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Online Grocery Malaysia: Order Your Essentials From Home

To evade long queues and other mishaps, the simplest way is to arrange online grocery Malaysia to fulfil your wants and needs.

Pottery Class Malaysia: Unleash Your Inner Creativity On

The art of pottery is oftentimes portrayed as a healing and remedial activity. This is because art in general, is prominently notorious for leaving an affirmative impact in every individual’s life, hence the particular art...

Absence Of Human Rights Among The LGBT Community

Malaysia is a Southeast-Asian country that is famously known as a multiracial nation that has a majority and minority races living as one in the same sovereign states. Despite the unfortunate events of the occasional...

Top 3 Virtual Office Kuala Lumpur You Should Check Out

Early last year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard across the globe, and a lot of people have had a rough time struggling between their businesses and daily jobs. There are big corporations that had plummeted...



Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Malaysia

As we all know, currently, the LGBT Malaysians are facing legal challenges and discrimination by the society ang government too.

Best Online Cake Delivery in Malaysia: Top 8 Malaysian Online Bakeries To Order Delicious Cakes From

Cake Delivery Malaysia Top Online Cake Delivery Malaysia That Delivers Right To Your Doorstep You might wonder in what scenario would you ever need a whole...

10 Mattress Brands In Malaysia For A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Looking for a cozy mattress? We at the Coolbears have compiled a neat and handy list completely streamlined to your mattress needs. So the next time you find yourself floundering in the world of mattress-buying, know that we have got your back! Here are 10 mattress brands in Malaysia for a good night's sleep!

SZA, The N-Word and How Malaysians Have Still A lot To Learn

Every year, groups of young adults (or older) perform an almost ritualistic pilgrimage to a certain festival situated in the cool forest-y hills of...

Gynaecologist – What, When, and Where

Gynaecology, the science of women, is a science that many women know frightening little about. This epidemic of lack of awareness and knowledge has...