat, salt and added sugars. If the label reports high sugar, salt, fat or calorie content, the snack is unhealthy for you and you should consume it in moderation.

Additionally, take note of the portion size recommended on the label as snacks are so tasty and addictive that eating more than the recommended amount often occurs. A trick would be to never eat directly from the bag. Instead, measure out an adequate quantity and store the container before beginning to nibble. This is important as snacks like nuts, though nutritious, contain a small serving size which makes it easy to eat too many calories if you munch directly from the bag.

  1. Is it bad to snack in between meals?

Snacking in between meals comes with pros and cons. The primary goal of eating between meals is to regulate blood glucose levels, often known as blood sugar, to avoid feeling hungry too fast and overeating during the next meal. It also helps to enhance metabolic rate which makes it possible to lose weight more quickly. Snacking in between meals also promotes normal stomach and intestinal function.

However, remember that eating more food than necessary will result in fat accumulation in the body. Snacking between meals is an important part of balanced nutrition, nevertheless, irregular snacking and eating times do not speed up metabolism. On the contrary, irregular eating habits raise fat rate and cause you to gain weight. According to research, those who eat between meals have a greater metabolic rate than those who do not. As a result, you should divide your day’s eating into six meals and pay attention to portion proportions.

  1. Can children eat snacks?

Eating unhealthy snacks such as processed food should not be a regular occurrence for anyone, much less for children. Avoid allowing your children to consume potato chips, candy, chocolate or anything with a less than satisfactory Nutrition Label often. Giving them snacks once in a while such as twice a week should be fine as long as they eat in accordance with the serving size of each snack.

On the other hand, children snacking on healthy food comes with a lot of benefits. This includes helping children regulate their appetite and improve their nutrition. Allowing them to eat healthy snacks might also prevent your kids from becoming irritable due to hunger. Additionally, similar to adults, snacking can help children avoid overeating during meals. Take the opportunity presented by giving your finicky kids who are picky eaters snacks to add extra nutrients to their diets.

  1. What are the benefits of snacks?

Snacking in between meals has several advantages. It delivers an energy boost if you have gone several hours without eating, causing your blood glucose levels to decline. This causes feelings of fatigue that can affect productivity. Snacking also helps to suppress your appetite which prevents you from overeating during the following meal. Another advantage of eating snacks is that it delivers extra nutrients when particular foods, such as fresh fruit or nuts, are consumed. Snacking can also help maintain appropriate nutrition if you have a weak appetite yet is unable to eat full meals due to having various illnesses.

Who invented snacks?

There is no individual who invented the concept of snacks. Snacks have been around for centuries and were created by people within their own cultures. For example, Archaeological sites in Peru and Mexico have unearthed 7000-year-old maize husks, which are thought to be proof of ancient indigenous peoples preparing and eating popcorn.

Are snacks high in sugar?

Some snacks such as candy bars are high in sugar. Sugar is a basic carbohydrate that gives your body fuel to utilize as energy. However, too much of everything is never a good thing and sugar is no exception. Eating snacks with high sugar levels can lead to developing diabetes.

Do vegan and vegetarian snacks exist?

Yes, vegan and vegetarian snacks exist. Nowadays, most every food comes with a vegan or vegetarian option, including snacks. Some vegan or vegetarian snacks include protein bars, nuts, fruits, chocolate, popcorn and plenty more!

When is the best time to eat snacks?

The best time to eat snacks is whenever you have gone more than four hours between meals. The longest amount of time you should have between meals is four hours. If you go much longer, your metabolism will slow down and make you so hungry that you will be in danger of overeating.

Why do people crave snacks so much?

People crave snacks so much because our bodies are genetically programmed to seek junk food. When you consume things you love, you activate your brain’s feel-good areas, prompting you to crave and eat more of the junk food. Human brains are constantly chasing that pleasurable state of food euphoria.

Can snacks be good for you?

Yes, snacks can be good for you. Even an apple can be considered a snack, after all. Moreover, they can give you energy during the day or while you workout. A nutritious snack in between meals can also help to curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating at mealtime.

Why are snacks so delicious?

Snacks are so delicious because some of them consist of sugar and fat-laden ingredients. These chemicals are one of the key reasons why junk food tastes so good. As they contain high sugar, salt and fat content, they are also extremely flavourful which makes them so deliciously addictive.

Why do people eat snacks while watching movies?

People eat snacks while watching movies because studies show that humans tend to eat more when we’re distracted. If you’re snacking in front of the TV, computer, smartphone, or at the movies, chances are you’re paying more attention to what’s on the screen than to the food you’re eating. This distraction aids snacking while watching movies.

Why do most snacks contain MSG?

Most snacks contain MSG or monosodium glutamate because it enhances flavor. MSG is widely used in snacks such as potato chips as it helps to boost the flavor of the food item, making it more flavourful and addictive. Despite popular belief, MSG is not as detrimental to your health as salt since it contains two-thirds less sodium compared to table salt.

Do snacks cause diseases?

Consuming too many unhealthy snacks regularly can cause diseases. Many popular snack items such as crackers, soda and potato chips are heavy in refined carbs or added sugar and have little nutritional value. Consuming too much of these types of snacks can lead to diseases and health risks such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Where to buy snacks?

Snacks can be bought in most stores such as convenience stores, department stores and hypermarkets. Just visit a 7-Eleven or a Tesco closest to you for your daily snack fix. You can even purchase some snacks, like the ones listed above in our local snack brands list, online.

Why are there so many different types of snacks?

There are so many different types of snacks because different people living in different countries have different tastes. For example, mochi is a popular snack in Japan whereas Americans prefer Hot Flaming Cheetos. Snack companies all over the world work to cater to the many differing tastes of the snack obsessed consumers.

What is used to make snacks?

The ingredients used to make snacks differ according to the snack. For example, cookies are made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, milk and baking soda. Potato chips on the other hand are made with potato, salt, MSG and oil. Be sure to always check the Nutrition Label of your snacks to learn the ingredients you will be consuming.

What are the most popular snack brands worldwide?

The most popular snack brands worldwide include Doritos, Lay’s, Cheetos, Pringles, Cadbury, Oreo, Hershey’s, Kit Kat and M&M’s. There are many different snack brands operating all over the world, all of which produce more than one type of snack.

How many snacks a day is okay?

The quantity of snacks you can consume per day depends on your activity level and meal size. If you are a really active person who works out regularly, you could enjoy around two to three snacks each day. However, a less active individual should only eat around one snack per day.

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