5 Of The Best Food Delivery Services In Malaysia

What is it about food that has our souls enamoured? Is it the look, the taste, the smell, or a combination of all three that has our senses locked. Arriving with tame taste buds, I am leaving with an immense appreciation for tandoori chicken, chili pan mee. Food is a language, and Malaysia speaks fluently. Thankfully, food delivery in Malaysia has got you sorted.

A lot of people don’t enjoy the preparation– the fresh foods that require cutting, chopping, seasoning and frying. These can just easily turn to bleeding, straining and burning! No worries. These are the five best food delivery service in Malaysia that ensure you don’t have to.

Meal 2 U

Food Delivery Service Malaysia

Meal 2 U is a very popular platform for food orders. It not only does fresh foods and healthy meal sets, but it provides a winding list of different dishes. Try all the items on the menu and enjoy the nutritious meals that can easily fit into your busy schedule. Meal 2 U food delivery Malaysia offers you different package deals so that you can feed yourself or your family! Ordering on Meal 2 U almost seems like you are earning money for your purchases! The values of their package deals are certainly worth your money for their healthy nutritious meals. A user-friendly interface and even friendlier staff makes Meal 2 U an attractive service for people from all over.

For More Details: 

Website | Email

 Operating Hours: 10 am- 6 pm (subject to change due to FMCO regulations)

Epic Fit Meals Co

Food delivery in Malaysia

Epic Fit Meals Co is another superior food delivery service in Malaysia. They cater to everyone’s dietary needs. They provide the best healthy dishes that will have you yearning for more. The options are delicious meals cooked with heart and skill, delivered to you the same day. Careful portion controls and measures of all the nutrients give you a nutritious balanced diet. They ensure that all their meals are tasty and prepared with careful hands. Epic Meals Co food delivery service Malaysia also offers great money saving deals that you cannot look away from. Having received several positive reviews, it is no surprise that this service continues to expand all across Malaysia. Their menus offer great variety so that you do not have to worry about what you are going to cook.

For More Details:

Website |  

Contact: +60 3 7772-7781

Operating Hours: 11 am- 11 pm (subject to change due to FMCO regulations)

Grace Kitchen

Established in the Klang Valley area, Grace Kitchen specializes in delivering Chinese cuisine right to your doorstep. Not only is DeliverEat straightforward and easy to use, it accommodates a large range of choices in delivery, payment and a number of language options which makes it a favourite with the community. With their monthly delivery options, you won’t have to stress about cooking dinner. Do note that prices change monthly!

For More Details:

Website | Email

Telephone: 018-2260660

Hours of operation: Order two days in advance before 5 pm (subject to change according to FMCO)

Pop Meals ( Previously DahMakan)

food delivery service

Previously known as DahMakan, Pop Meals remains true to their quality food delivery service Malaysia. Supported by several well-known influencers, Pop Meals is a popular option for people who find themselves too busy to cook everyday. Like DahMakan, this service is catered by professionally trained cooks and chefs who know just what to add to your spaghetti carbonara. For every meal listed on their menu, each ingredient is listed so perfectly for those who need to check for allergens & nutritional value. 

For More Details:

Website |

Hours of operation: 8.30 a.m– 9.30 p.m daily (subject to change according to FMCO)


delivery service

If you haven’t heard of DeliverEat, it is another magnificent food delivery service that continues to provide the best for its customers. When you are craving having foreign cuisine, DeliverEat has what you desire: pastas from Italy, exquisite breakfast options from France and breakfast meats from Germany. DeliverEat gives you the international experience from the comfort of your home. There are hundreds of dish options for you to choose from. DeliverEat established itself in Penang and is now expanding into the Kuala Lumpur region. Its quick expansion is evidence of efficiency and overly brilliant service.

DeliverEat allows you to pay through e-commerce platforms such as Shoppee so you can utilise your Shopee coins for great discount offers. You are able to adjust the timing of your delivery which gives you control to work around your meal times and their arrival.  

For More Details:


Contact: +60327803883

Hours of operation: 10am – 11pm daily (subject to change according to FMCO) 

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