4 Famous Bloggers in Malaysia You Can Learn From

What better way to get rich and famous than creating a blog, right? You may have heard the success stories; people making millions and developing a fan base just through blogging. And if you are an aspiring blogger, you most likely want to follow their footsteps. But first, we have to understand how they do stuff, what their niche is, and how they monetize their blogs

In this article, we will list down popular blogs and some of the most famous bloggers in Malaysia, and how do they make money from their blogs.

Joyce Wong: Kinky Blue Fairy

Joyce famous blogger

Kinky Blue Fairy is Joyce’s blog, and unlike most popular blogs, she doesn’t focus on one niche.

Niche : A Little Bit Of Everything

A famous blogger in Malaysia, Joyce is well known for her blog Kinky Blue Fairy. She blogs about a diverse range of topics, from art and architecture to fashion and tech. Joyce opened an e-commerce store on her blog, and sold accessories online. However, she ceased the online store as of 2016. Now, she generates income as a brand ambassador for companies like Western Digital, Singapore Tourism Board, and Celebrity Fitness. She also is a campaign model for brands including Mitsubishi and L’Oreal.

How Does She Make Money From Her Blogs?

To be honest, it’s a little hard to pin down how Joyce makes money from her blogs. But one thing for sure, she makes her income from blogging in a lot of ways.

Paid Reviews

Kinkybluefairy runs a lot of these type of articles, which can be safely assumed as paid reviews

One of the methods Joyce makes money from her blog is through Paid Reviews, as evidenced by some of her posts. What’s great about this is because Kinky Blue Fairy doesn’t have any specific niche, she can literally take paid reviews about anything and everything.

Another cool way Joyce makes money of her blog is making use of the fame her blog has granted her. She also takes modelling jobs, hosting jobs, and many more.

Kinky Blue Fairy

What Can You Learn From Kinky Blue Fairy

First lesson you can take from Kinky Blue Fairy is to always listen to your readers. We mentioned how in 2016, Joyce decided to add in an eCommerce shop to her blog. But seeing that it didn’t take off, she discontinued it. The lack of purchase means that her readers were not interested in buying products off her blog, so why should she continue? Instead, focus on what your blog excels in.

Second lesson you can learn from her is always diversify your options. For example, Joyce started out as a blogger but as her fame rises with the popularity of her blog, she branched out into modeling, hosting, events, and more. Never rest on your laurels, and always explore what other avenues your blog leads you to.

Emily Quak: Emily’s Anthology

Emily Quak famous blogger

Emily’s Anthology focuses on Makeup and Beauty as her niche of choice

Niche : Makeup And Beauty

A popular beauty blogger and Youtuber, Emily Quak shares her insights on beauty and fashion to the rest of the world. Named after her, her blog Emily’s Anthology is filled with makeup tutorials, product reviews, and opinions on the fashion industry. She generates income from her blog as an affiliate marketer, and promotes other brands and products on her site. Apart from that, Emily also does brand launch events, magazine features, and conducts workshops.

How Does She Make Money From Her Blogs?

As mentioned above, Emily generates income with affiliate marketing, and paid reviews.

Paid Reviews

THis is one of the product reviews on Emily’s website

If you go through Emily’s blog, you can see a lot of reviews on it. Are they paid reviews? I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s safe to say that it is.

Emily's Anthology

What You Can Learn From Emily’s Anthology

Again, try and diversify. Although you might be getting a good revenue and income stream from your blog, that doesn’t mean you should be getting comfortable. In Emily’s case, she branched off into a Youtube channel, which is great for reaching a whole new set of audience.

The second thing you can learn from Emily is focus on your niche. Although we can see from Kinky Blue Fairy that sometimes having no niche can work, but most of the times it’ll hinder you. Choose a niche. It’s better if it’s something that you’re passionate about.

Vkeong: Vkeong.com

Vkeong food blogger

Vkeong is the premier food blog in Malaysia, with more than hundreds of articles detailing places to eat in Malaysia.

Vkeong.com is one of the top food bloggers in Malaysia. With food guides, reviews, and recommendations, he has gained a large fanbase of over 40k people on Facebook. His site gains an average of 250k views per month. However, blogging is only a side hobby for Vkeong, who also has another full-time job. He makes money from his blog through affiliate marketing. Food companies and restaurants pay him to be featured on his blog and gain exposure.

Niche : Food

Vkeong has one of the simplest, yet hardest to pull off niches in blogging; food. Everyone loves good food, which makes it one of the best niches for a blog, but it’s really hard to gain traffic for it, as it’s also one of the most crowded niches.

How Does Vkeong Make Money?

It’s quite apparent that Vkeong uses advertising as his main monetizing scheme for his blog

Advertising seems to be the main way way of generating income for Vkeong.com, as made apparent from the advertising tab on the header of the website.

As seen in the picture, Vkeong lays down the statistics of how many visits and viewers he gets, and the potential reach and advertiser can get from him.


Paid Reviews

Vkeong does a lot of reviews on his page, which may or may not be paid

Although as usual, it’s quite hard to determine if a review on a blog is paid or not, I think it’s quite safe to say that Vkeong does paid reviews as well.  But credit where credit is due, every review done on the website is truthful, so even the reviews doesn’t seem to ‘pushy.

What Can We Learn From Vkeong?

The simplest lesson that we can learn from Vkeong is to just be truthful to your readers. If you peruse through the collection of articles and lists on his blog, you’ll find that all of them tells the truth to the readers. If it’s good, he’ll say it’s good. If it’s not, then he’ll say that it’s not.

This might hurt your chances on getting advertisers and paid reviews, but it will help you gain credibility with your readers, which is always more important.

Sue Lynn: Bangsar Babe

Bangsar Babe blogger

BangsarBabe is a blog that focuses on lifestyle, food, and travel.

Well known for her blog Bangsar Babe, Sue blogs about a variety of topics from food, to travel and fashion. Apart from blogging, she also runs a digital marketing agency and uses her expertise to help other companies with social media marketing. She also advertises different brands on her page, and accepts paid content.

Niche : Travel, Food, Lifestyle

For Bangsar Babe, Sue Lynn decided to focus on three related niches, which is travel, food, and lifestyle.

As mentioned before in Vkeong’s blog, food can be one of the hardest niche to pull off, due to just how saturated the market is. But Sue Lynn manages to juggle not only one hard niche, but three as travel and lifestyle are hard niches to pull off as well.

How Does BangsarBabe Make Money?

Just like all the other blogs in this list, it’s quite hard to pinpoint how exactly does BangsarBabe generate income. But I’m guessing that her main source of income from her blog is through her promotions of brands that she works with.

Bangsar Babe

Brand Promotion

BangsarBabe works with a lot of brands to help her generate income from her blog.

As you can see from this picture, BangsarBabe or Sue Lynn works with a multitude of brands which utilizes her reach to promote their brands.

What Can You Learn From Bangsar Babe

If you look at BangsarBabe, you’ll find that the blog is very simple. It talks about everything Sue Lynn herself is interested in, and it’s never crowded. In fact, there is not a single ad on her website. So what can we learn from here?

Simple. Never worry too much about monetizing your blog. Focus on gaining traffic, building a steady following, and the rest will follow. Sue Lynn never really set out to monetize her blog, but her blog secured for her a lot of chances. If you focus on the things that matter, monetizing opportunities will come by itself.

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