A Thriving Star From Malaysia: Claudia Tan!

It was me and just a platform of storytellers, books, romance, magic, and fantasies. Swiping through the pages of the new sensational Wattpad platform, I was onto my first obsession with the romance genre. An Alpha woman with a broken heart meets the traumatized boy with a flair for underground fighting and looks to kill. There is no easy way to hook us on to the guilty pleasure of unrealistic addictive romances without the brilliance of the writing. The brilliance in intertwining words into warm hugs, cuddles, and igniting pleasure and feelings of love. Wattpad writers held more power in our childhood than we would like to admit. And today, I had the pleasure of writing about a once faceless Wattpad writer, who is now a famous author, singer, songwriter, and thrift queen! 

She is underrated, multi-talented, and she is a force to be reckoned with! This Sarawakian-born star has the voice of an angel and her weapon is her determination and elegance to move us with words. Ladies and gentlemen, she is Claudia Tan!  

claudia tan
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The Wattpad Journey

Sitting at my desk, writing on the clock for my 9-5 job I am taking a road trip to my childhood. Claudia Tan was a big part of my childhood. Her words shaped my teen years. They comforted me on the rainy depressing day and provided shelter for my own heartbreak. It was my safety net and my entertainment. It was also where I forgot my own problems and potentially my homework too. But when my childhood ended, I did not say goodbye to Claudia Tan and her talent. She evolved and I was glad to bear witness. 

Coming to my email interview with Claudia Tan, I had the pleasure to ask her about the very beginning of her journey into the world of writing. Was she inspired by her own reality? Or the magical world of books and the written word? Tan said she set her foot into writing after falling in love with young adult novels way back in high school. In the early ages of her teen days, she made the move to express her love for the steamy YA novels with her own high stake steamy romance series. Wattpad was a huge platform for many talented writers like Tan who channeled their own creativity and created something special. To our luck, we saw Tan explore the world of growing pains and unrequited love experiences. 

And with that, we saw a series of books under the name “perfect” come to light. She managed to capture the hearts of over 150  million Wattpad readers and her depiction of swoon-worthy characters led her to become an award-winning Wattpad author!

But ofcourse, none of this popularity and fame comes easy. Wattpad has thousands of booming writers and steamy novels. It takes much perseverance and determination to turn your small book and creations into a worldwide sensation on Wattpad. Tan highlights her own struggle by saying that she almost gave up halfway as she believed that no one was interested in her books! But boy, we are happy to see her carry on with utmost perseverance. 

Success Of Perfect Addiction

Her perseverance and determination not only paid off in terms of world popularity. But it also defined the proudest moment of her career! Her world popular book of the series“perfect”,Perfect addiction” is set to become a movie made by Constantin Films. The team behind the movie “perfect addiction” is also the same team that is behind our most beloved movies. They made hits such as “love, Rosie” and “the world-famous series “shadow hunters-Mortal Instruments”. Stephanie Santiz will be the master behind the screenplay of the movie “perfect addiction”. She also wrote famous hits for Constantin Films such as“Infernal Devices” and “beautiful Bastard”. The movie is currently in its pre-production stages and Tan says they are trying to secure a director. Fans are eagerly waiting for a day the movie hits the entertainment world!

claudia tan
source: Says.com

If you have not read the book “perfect addiction” yet, no worries! Let me give you a little peek.  This sexy world-famous hit is the whirlwind romance between a kickboxing trainer, Sierra Lane, and a dark, moody, and handsome underground fighter named Kayden Williams. The attraction between the two was undeniable from the very beginning. Sierra found herself training Kayden, her ex-boyfriend’s arch-nemesis when she found out that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with her very own sister. They went from being on opposite sides of the underground fighting ring to become the biggest support to one another. Soon boundaries blurred between the two, mixed feelings rose, backstories intertwined, and a burning romance began.

