Allegro Music and Arts, The Home of Excellent Talents in Malaysia

The benefits are truly incredible whether kids are exposed to Allegro music or to art classes. Allegro Music & Arts Malaysia is a leading provider of specialized training for music, arts, and dance in Kuala Lumpur. The school offers a wide range of music and arts education to children from 2 to 6 years old. The short courses are completed with an excellent dynamic curriculum that is recognized in the world.

History and Background of Allegro Music:

It all started as a school for music in 1992. Ms. Esther Law had 30 years of teaching music to foster children. She provides every student with quality music education because she believed that each child is naturally a musician. 

Allegro music founder

Since the first day, more students came in to learn world-class Allegro music. She had students from the local community and from different parts of the city. Hence, she needed the help of a team of equally talented teaching staff. They are dedicated and competent teachers in the field of music and arts.

Allegro Music & Arts Teaching Philosophy:

philosophy of Allegro music

Through the years, the school’s teaching philosophy remains the same. 

  • Craft the student’s artistic foundation
  • Stimulate student’s creative and analytical thinking
  • Enable students to develop their individuality with a diverse portfolio of performance by giving them artistic education
  • Empower students by building up their self-confidence as they focus on goals and achieve them
  • Nurture students by providing a supportive environment that will help them cultivate their passion for music and arts

Benefits of Allegro Music Education to Children:

benefits to kids

With courses designed for young children, learning Allegro music provides a wide range of benefits to children.  

1. Well-rounded education

Children who have Allegro music become well-rounded in all aspects of education, including academics and sports. Children are trained to work harmoniously with each other, thus build essential learning skills and abilities.

2. Improved Focus and Memory

Learning Allegro music benefits the brain by improving focus and memory. Children who start young in music education tend to be more exemplary in memory tests, and in the auditory and visual learning styles.

3. Disciplined Study Habits

Children who are involved in rigorous music education develop a disciplined study habit. Such habit is also applied in other areas and forms of study. 

4. Heightened Mental and Emotional Processing

Children with musical training learn how to listen, respond, and react with a deep sense of mentality and emotions. They have an increased ability and higher level of comprehension to process a situation wisely for better solutions.

Early Childhood Allegro Music Programme:

start early with Allegro music

The foundation believed that the best time to introduce Allegro music to kids is at the early childhood stage. During the course, children learn about the fundamentals of music. They learn how to recognize the rhythm, develop pitch, become familiar with musical notation, play instruments, sing, and dance.

toddlers playing music


Allegro Toddler Music Course

  • Age 2 – 3 Years Old 
  •  Weekly 45mins group session 
  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  1. Allegro Foundation Music Course
  •  Age 4 – 5 Years Old 
  •  Weekly 60mins group session  
  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  1. Allegro Preparatory Piano Course
  • Age 5 – 6 Years Old 
  •  Weekly 60mins group session 
  • Course Duration: 1 Year
  1. Allegro Happy String Violin Course
  • Age 4 – 6 Years Old 
  • Weekly 60mins group session 
  • Course Duration: 1 Year

Specialist Allegro Music Programme

learning musical instruments

The school also offers individual lessons in specialized Allegro music studies. With specialist faculty members, students get specialized lessons in piano, guitar, viola, and other musical instruments. The program includes the following:

Musical Studies

  • Music Theory & Composition
  • Aural Training
  • Sight Reading
  • Music History
  • IGCSE Music

Chamber Music & Extra Activities

  • Choir
  • Chamber Music Trios & Quartets
  • Ensembles (Keyboard, Wind, Guitar, Cello)
  • Allegro Junior & Senior String Ensemble

Performing Platforms

  • Lunchtime Recitals
  • Public Concerts
  • Annual Spring Concert
  • Annual End of Year Showcase
  • Summer Recital Series
  • Visiting Artists Masterclasses & Showcase
  • Competitions/Festivals (National & International)
  • International Music Study Trips

Allegro Music & Arts Dance Programme

dance classes Allegro music

The dance department offers specialized courses for classical ballet dancing. Students are trained to develop dancing skills, as well as confidence and self-discipline. They give an opportunity to potential students to perform in public and compete at national and international competitions.

Extra Curriculum

  • Pointe Class
  • Repertoire Class
  • Workshops

International Ballet Examination Board

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded Syllabus
  • Intermediate Foundation
  • Advanced Levels

Performing Platforms

  • Allegro Annual Dance Showcase
  • Public Performances
  • Collaborative Projects Upon Invitation

Competitions/Festivals (National & International)

Allegro Music & Arts Creative Art Prgramme

arts by tiny hands Allegro music

The art department offers courses that nurture and bring out the artistic skills of the young students. The visual art faculty set up weekly creative projects using different mediums in arts. The art classes include drawing, painting, and construction. They also expose young students to automotive drawing, interactive collage, creative painting, and 3D constructions.

Creative Art Courses

  • Elementary Children’s Art (ages 4 – 6 years old)
  • Intermediate Art (ages 10 years and above)

Class Objective:

  • Explore different art and design mediums
  • Express individual thoughts using visual arts
  • Develop and improve student’s analytical thinking

Teaching Method:

  • Case Study
  • Face to Face Discussion
  • Grup Discussion/Brain Storming

Allegro Music & Arts Awards and Recognition:

  • Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF) 2018, Cambodia – Gold Prize
  • PCM National Music & Dance Competition 2017, Malaysia – Bronze Prize (Group)
  • ASEAN International Chopin Piano Competition
  • Singapore Raffles International Music Festival in Malaysia 2016 – Gold Prize
  • ABRSM Ensemble Competition in Peninsular Malaysia 2015 – Gold Prize

Taking pride in providing high-quality teaching methods, the school is founded on core ideals. Ms. Esther Law, the school principal, aims to give each student a quality education in music, arts, and dance. She wants them to discover their unique talents and nurture them to become the best performer they want to be. 

Main outlet: 91B Lorong Mamanda 1, Ampang Point , Selangor Darul Ehsan (above Hong Leong Bank)

Contact No: +603 4251 5780 Whats App: +6011 2138 9200

Email: [email protected]

Kiara Branch: Address: 10-1, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact No: +603 2303 0103 Whats App: +6016 717 3300

Email: [email protected]








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