5 Malaysia Hijab Brands That Deserves Major Love

Malaysia Hijab Brands

Okay, let’s get real girls, there are more than thousands local hijab brands in the market, but we’re going to share five out of thousands of local hijab brands that are still growing their base but deserve some major love from us.

Hijab, be it shawl or bawal or Malaysian call it tudung, comes in a wide variety of shape and materials. Back in 2010, the Malaysian hijabis could barely find specific materials of hijab for specific occasions, however today, from luxurious satin materials hijab with Swarovski and diamonds for Eid celebration to the most comfortable cotton hijab of everyday styles to go through the scorching hot weather, we have it all.

Please note that all of this only become realized with the help of some local hijab brands. With growing numbers of hijabista who is also instafamous who often shares tips and various styles for the hijab to be draped on matching blouses, women of different colours in Malaysia today could never be out of style. Some hijabis + instafamous even have their own hijab brand.

The local market of hijab brands since 2010 had witnessed some rapid growth in the market in Malaysia with many of them actually started on the internet, before outgrown themselves and start to cater to some loyal customers, offline too. An e-commerce website is actually one of the best ways to make money online, which is why these local hijab companies are starting to bring their brand online.

Here are five local hijab brands, of whom, you might never know that actually started off, on the internet comprising of those who have been in the market for more than 8 years to those just newly established last year.

1. The Hijab.Co

Malaysia hijab

This practical and simple hijab brand was founded in 2016 by Yatie, who is the creative director of Sendayu Tinggi, a famous local cosmetics and skincare brand. Focusing on a simple yet elegant look and feel. The Hijab.Co is a brand that provides its customers with both a plain shawl and bawal choices until the end of December.

However, starting from January 2019, the brand had launched a new subtle print hijab collection that was given the name as the Pure Series. The series is aimed to cater especially for people who seek light material for hijab that is suitable for hot and humid weather in Malaysia while still look elegant.

The Pure Series is the first collection from this local hijab brand that has prints on hijab to cater to the fashion-forward woman who mostly looks forward to hijabs that can complement and accentuate their plain outfits instead.

Yatie, the founder of the brand is also the face of the brand and you could definitely recognize her on the brand’s official website and Instagram account. She never fails to share the hijab tutorial featuring the brand’s collection since the launch of the brand in the local hijab market.


Range of price: RM30 to RM55


Products: Plain Square Hijab, Plain Shawl, Printed Square Hijab2

2. Purdy Petals

Malaysia hijab

Girls and women of all age are synonyms with femininity and it’s no doubt that flowers and soft colours could be categorized into the feminine group when it comes to women’s clothing.

Purdy petals, just like its name which is the more Instagram-friendly spelling for “pretty”, is just what these feminine women of all age are looking for. This local hijab brand sells scarves that could range from RM25 to RM45 for basic plain scarves, and RM109 to RM169 for its exclusive scarves.

It was founded by Anna Ismail in 2013 who was selling brooch at that time. Being exclusive like other local Instagram and web-based hijab brands, Purdy Petals provide its customers with ribbon-box.

The femininity of this brand could be vividly seen in their floral printed shawls to the softest colours of its bawal which all are a mix of cerrutti chiffon materials to a cotton voile. Having to know that demands for modest wear of more fashion-conscious urban women have increased, this brand had to cater to clothing collections including abaya and baju kurung.


Range of price: RM25 to RM169


Products:  Embroidered, Lace, Printed and Plain Square Hijab and Shawls & abaya and Baju Kurung

3. DianaShawl

Malaysia hijab

This local hijab brand is founded by a young businesswoman named Diana, hence the name. Diana started the business with a capital of RM100 when she was 18 in 2015 by selling wide cotton shawl which was the craze at that time. Apart from the model, Diana’s face often appears in the Instastory of the account sharing the updates on the business.

Despite being young, Diana actually called herself as Kak Dee to be more friendly with her customers of all age. It sells a wide range of coloured hijab but the famous one despite being square hijab or shawl, are the nude coloured scarves.