The book had everything. An addictive romance, a fighting edge, throbbing heartbreaks, darkness, burning passion, revenge, and glow-ups. All the elements that we readers resonate with and look for in the perfect guilty pleasure of a book! The book is still available to read on Wattpad premium, and I am happy to pay my bucks to reread it for the hundredth time. 

A Captivating Singer And Songwriter!

Her influential words did not only stick to the world of reading and books. She channeled her love for writing and combined it with another hobby of hers. Music! Currently in her works to become a Malaysian pop singer, she is now an established singer and a songwriter and even has a wonderful hit song of her own! And a music video as well! How cool is that? 

Tan never found herself imagining that she would be a songwriter. When asked how and when she decided to pursue the world of music and songwriting, Tan says “Song-writing really wasn’t something that I ever thought I’d be doing! I love music (who doesn’t?) but it sort of came as a result of me doing the writing thing. And I thought I’d try my hand at it! Turns out, I really like it! It’s like a different way of storytelling. I started to get really into doing music when I met my boyfriend, Irwin (who also produces all of my songs) and he pushed me to turn my scribbles into actual music” 

From singing cover songs, making mashups to singing her own music, Tan has come a long way in the world of music. Her recent hit “bodies” made it to radio stations across the country and to booming speakers of Malaysian malls. It was impossible to go on a road trip without listening to the energizing and catchy lyrics of “bodies” on the radio. It was the perfect summer anthem. “Bodies” also recently got its own exciting music video that has over 23K views on youtube and even found TikTok fame! If her song wasn’t already enough of bop, the music video is even cooler! She also released a new song called “Chillin“, which is bubbling with happiness. Both “bodies” and “chillin'” are produced by the talented Malaysian-born, Melbourne-based Irwin.

Revolutionizing Thrift Fashion

Music and books are not her only creative outlets. She took on one more of her passion and revolutionized herself. Tan co-founded an ethical clothing brand named “Revive” with her very good friend Anne. Tan says “we just wanted to make clothes that are a reflection of our own personal fashion styles, and we love thrifting so we thought why not combine them both together!” 

Further explaining about the vintage clothing brand, Tan says “Revive is an ethically-made brand that uses mostly deadstock fabrics and second-hand clothing to turn them into trendy and cute clothing pieces for the modern everyday girl! We like to get inventive with different types of designs and silhouettes – and the best thing is that every single piece you purchase from us is truly one-of-a-kind! We make everything in-house so you know it’s made ethically”

Source: Revive, featuring their Red Shimmery Retro Halter Slit Dress

Unique is an understatement when talking about Revive. They are curating and reworking clothes that are stylish, and one of a kind. Taking inspiration from our favorite trends and pop stars, they truly made an exceptionally unique brand in Malaysia. I am one step away from splurging my money on their quirky knitted hats and disco-inspired funky tops! (not to mention their custom-made butterfly tops!)  

Into The Future

With a movie coming forward, multiple hit books, a booming music career, and co-founding one of the more unique thrift brands in Malaysia, life sure is hectic for Tan. It is not easy to keep up with determination and stay disciplined on top of it all. We ask how Tan how she stays motivated to chase all of her dreams and making them a reality. “To have a fulfilling life where I have no regrets is what keeps me motivated! I’m always a go-getter when it comes to pursuing my ambitions and goals!” Tan says.

Taking a closer look at her future plans, Tan also reveals that she is planning to have a long-term music career. She is currently in the works of making more music for the world. Tan also reveals that she is currently re-editing her current book series “perfect”! We certainly hope to see more of her creativity in different outlets whether it be music, clothes, or books. 

Claudia Tan is an inspirational force to all the young Malaysians and artists across Southeast Asia. She armored herself and her passions with the right tools and skills to achieve her dreams. Tan encourages her followers and fans to do the same because as she says “no dream is too big”. Undeniably, these are words to live by! We look forward to see the day the whole world recognizes the name “Claudia Tan”

Aishath Shaba Adam
Aishath Shaba Adam
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