Architects and Architecture Firms in Malaysia

If you heard the word architect or architecture, what comes to your mind is probably the images of building, building sketches, houses and skyscrapers right? True, that is some of the things that architects do. 

So, what do architects actually do? An architect is someone who works in the professional fields. Architects’ responsibilities consist of planning and designing houses, offices, skyscrapers, buildings, landscapes, ships, and even constructive entire cities. A licensed architect’s services towards their works varies. It depends on the sort of project that is being developed and what they are working on currently. Then, when it comes to a team of architects, they will work together to complete complex commercial projects. An architect can work solo or in a group. Of course, it depends on the complexity and scale of the projects. 

What Are Archites? 

Architects who work as sole proprietors, particularly those who are just starting out, will concentrate in and experiment with smaller home projects. This is due to the reasons that by working alone, it is easier to manage a project  and communicating with the clients can also make the job easier. 

Architecture is one of the occupational professions which is a professional field that is very much dreamed of by every person especially when we are younger. However before you choose a course to become an architect you need to know the field of work and scope of work of an architect in the employment sector. Skills, ideas, mental capacity and knowledge are one of those tributes to the successful architect’s career. There is a license to be an architect and we call it, a licensed architect.  

As professionals, architects are ethically bound by a code of conduct. They should abide by and comply with all rules and laws related to building projects that they are involved in. Throughout their careers, architects participate in further education and professional development. There is constant work and training for them. Are you in the search of the best architecture firms in Malaysia? Or you just wanted to increase your knowledge? Here are some of the best architecture firms in Malaysia. 

GDP Architects 

In buildings, there are numerous kinds of buildings starting from charities building, landscaping and housing right? GDP Architects involved in affordable housing, education centre and mixed developments. Look at the pictures below, these are some of the projects they created and involved in. 

One of their projects is KL Eco City: 

In a project named KL Eco City, they have participated in the construction of a sustainable urban environment. It is an urban green project in Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum. There is a major shopping centre on one side then there is a significant railway and road on the other side. The development is very urban but looks pretty with the forest. 

Location of GDP Architects: 

17, Jalan Setia Kasih 5

Bukit Damansara

50490 Kuala Lumpur

WP Kuala Lumpur

Contact Info: 

[email protected]


Akitek Jururancang Malaysia

Yes, that is how it was spelled. Akitek not arkitek. This firm has been established for 43 years in the architecture and development industry. In Malaysia’s development industry, this firm is a pretty sturdy name. Their visions and values are Visionary, Timeless and Fundamentally right. 


19 Jalan Kampong Attap 50460 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Contact Info 


[email protected]

  1. BYG Group

BYG Group is the architect firm that caters for your building needs especially in both industrial and real estate properties. BYG Group provides architectural and engineering design services. These two fields are connected and they need each other in the building process. Therefore, it is very pleasing when they offer both under their company. Communication is easier. Communication and the building process will be easier too. BYG Group offers numerous design and construction services, as well as development of build-lease facilities, urban and town planning, and not forgetting their expertise, project management.

 To summarize, BYG Group has pretty solid clients from all over Asia. They have participated in numerous industrial projects throughout China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

LNL Sdn Bhd 

Fourth architectural firm on this list is LNL Sdn Bhd. This company was founded in 2009. LNL Sdn Bhd is partnering up with a company named MK Looi Architect, an-established design studio.  Through this, they produce architectural products with characteristics and space solutions. LNL firmly believes that there should be an integration among architectural design knowledge to the interior space analysis, and how these two elements will impact on the ground scape. It is supposed and shall reflect into their design solutions and product presentations to their clients.

Their expertise in bungalows, renovation and real estate. Above is a bungalow-residence that LNL helped to build. It looks so unique yet perfect for the clients. Do you know Bigo Live Company? LNL helped Bigo with their headquarters solutions. From bland to an-amazing interior that helped mirror their company images. 


16-8, Oval Damansara, No 685, Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact Info:

In these posts, we have showcased some of the reputable architecture firms in Malaysia. These four firms have many awards and works over the course of many years. Regardless of the architect firms, architects play a crucial role in the process of designing and planning of the building. 

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