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Breaking Down the Gender Walls

Do you notice that there is a difference in the way men and women are treated? Sometimes, it is totally unprovoked. However, other times a man and a woman can be doing the exact same thing and still there is a stark contrast in the reactions of those around them.

Top 8 Nail Salon KL has to Offer

In this day and age, self care is very important, not just in looking after your physical self but also your mental state. Some people can find that sort of relaxation in simple activities such as reading a book, listening to classical music or playing an instrument. Many other people turn to treatments such as facials and spas to get their fix of relaxation.



36% of Malaysian Women and 17% of Malaysian Men Experienced Sexual Harassment in Malaysia: Are You One Of Them?

Picture this: You’re over at a friend’s. You guys might be playing video games or just watching a movie. Pretty normal stuff, right? There’s...

Things You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

You all might be interested in blogging because it seems like a cool career

Want To Make Money By Blogging? Here’s How To Monetize Your Blog

People have always think that blogging is easy, but doesn’t give you any sort of worthy income. In truth, blogging can have you earning quite a bit of money

A Guide On Getting Your First Film Camera In Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

Film Camera Malaysia In this circle of life, it seems like trends die just to get revived again by the current generation with the cycle...

Seeking Online Courses In Malaysia? Check These Out

This blog speaks to those individuals looking to partake in short online courses, which are either free, short or accredited.