7 Mouth-Watering Bakery Kuala Lumpur You Must Visit

Bakery Kuala Lumpur sells baked goods, pastries, cakes and dessert. Who doesn’t love sweet treats right? Just imagine the feeling when biting into a freshly baked croissant and then licking the flaky bits off your fingers. This fresh baked bread and pastries appear to be all the rage these days. In this list, there are some compilations of the best bakery in Kuala Lumpur.  

1. Komugi Bakery 

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: @Trip.com (Official Website)

Komugi Bakery specializes in handmade Japanese breads and pastries. Some might say that they have the best pastry in kl. Therefore, you might see some Japanese aesthetics. Komugi is one of the most reputable bakeries known for using fresh ingredients. Hence, you’ll be spoiled with plenty of options presented on the well-coordinated display counters. It’s halal-certified too! 

Their signature Hanjuku Cheesecake is a must-try. It is a cult-favorite. Moreover, most of their baked goods are made from premium cream cheese. The cake strikes a wonderful balance of sweet and savory with every bite that you indulge. More cheese-based delights are available such as the Tofu Cheesecake, Cronut Cream Cheese (think of a cross between a croissant and a donut) and Fuwa-Fuwa Nama Cheese Bun. Of course, cheese isn’t the only thing to look out for. 

For More Information: Komugi | FB: @KomugiMalaysia | IG: @komugi_my

2. KLCG Confectionery & Bakery

Second bakery Kuala Lumpur on this list is Kuala Lumpur City Gallery (KLCG) where it is located on Dataran Merdeka. It is a hot spot to learn more about Kuala Lumpur and a perfect place to pick up some souvenirs. Tourist also have been visiting here. Since 1957, KLCG Bakery & Confectionary has been driven by a family’s love for providing artisan delights and pastries. Everything here is as delicious as it looks, since they use only the finest quality ingredients in their pastries and cakes. Handmade love it is. This pastry shop produced their baked goods from scratch every day, so you can expect only the freshest bakes and cakes.  All of their ingredients are halal-certificate. 

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: @KLGC (Official Website)

Cronuts and croissants are their signature menu item. They also have seasonal cronuts where they will feature new unique flavors. Try their Lotus Biscoff, Melted Caramel or Chocolate cronuts now. 

For More Information: KLGC | IG: @klcgconfectionarybakery

3. Jaslyn Cakes

Then, Jaslyn Cakes is not a stranger to cake enthusiasts. This bakery KL atmosphere is very charming and homey. Jaslyn, the owner of Jaslyn Cakes has amazing stories behind her cakes and baked goods

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: @Beepit 

Custard Donuts, Pavlova, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake are Jaslyn Cakes top baked goods. They also sell hot buns which capture baked goods lovers. The cakes they serve here are so delicious. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re craving something sweet, fluffy, and fulfilling, with two shops in Bangsar and Mont Kiara.

For More Information: Jaslyn Cakes | FB:@jaslyncakes | IG: @jaslyncakes

4. TK Bakery 棠记兄弟饼家

In Malaysia, there are some old school bakeries including Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery. They have been operating since 1970. The Hoong family developed this confectionery in the 1960s but then it was established fully by 1970. From the late Hoong Wah to his siblings, the Tong Kee heritage has been passed down from generation to generation. His three sons and two daughters continue to run the confectionery today. TK Bakery stays traditional. However, this bakery in KL is not halal. 

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: @TKBakery

The flaky crust and eggy custard of TK’s mouthwatering egg tart are familiar to most people in Kuala Lumpur. It is their signature baked goods. The major reason egg tarts are so popular here is that many customers rave about how smooth, creamy, and juicy the egg custard is. While, the outer layers of the tarts are crunchy. 

For More Information: TK Bakery | FB:@TK2you | IG:@tk_bakery_official

5. Der Backmeister

Then, the fifth bakery Kuala Lumpur in this list is Der Backmeister. It is the halal German bakery and restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Their baked goods and foods are on par. They aren’t just your mere bakery. This cafe bakery has three branches located in TTDI, Bangsar and Ampang. This cafe is halal-certified too! 

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: @KLFoodie

German baked goods are their forte. Find an almost authentic taste of German food here. Apple Strudel (as seen above), Vanilla Loop and Custard Danish are some of the food reviewers favorite. Likewise, try their sandwich too.

For More Information: Der Backmeister | FB:@derbackmeister  | IG: @derbackmeister

6. Dotty’s 

Dotty’s is a well-known bakery in KL among Kuala Lumpur residents. The restaurant is well-known for its delectable pastries and handmade breads, so it’s no wonder that there’s rarely an empty table. This is Muslim-owned business. 

Photo: @Dotty’s 

The signature here? Their salted egg yolk cronuts are one of their best-selling items. Cronuts here are a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. They are on sale every day at noon. Undoubtedly, they will sell out in a flash. The salted egg yolk combination is known for its velvety and smooth texture. For this reason, after just one mouthful, you’ll be longing for more. If Suria KLCC’s Dotty’s Pastries & Coffee is too packed, you can head to the other two branches. 

For More Information: Dotty’s | FB:@mydottys | IG:@mydottys

7. Crosserie

Looking for a bakery shop that has desserts and pastries? Crosserie’s baked goods are impossible to resist. In addition, this shop claimed that they use halal-certified ingredients and did not serve alcohol. 

bakery kuala lumpur
Photo: Crosserie

Croisserie is one of those places that has everything for everyone specifically from choux cream to canale and quiche. This artisan bakery, tucked away in Bukit Damansara, present French flair. With so many tempting delights on display, it’s nearly hard to pick just one.

For More Information: Croisserie| FB:@CroisserieMalaysia 


For pastries and sweets, there are plenty of mouth-watering bakeries in Kuala Lumpur! Also, get some of your sweet fix from the pastry shop above. We need some baked sweetness to soothe our souls in the midst of this chaos and stress.

Sharifah Natasha
Sharifah Natasha
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