A Guide To Hair Care And Shampoo Bars

Hair is never just hair. It is expressive; an identity marker and a political statement. Whether you like to have short hair, long hair or no hair, it should make us feel beautiful and powerful. It has taken a long time for many of us to accept the way our hair springs into coils of resistance, but we are getting there. That being said our manes deserve the best care possible, because they are a literal extension of ourselves. How we handle and hold our hair defines our appearance. If you haven’t’ heard of brands that sell shampoo bars in Malaysia, this article is just right for you. 

What Are Shampoo Bars And How Do They Work: 

Hair products Malaysia

Shampoo bars are a solid block that holds the same properties as the every-day shampoo we have come to know. Not only are they recognised to deliver the same results of shampoo (and beyond) they are growing in popularity due to their zero-waste packaging. Shampoo bars are firstly made mostly from natural ingredients making them a great eco-friendly packaged product. They come in different shapes, colours and scents and the packaging is often kept minimal and simple, unlike the large space-taking bottles we’ve grown accustomed to for our hair products. Check out our favourite hair care tips and the shampoo bars we like to use in our routine.

Tip 1: Your Curl Pattern And Hair Porosity

Your hair curl pattern and porosity will be the first step to telling you the right hair routine. Many of us aren’t going to have only one kind of hair pattern. Sometimes the back hairs and the edges are finer than the hairs in the middle of our sculps. You can work with the dominant curl pattern. ‘Porosity’ demonstrates how porous your hair strands are and a simple test involves placing a strand in a cup of water. Gage its porosity with a porosity scale from the internet. Shampoo bars in Malaysia often work well, regardless of your hair texture which is perfect in establishing that not everyone has the same hair.

The Hive Bulk Foods

Known as The Hive Bulk Foods located in Bangsar Park, is the first zero waste store in Malaysia providing customers with an alternative and sustainable way of shopping. Founded in 2016, The Hive is on a mission to reduce food waste and plastic pollution. Here are some of the best products available with The Hive:

  • The Hive Rose Shampoo Bar: This shampoo bar is a natural, plant-based alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. This Rose Shampoo Bar is an all-natural product, made with natural ingredients, that can help nourish and protect your hair while still providing a thorough cleanse.
  • The Hivette: The Hive is actually the first local store that produced menstrual cup Malaysia. With two designs to choose from, The Hivette is an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons and a solution to the world’s plastic waste problem!
  • Code Red Comfort Period Underwear: Say goodbye to the plastic pads because Code Red Underwear from The Hive has you covered! With an absorbent core of 2mm/.08-inch thick gusset, people with heavy flow can feel comfortable wearing the undies since it has been lab-verified to absorb at least fluid equal to 2 tampons. 

Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Hello Natural Co

Shampoo bar Malaysia
Hello Natural Co

An award winning brand, Hello Natural Co has a brilliant catalogue of product. Shampoo bars are an awesome change from the liquid gel shampoos that are great for a variety of hair types. Because they are infused with natural ingredients, you give your hair quality nutrients that do not damage your strands and roots the way synthetic ingredients do. This brand offers an extensive catalogue of products that you are going to love on sight (and on smell) and their aromatic shampoo bars will get you switching from shampoo bottles real quick.

shampoo bar
Hello Natural Co

Why You Should Shop From Hello Natural Co:

–       Vegan friendly

–       No animal testing

–       Natural ingredients

Find Out More Here:

Website | Email

Telephone: +6016 3222140

Instagram: @hellonaturalco

Tip 2: How Often Is Wash Day?

How frequently you wash your hair depends, not only on your hair type, but also your level of activity. For people who play a lot of sport, they will have to wash their hair more frequently than people who aren’t as active. For people with coarser hair, there is no need to wash it daily or every two days, because that will weaken the hair shaft. A good wash day is often done in three steps for people for people with coiled hair:

  • shampooing
  • conditioning
  • deep conditioning

The shampoo and condition process allows us to get our hair as clean as possible, and the deep conditioning after packs our hair with moisture, healthy oils and nutrients. Some shampoo bars come with shampooing and conditioning properties so you get the best of both worlds in 1! Utilise natural hair products to help keep your hair nourished. 

Lave Republic

Lave Republic

One of Malaysia’s best brands, Lave Republic creates some of the best nature-infused body products. Their shampoo bar Malaysia collection is an extensive range that caters to your specific hair needs. Look into their sulfate-free options if your hair is prone to breakage, or purchase their dandruff-free bars to take care of your dry scalp. Try out their other hair care products Malaysia, too!

shampoo bars Malaysia
Lave Republic

Why You Should Shop From Lave Republic:

–       Range of shampoo bars

–       Super affordable

–       Variety for your specific hair needs

Find Out More Here:

Website | Email

Telephone: +6011 – 6225 3635

Instagram: @laverepublic

Tip 3: Getting Rid Of Knots And Tangles

Your washday is a careful aspect of hair care one that requires patience and time. I finger detangle my hair with coconut oil before I wash it with my shampoo bar. A wide-tooth comb is often handy for the stubborn patches of hair. Others prefer to detangle before they do a hair mask prior to their shampooing. All this is to ensure that there is a reduction in hair breakage and unnatural shedding. Working on dry, unmoisturised hair risks damage to your ends. These have to be treated carefully. Avoiding heavy products is another method to reduce hair breakage. Silicone-free hair care products Malaysia are vital because they are lighter on your hair, therefore reducing shedding.



Shampoo bars Malaysia have become an investment because most of them contain natural-occurring ingredients and scents and Claire provides top quality products for their customers. Claire provides affordable hair care soaps that give you a rich lather and pleasant scent. This will also help you identify the right hair care products Malaysia and the best shampoo bars for your hair care as certain ingredients work well with certain textures. Silicone-free products, such as Claire’s shampoo bars are gentle on the hair to give it the natural shine and healthy bounce. Customers continue to give positive feedback about, not only the shampoo bars alone, but other products that have improved their skin. Their body and facial products are stellar!

Shampoo bars Malaysia

Why You Should Shop From Claire:

–       Silicone free

–       Good reviews from customers

–       Aims to restore healthy hair

–       Affordability

–       Used for both hair and body purposes

Find Out More Here:

Website | Email

Telephone: +6018-9111726

Instagram: @claireorganics

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair And Shampoo

Can braiding hair cause hair loss?

Yes. “Excessive tension in the hair can lead to permanent hair loss, especially along the front and sides of the scalp,” says Dr. Zeichner. “This is known as traction alopecia

Why is my hair condition so damaged?

Dendy Engelman, MD, a dermatologist based in New York, United States, says there are many potential causes for hair damage. The most obvious cause is chemical treatment and excessive use of heat on hair styling tools.

Signs of excessive hair loss?

According to Engelman, signs of excessive hair loss include a visible scalp, hair loss of more than 100 strands of hair, and other hair damage.

Why is my hair falling out?

Certain types of metabolic syndrome, such as a thyroid disorder, anemia or because a person chooses to be vegan or vegetarian, and may not get iron in their diet,” says Dr. Gohara.

What causes scalp problems?

According to Dr. Gohara often sees patients who have scalp problems, including dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and allergic reactions. Sometimes this is caused by the use of certain products and is linked to autoimmunity and other conditions.

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