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MakCik Travels (Exclusive Interview): Travel companionship service for ladies

Living nowadays especially in 2020, it becomes an insecurity for us as a lady to go out even just to a 3km nearby shop to our house. The first question that came out of our...

Bunge Tangan (Exclusive Interview): Enchanting Flowers for Special Occasions

People said flowers are love’s truest language. Well, I do agree. For me, flowers are the part and parcel in any relationship. It indicates the seriousness of a relationship. Imagine receiving flowers from your loved...

Jadi Batek Gallery (Exclusive Interview): Must-Visit Batik Handicraft Centre in Kuala Lumpur

Well, you might be thinking “Ugh, what other places in KL are interesting besides shopping malls and shopping malls again!?” But, wait! What if I told you that you can visit a batik handicraft centre and...

Aiman Azlan (Exclusive Interview): A Passionate Youth Mentor

Being a youth is not easy. It is one of the tough phases in everyone’s life. We are figuring out everyday what the reality of this world has to do with us. Be it in...



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