A Spa Day: Relaxing With Johor Massage Parlours

Foot massages. Back massages. Saunas. Manicures. Hot tubs. A day at a spa will do wonders for you. What started as an exclusive activity is now more available to anybody who needs to chill out after a stressful day, week or month. Spa treatments do not only serve the purpose of physical revitalisation. They are performed for spiritual and mental improvement. For instance, when massaging professional hands and knowledge determine where pressure is applied and how to do so safely. Many masseuses use techniques offered in different philosophies to improve the mind by relieving the body.

Massages and spa therapies have many benefits. Not only do they relieve soreness and tension, they also improve muscle performance and body movement. They ameliorate blood circulation and reduce signs of aging, improving the appearance of the skin. If you ever find yourself down in Johor, visit Johor massage parlours for a transformational spa day.

Urban Escape Day Spa & Beauty Lounge

Urban Escape Day Spa & Beauty Lounge

Johor Massage Parlour
Urban Escape Day Spa & Beauty Lounge

Whatever your heart’s desires, they have it. Embark in effortless escapism with Urban Escape Day Spa & Beauty Lounge. Established in 2016, this spa specialises in oriental therapies and practices to give you a holistic experience. They have since opened a second branch and extended their list of services in massage.  


Urban Escape Day Spa & Beauty Lounge


–       Swedish Massage

–       Aromatherapy Massage

–       Traditional Thai Massage

–       Hot Stone Massage Therapy

–       Deep Tissue Sports 

–       Expectant Mum’s Massage

–       Post Natal Massage

–       Aromatic Slimming Massage

–       Traditional Foot Massage

–       Mud Therapy

–       Body Wrap

–       Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

–       Traditional Back Massage

–       Hot Stones Foot Massage


–       Manicure & Pedicure

–       Waxing

–       Facial

–       Body

–       Facial Trimming and Hair Dressing

–       Steam Room

–       Paraffin Treatment


–       Luxury Indulgence Package

–       Ladies Night Out Package

–       Detox slimming Ritual

–       Romantic Getaway Package

–       Me, Myself And I Package

–       Soon To Be Mum Package

For More Information:

Website | Contact

Telephone : 012 616-3429

Spa Manja

Johor Massage Parlour
Spa Manja

Everyone deserves to be pampered. Johor massage parlours and spas are a lovely place to spend a birthday, an anniversary or a lazy weekend. The best part is that they do not only accommodate massages. Many of them come packed with several activities for you. Take your mother or father for a day at Spa Manja for the perfect treatment to show just how much you love and appreciate them. The Spa Manja team uses beauty methods and therapies in a serene environment to optimize your healing. Check out their rock massages and therapies and pick a favourite treat.


Spa Manja


–       Signature Detox Massage

–       Royal Javanese Massage 

–       Aromatherapy Massage

–       Swedish Massage

–       Foot Massage


–       Body 

–       Face

–       Eyes

Spa Manja Treatments

Spa Manja

Pampering Therapies

–       Herbal Ball

–       Ear Candling

–       Hair Care Traditions

–       Dry Skin Brushing

–       Waxing

–       Women’s Ratus

–       Manja Facilities

For More Information:

Website | Email: [email protected]

Telephone: Hotline: +607 3333-111/ +6016 7233-836

Breeze Spa– Amari Johor Bahru

Johor Massage Parlour
Breeze Spa

Calm and centred, Breeze Spa bestows the optimum relaxation techniques on its customers. Johor massage is rejuvenating. It gets those nasty kinks out of your back, your feet and neck. Have you ever realised your jaw is clenched, or that your shoulders hold tension? The skilled hands of the masseuses will get you feeling relaxed and at peace with a few tugs and presses in the right regions. 


Johor Massage Parlour
Breeze Spa


–       Dreamy

–       Serene

–       Rejuvenated

–       Invigorated

–       Energised

Facial treatments

–       Hydration Facial Treatment

–       Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

–       Sensitive And After Sunburn Facial Treatment 

–       Brightening Facial Treatment

–       Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment

Body Treatments

–       Jasmine ‘N’ Melon Scrubbing Mask

–       Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub

–       Sun Soother Body Wrap

–       Roselles Skin Radiance Body Wrap

Johor Massage Parlour
Breeze Spa

Signature Packages

–       Energy Boost Package

–       Samui Tropical Paradise Package 

–       Hua Hin Tropicana Package

–       Johor Bahru Energy Boost Package

–       The Maldives Oceana Touch Package

–       Yangshuo Retreat Package

Siam Sabai

–       Signature Muay Thai Massage

–       Muscle Tension Relief

–       Siamese Hot Stones Massage

–       Siamese Foot Massage

–       Siamese Back Tension Relief

–       Siamese Head Massage

–       Crystal Fresh Facial

Spa Package

–       Body Glow

–       Super Stress Relief

–       Essential Body Revival

–       Head Over Heels 

Salon Services

–       Manicures And Pedicures

–       Hair Treatments

–       Depilatory & Waxing Treatments

Breeze Spa

For More Information:


Telephone: Tel: +607 266 8888 (ext. 8701)

Cynbolic Nail Bar

Johor Massage Parlour
Cynbolic Nail Bar

Specialising in hand and foot care is Cynbolic Nail Bar. Treat your hands with the care you deserve at one of the best Johor massage parlours. Give them massages and grooming to keep them healthy, flexible and soft-skinned. Our hands and feet do so much for us, it only seems right to take care of them with their own manicure and pedicure treatment. They also cater to your hair care needs, with professional hair dressing and facial trimming services.


Johor massage Parlour
Cynbolic Nail Bar

Nail Spa

–       Paraffin Spa

–       Collagen Spa

–       Essential of Soul

–       Hot Stone Spa

–       Nail Extensions

–       Nail Art


–       Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

–       Hot Stone Radiance Facial Treatment

–       Jade Energy Facial Treatment

–       Cleansing Treatment

Cynbolic Nail Bar

Eye Treatment

–       Eyes Warming treatment

–       Eyes Soothing Treatment


–       Swedish Massage

–       Head and Shoulder Stress Relief Massage


–       Face

–       Body

–       Brazilian

Hair and Makeup

Eyebrow Grooming

For More Information:

Website | Contact

Telephone: 07 522-6783

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