Are You A McDonald’s Enjoyer? Check Out This McDonald’s Menu With Prices Now!

McDonald’s is a fast food chain restaurant that has been around for such a long time. It was only in April 1982 that the first ever McDonald’s restaurant in Malaysia, opened at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Hence, with the opening and years of development and improvement, the McDonald’s menu has evolved into what we see today, with meals that are suited with the Malaysian taste buds. You must be wondering, are there any special menu and promotions that are happening currently, as we are entering the year 2022? Of course there are! Continue reading this article, to know more about the McDonald’s Menu Prices In Malaysia for 2022. You can check this article out if you love sushi instead!

mcdonald's menu prices malaysia

McDonald’s Menu

After decades of its first establishment in Malaysia, McDonald’s menu has grown and evolved with time. There are items that will remain on the menu forever, sometimes depending on the availability, such as spicy chicken mcdeluxe, or the McD menu for breakfast. Here, you can find the listed McD menu with prices, so you can be further exposed to the available items. Who knows? Some items you might have never heard of before. Please be known that the prices may change with time, and it might differ with states as well (i.e. Sabah and Sarawak). 

mcdonald's menu prices malaysia
Breakfast Item (Before 12pm)Price
TypeAla CarteValue Meal
Omelette Cheese SandwichRM 6.95RM 9.95
Sausage & Omelette Cheese Sandwich RM 7.95RM 11.95
Scrambled Egg SandwichRM 7.00RM 10.50
Sausage & Scrambled Egg SandwichRM 8.00RM12.00
Crispy Chicken McMuffinRM 8.15R, 12.70
Crispy Chicken McMuffin with EggRM 9.15RM 13.70
Sausage McMuffinRM 7.00RM 11.70
Double Sausage McMuffin with EggRM 10.70RM 14.30
McEgg MuffinRM 5.95RM 8.90
Hotcakes 2pcsRM 11.10RM 15.11
Big BreakfastRM 11.60RM 15.60
Hash BrownRM 4.80
mcdonald's menu prices malaysia
Regular ItemPrice
TypeAla CarteValue Meal (medium)Value Meal (large)
McChickenRM 9.30RM 14.30RM 15.50
McChicken With EggRM 10.80RM 15.80RM 17.00
Spicy Chicken McDeluxeRM 13.30RM 18.30RM 19.50
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe With EggRM 14.81RM 19.80RM 21.00
GCBRM 13.50RM 18.30RM 19.50
GCB With EggRM 15.01RM 19.80RM 21.00
McChicken DeluxeRM 10.80RM 15.80RM 17.00
McChicken Deluxe With EggRM 12.31RM 17.31RM 18.51
Double CheeseburgerRM 10.99RM 15.98RM 17.18
Triple CheeseburgerRM 16.99RM 20.99RM 22.19
Quarter Pounder with CheeseRM 12.99RM 17.30RM 18.50
Big MacRM 11.99RM 17.30RM 18.50
Fillet-O-FishRM 9.50RM 14.30RM 15.50
Spicy Beef With CheeseRM 7.50RM 11.00RM 12.20
Spicy Beef With Cheese & EggRM 9.01RM 12.51RM 13.71
Spicy Double Beef With CheeseRM 10.99RM 15.98RM 17.18
Spicy Double Beef With Cheese & EggRM 12.50RM 17.49RM 18.69
Spicy Triple Beef with CheeseRM 16.99RM 20.99RM 22.19
Spicy Triple Beef with Cheese & EggRM 18.50RM 22.49RM 23.69
Double McChickenRM 13.25RM 17.50RM 18.70
Double McChicken with EggRM 14.76RM 19.01RM 20.21
Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxeRM 20.75RM 24.30RM 25.50
Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe with EggRM 22.26RM 25.80RM 27.00
Double GCBRM 20.75RM 24.30RM 25.50
Double GCB with EggRM 22.26RM 25.80RM 27.00
Double Fillet-O-FishRM 13.20RM 18.80RM 20.00
Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseRM 19.50RM 24.00RM 25.20
Mega macRM 18.50RM 22.50RM 23.70
CheeseburgerRM 7.50
Beef BurgerRM 6.50
Chicken BurgerRM 7.00
Chicken Burger with EggRM 8.50
Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy/Mixed (2pcs)RM 13.00RM 18.80RM 20.00
Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy/Mixed (3pcs)RM 17.55RM 22.80RM 24.00
Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy/Mixed (5pcs)RM 33.00
Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy/Mixed (9pcs)RM 56.50
Chicken McNuggets (4pcs)RM 7.00
Chicken McNuggets (6pcs)RM 10.30RM 14.30RM 15.50
Chicken McNuggets (9pcs)RM 13.30RM 17.50RM 18.70
Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak McDRM 8.00
Nasi Lemak McD + Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy (1pc)RM 15.40
Nasi Lemak McD + SCM/GCB Cutlet (1pc)RM 17.30
Nasi Lemak McD + Ayam Goreng McD Regular/Spicy/Mixed (2pcs)RM 18.40
Nasi Lemak McD + SCM/GCB Cutlet (2pcs)RM 21.30
Special Items (limited time)
Golden Prosperity Beef/ChickenRM 15.98RM 18.98RM 20.98
Double Golden Prosperity Beef/ChickenRM 21.98RM 24.98RM 26.98
Prosperity Beef/ChickenRM 14.99RM 17.99RM 19.99
Double Prosperity Beef/ChickenRM 20.99RM 23.99RM 25.99
Triple Prosperity Beef/ChickenRM 26.99RM 29.99RM 31.99
mcdonald's menu prices malaysia
Side Dishes
Item Medium Large 
French FriesRM 4.80RM 5.60
Twister FriesRM 7.35RM 8.50
ColeslawRM 4.25RM 5.20
CornRM 4.25RM 5.20
Salted Egg Yolk Loaded FriesRM 6.70
Bubur Ayam McDRM 7.00RM 8.30
Chicken McNuggets 20pcsRM 23.50
Chocolate PieRM 4.51
Apple PieRM 3.75
Strawberry SundaeRM 4.15
Blueberry SundaeRM 5.65
Chocolate SundaeRM 4.15
Choco Loco McFlurryRM 8.50
Strawberry Fudge Brownie McFlurryRM7.99
Oreo McFlurryRM 6.60
Soft Drink RM 4.80RM 6.00
Orange JuiceRM 6.81RM 7.80
Ice Lemon Tea RM 6.60RM 7.30
Prosperity McFizzRM 6.40RM 7.60
Hot MiloRM 4.80RM 6.00
Iced MiloRM 7.80RM 8.80
TeaRM 5.00RM 6.00
CappuccinoRM 8.99RM 9.99
Iced LatteRM 9.65RM 10.50
Iced AmericanoRM 7.50 RM 8.50
Ice Blended Chocolate OreoRM 14.50
Ice Blended Mocha OreoRM 14.50
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