Just like other local hijab brands, DianaShawl also comes with boxes, square one with its cursive-word logo printed on top. There’s a purple and maroon box, which each specifically used for certain collection.

DianaShawl knows what’s best for its customers; it sells good quality hijab with some affordable prices. From premium chiffon to chiffon crepe to basic cotton hijabs ranged from RM29 to RM75, DianaShawl has it all for women who are looking for some simple, youthful looking hijabs.


Range of price: RM29 to RM75


Products: Printed Square Hijab, Plain Shawl and Square Hijabs

4. Hermanas

Malaysia hijab

This local hijab brand only joined the market in 2018. Although new in the market, Hermanas which also means sisters in Latina, aimed to be the number 1 seller of printed premium bawal in Malaysia. Being exclusively cater to some lovers of patterned cotton square hijab, Hermanas never failed to bring the latest fashion-forward abstract pattern hijab for their customer every month.

Hermanas box, compared to other brands is much lovelier and smaller, shaped like a small rectangular box, with some prints on top as well as the logo, you would never feel the urge to keep the packaging box more than anything else. Puteri Sarah, an actress was one of their loyal customers and could be seen regularly donning the brand’s hijab.

Furthermore, Hermanas is a unique brand like it, despite being so new to the local hijab market, it has already done a CSR (corporate social responsibility) project by selling a collection named Cakna Autism in November which is a collaboration with Persatuan Ibu Bapa & Ahli Intervensi (PIBI) in conjunction with Hari Kanak-Kanak Cakna Autisma 2018. You can check out our exclusive interview with Hermanas to know more!


Range of Price: RM69 to RM79


Product: Abstract Patterned Cotton Square Hijab

5. Shawlbyvsnow

Malaysia hijab

Founded by Nur Amirah in 2010 who set up the business online through Blogspot, Shawlbyvsnow today is a common name among urban women who are into printed hijabs. From flowers to abstract print, Shawlbyvsnow has it all. This local hijab brand today is catering to all type of hijab lovers, it sells instant, square hijabs and shawls. In addition, it also sells some inner caps of a wide range of colours to complement the look of wearing hijabs.

Shawlbyvsnow always know how to keep the customers happy, apart from the exclusive box which comes with the specific collection, it is also a brand full of surprise. This is because the prints on the shawl are like no other and always come with the latest in-trend print for all women who are very conscious about their appearance and prefer to stand out in the crowd.

This local hijab brand for being in the industry for so long knows that some women like to complement their plain and boring everyday outfits with some bold prints on their hijab. The hijab sold is those of range RM49 for its basic collection to RM129 for some really exclusive pretty prints collection.


Range of price: RM49 to RM129


Products: Printed Instant Shawl, Printed and Plain Shawl, Inner Caps, Plain Square Hijabs

Amboi, amboi, amboi, no wonder lah how these brands could be famous among Malaysian women when they hold some distinctive brand personalities which ensure their survival in the rapidly developing local hijab market. This is because all these local hijab brands are indeed own the special and unique personalities that make them varied from the other brands in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Hijabs

Which hijab is the best; plain or printed?

There’s no such the best hijab. It depends on your outfit. If you are wearing a plain blouse, it is more suitable to wear a printed scarf. In contrast, a plain scarf is more suitable to be worn with a printed blouse.

How do I choose the right material when buying a hijab?

You may choose a hijab which its material is not too thick to prevent you from getting too hot and sweating while wearing it. It is also recommended to choose a non-slippery material.

How do I choose a hijab color that matches my clothes?

If you plan to wear dark clothes, you should go with a light hijab color. But if you plan to wear light color clothes, you should wear a fairly dark color. Avoid wearing dark colors for both hijab and clothes at the same time.

Can I wash my hijab using washing machine?

It is not recommended to wash your hijab using washing machine as it might damage the hijab’s materials. You can handwash your hijab in cold or lukewarm water using a mild detergent.

My hijab keeps on slippery. What should I do?

You need to make sure that you put a needle between your hijab and your inner scarf so that your hijab’s position is secure. The inner scarf’s material that you are wearing could also give an effect on it.ng also could give effect on it.







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