5 Dating Apps That Malaysians Should Use To Meet Their Forever

Love-Life Put On Halt

Top 5 Dating apps

The Covid-19 pandemic may have brought our dating life to a halt as we sought to minimise the times of going out due to the high number of Covid Omicron cases. However, as humans, the majority of us need our very own ‘forever’ not just for companionship, but to also build a life together. With that, all hope is not lost when it comes to searching for love as our determination will not stop us from finding love even if there is a restriction in front of us.

So what do you do when we can’t go out as often to meet new people and to go on dates to seek for the one? With the invention of dating apps, we are able to do so. So in this article, we will recommend the 5 dating apps that Malaysians should use to meet their forever.

5 Recommended Dating Apps


Top 5 Dating apps

OkCupid is a US-based international operating dating app. Registration is free for this dating app, but with paid content. Just like most of the dating apps out there, OkCupid dating features a function where users can swipe left and right to “like” or “dislike” their potential date. One cool thing about OkCupid is that it allows users to send an introduction to users to increase their odds of getting matched with someone they fancied.

Because in most dating apps, the only way to get matched with someone is when the other party swipes right on you as well. With the introduction feature provided by OkCupid, we see this as an absolute win. As mentioned, OkCupid also has a premium version where users get to enjoy tons of perks such as sending unlimited likes, super likes, and see who likes you.

OkCupid Social


Top 5 Dating apps

Bumble is one of the first dating apps that breaks the traditional role of dating apps by making women make the first move instead of men. Bumble’s dating feature gives users the opportunity to swipe left and right on potential matches for them. What is unique about Bumble is that when you get a match, women will be given 24 hours to break the ice by sending a message to their match.

So men, if you are tired of always making the first move – Bumble is the one for you. Ladies, if you want to have control over your matches and are tired of getting weird messages from men – Bumble is the one for you.

Bumble Social

Coffee Meets Bagel

Top 5 Dating apps

Next on the list is Coffee Meets Bagel. Coffee Meets Bagel is quite similar to OkCupid when it comes to dating features. Users need to spend their “coffee beans” to send a like to their potential match. If users would like to increase their odds of matching with the person they fancy, they will be able to send an introduction note as well. There is also a discover section in CMB where users will have to use their coffee beans to send their likes to them.

There is a suggested section and discover section in CMB. In the suggested section, users get to swipe left and right for free. In the discover section, users will have to spend their coffee beans to send a like to them. 

In order for users to earn their coffee beans, they will have to log in every day and redeem them. Users can also opt to purchase more coffee beans as part of the app’s paid feature.

Coffee Meets Bagel Social


Top 5 Dating apps

TanTan is like a combination between Wechat and Tinder. TanTan has a feature where users can upload status and images just like Wechat. Users can also add their interests and bio on their profile which will allow potential matches to know more about you.

For TanTan’s dating feature, it holds similarities to Tinder where users have the option to swipe left, right and even super like.

TanTan Social


Top 5 Dating apps

Last but not least, tinder. You can say that Tinder is pretty much the founding father of dating apps. Why we recommend tinder it’s because of the number of times free users can swipe for one day before the cooldown for 24 hours. Free users can also chat with their matches without having the pay for anything extra. However, Tinder also offers paid features (premium features) where users can swipe unlimited times, have read recipients, boost features to boost their profile and rewind. The premium version of tinder offers many perks for users to enjoy. It is without a doubt why many people use tinder.

Tinder social


Even if our conquest for love is being constrained with the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that all of you are able to find your forever with the 5 dating apps that were recommended in this article. Try it out and see how it goes. Do not let this barrier prevent you all from finding love.

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