7 Reputable Wedding Planners in Malaysia That You Must Check Out!

1. Zuriee Ahmad Concepts Sdn Bhd

Zuriee Ahmad Concepts

Wedding and event planning firm Zuriee Ahmad Concepts was founded and created by Zuriee Ahmad, himself. High society elitists, streetwise social moguls, and regular individuals with a remarkable vision for their party are just some of the clientele of the firm. You can ask their assistance for a wedding Melayu, western or minimalist wedding. Zuriee utilizes his knowledge regarding fashion and implements them into weddings. 

Organizing a wedding can be a difficult undertaking, but Zurrie’s team as a wedding planner.

Zuriee Ahmad can assist you by providing comprehensive professional services and client care for the whole wedding celebration. When it comes to organizing your wedding, you can rest easy knowing that your big day will be one to remember.

For more information: Zuriee Ahmad Concepts | FB | IG

2. Sugar & Spice Events

The second wedding planner in Malaysia is Sugar & Spice Events. They are known to conduct international events where 95% of their clients are apparently from overseas.  

The team at Sugar & Spice Events is dedicated to providing memorable events that are both fun and attractive. 

Sugar & Spice Events

The company founder of Sugar & Spice Events discovered her passion in 2005 while preparing for her sister’s wedding. Together with her team, they organize and create all kinds of events. They want to be there for you every step of the way, from planning to day-of coordination, so that your guests will be raving about your wedding! It’s all about making your event unique, memorable, and spectacular. 

She is well-versed in the demands of modern brides and grooms, having planned dozens of weddings. She and her crew will take care of everything so that you, your family, and your guests can relax and enjoy your big day to the fullest. 

For more information: Sugar & Spice Events | FB | IG

3. Pretty Little Things 

The third wedding planner company Pretty Little Things was formed by two best friends Jin Ann and Rachel. Both of them are obsessed with perfecting anything, even the tiniest of details, into the most beautiful events in order to leave a long-lasting impact on their clients.

7 Reputable Wedding Planners in Malaysia That You Must Check-Out!
7 Reputable Wedding Planners in Malaysia That You Must Check-Out!

Pretty Little Things has been working with couples from all over the world. Also, they have planned multicultural weddings which they take great delight in doing.

For more information: Pretty Little Things | FB | IG

4. Love & Love Wedding & Events

Love & Love Wedding & Events

This wedding planner Ipoh was Founded in Ipoh, Malaysia, Love & Love is a full-service Malaysian wedding planning company. Their staff consists of highly dedicated and skilled wedding planners that can help you plan the perfect wedding or celebration that is imbued with your personality and personal touches. This wedding planner KL can help you and your needs. 

However, Love & Love is not limited to wedding planners in Malaysia only. When it comes to parties and events like baby showers or full-moon parties, Love & Love is a well-known event management firm that can handle them. They want to provide memorable experiences for their clients.

It has been a long time since Love & Love has been in business, and it has received a number of accolades from various organizations, including Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Planner by TallyPress and Wedding Vows (2017). Love & Love is committed to providing outstanding weddings and events in Malaysia for the foreseeable future.

Love & Love Wedding & Events

Event and wedding planning firm with a well-established management team.

Wedding and event planners that are well-respected and responsible work with high-quality service suppliers to give the finest possible service to their clients.

For more information: Love&Love | FB | IG

5. Yellow Leafz

Wedding planning and decoration, as well as corporate event planning, are specialities of Yellow Leafz. This creative company is based in Malaysia. 

May be an image of 8 people and outdoors

Their primary concern is the satisfaction of each and every one of their customers! Yellow Leafz is a full-service event planning company that specializes in creating dream events for their clients by putting in innovative and professional effort on their big day. They excel in balancing the needs of the budget with the aesthetics of the design. 

For more information: Yellow Leafz | FB | IG


MEMOS is an acronym which stands for Memories and Moments.  They are a wedding planner in Malaysia who truly believe that every moment in your lifetime is worth proper celebration.


As a Malaysian company, MEMOS wants to be your long-term event partner, with the goal of changing people’s lives by bringing them together via the creation of happy and memorable experiences.

Memos Wedding Planner Malaysia, they are devoted to helping make your events successful. The most essential thing is that they do the planning with integrity. There is a wide range of services provided by MEMOS in Malaysia, including wedding planning, bridal showers and marriage proposals. MEMOS possess a cool demeanour and the ability to solve problems.

For more information: MEMOS Event | FB | IG

7. XO23 Wedding Events

The next wedding planner in Malaysia on this list is XO23 Wedding Events. eXtraOrdinary is the acronym for XO. They also are one of the reputable party planners in Malaysia

XO23 Wedding Events

Each and every one of their customers is treated with the utmost care and consideration by these dedicated professionals. Number 23 is auspicious for the company’s creator, Ally Yap because it symbolizes love. Wedding Planner Services, Wedding Floral & Decoration Design, and Wedding Floral Arrangements are among the services they provide. It’s always a pleasure to do business with them because of their attention to detail, enthusiasm, and reliability. It is their goal to treat every wedding as if it were their own.

XO23 only works with one couple at a time because they want to provide their undivided attention to every little detail so that their customers are overjoyed when their special day comes to a successful conclusion. XO23 is pleased to provide its customers with an exceptional level of service.

XO23 approaches wedding planning from the perspective of its clients. Their achievement is that they can design a complete Premium Garden Wedding in as little as a week, and a Hotel Wedding costing more than $1 million may be done in only three weeks.

For more information: XO23 Wedding Events | FB | IG

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