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Because of the tropical climate in Malaysia that makes us suffer from heat waves especially when the climate is extremely hot, we do need to invest in good air conditioning in our house.  Not only that, working in a humid and stuffy environment can also affect our productivity too, that is why aircon is fixed in offices too. Although you have finally got the right air conditioning for your house, you also need to service it frequently to ensure that it is in a good condition to give you some cool air. Do not worry about waiting for yours to get your servicing done because aircon services can usually be done quickly but efficiently by professionals. 

If you already have an aircon at home or office, when was the last time you serviced it? Has it been too long since you have serviced your aircond at home or at your office? Well, it is time for you to rethink it. You need to service your aircon frequently and to help you hire the right people to get the servicing done for you, we have listed out the best aircon services in Malaysia that are well known for their efficient and affordable services nationwide. You can even hire them to service your best air cooler Malaysia. 

1. AC Cool N Cool

AC Cool N Cool aircond service KL is a team of professionals that provides affordable air conditioning services and maintenance in Malaysia. You can ensure that you will receive an amazing service for such a cheap price. That is why they are highly recommended by many of their customers. AC Cool N Cool provides premium aircon services to both residential and commercial properties with the latest servicing technologies. 

Business Details

Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (Mon-Sun)

Location: 91A, Jalan Pekeliling Lama, Titiwangsa, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 016 – 382 4522

Email: [email protected]



  • Aircond Servicing
  • Aircond Repairing
  • Aircond Installation

2. Aircon Hero

aircon service
Source: Aircon Hero

If you are looking for a servicing team that provides aircon services for your home and office that provides a quality service at an affordable rate, then you should hire Aircon Hero. Aircon Hero provides a wide range of aircon services that are hassle-free for their customers. They are focused on providing the best services for the customers at a flexible rate with no hidden charges incurred. So you can always get the best servicing price from Aircon Hero when it comes to servicing aircon at your commercial properties. 

Business Details

Operating Hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (Mon-Sun)

Location: 28, Jalan PJU 5/20b, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: 0 3 – 2787 9111

Email: [email protected]



  • Wall-Mounted Aircon
  • Cassette Unit Ceiling Exposed Mini Cassette
  • Centralized FCU

3. Up Your Home Services

Up Your Home Services is a cost-efficient aircon service that delivers a quality service that caters to their customer’s needs. They are well known for providing the best aircon services in Kuala Lumpur which makes them highly recommended by their customers. Although they have been in the industry for years, their service equipment is always up to date to ensure that the aircon servicing is done smoothly for their customers. 

Business Details

Operating Hours: 10:30 am to 10:00 pm (Mon – Sun)

Location: Level 7, Wisma HRIH Lotus, Lot 442, Jalan Pahang, Setapak, 53000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 014 – 6300 060

Email: [email protected]



  • Aircon General Servicing
  • Aircon Chemical Servicing
  • Aircon Overhaul Servicing
  • Aircon Installation Work
  • Aircon Repair Job
  • Aircon Unit Supply

4. SJ Universal Air-condition & Refrigerator Sdn. Bhd.

With over 23 years of experience, SJ Universal Air-condition & Refrigerator is one of the top aircon services in Malaysia that provides a variety of aircond services in Malaysia. They are also affordable because they provide personalised prices based on the customers’ needs. 

Business Details

Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Mon-Sat)

Location: No. 14, Jalan TS 6/3, Taman Industri Subang, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: 03 5633 5678

Email: [email protected]



  • Supply
  • Install
  • Maintenance

To sum it up, these are the best aircon services available in Malaysia that you can hire to service your aircon no matter whether it is for your home or office. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and set the appointment now to get your aircon services done by expert professionals that provide premium services at an affordable price. We can see that the hot season will be starting soon in Malaysia, so get your aircon serviced. This is so that you can enjoy a cool environment with an aircon that works well. Not only that, while waiting for your aircon to be serviced, maybe you should also think about hiring cleaning services to ensure your house is spotless.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Cond Service

How much does the AC cost and is it a good brand?

Knowing the pricing and brand is crucial when selecting an air conditioner. We frequently claim that the cost of AC is moderately high. Therefore, if you pick it at random, you will subsequently regret it. Due to the air conditioner’s short lifespan, you will eventually need to replace it with a new one. There are costs and formats in the realm of electronics. When purchasing an inexpensive air conditioner, consider its brand before its origin.

Is the PK measurement not accurate with the area of the room?

Different specs will undoubtedly be offered by each air conditioner. Decide on the AC that best meets your needs while also having the best characteristics. For instance, it could appear unimportant in terms of PK size, but you should actually pay attention to it. The improper room placement will make the air conditioner more vulnerable to harm. Therefore, take into account the space of the room where the air conditioner will be located when adjusting the PK’s size. You can contact or directly inquire with the AC seller to determine the appropriate PK size.

Is the AC machine dirty?

For that, make an effort to clean it thoroughly, as cleaning the AC is actually a simple task. You only need a moist towel to clean the air conditioner’s interior.

Why isn’t the AC cold?

Air Conditioner basically consists of 2 parts, the indoor evabulator
and an indoor condenser.
The indoor evabulator acts as a circulating freon that is blown by the fan
produce cold air. and hot in the audoor

Why the air conditioner drips water?

An evabulator in the air conditioner circulates freon, which condenses to produce water. When is directed down the channel, clogged water drains (water drainage) result in water leaks.
Another option is that there is not enough refrigerant in the system, which causes ice to show up on the evabulator.

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