Azra Khalisa

"Young in limbs, in judgement old..."

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Malaysia’s Misconceptions Towards English Literature Students

For me, misconceptions are like a contagious disease. It spreads fast and vast, releasing its wrath upon innocents, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its path. People may ignore it when it doesn’t involve...



10 Online Grocery Stores To Get Your Groceries Delivered Right At Your Doorstep

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the midst of the Movement Current Order currently being implemented in Malaysia.  You might also have seen the...

Rebuilding With A Top Home Renovation Contractor

Reimagine and Rebuild. That is the official motto for every homeowner who’s tired of going home to bland and boring walls. Call up a home remodelling contractor to reshape the structure of your house. Build it to match the dream home you have always wanted or alter parts you want to emphasise. Home renovation keeps your household looking modern and stylish regardless of the times.

Reflect Yourself Before Divorcing & Divorce Lawyer Recommendations 

Everyone wants a happy life where everything is almost perfect. However, life is not all that sweet. After embarking on a happy marriage, sometimes...

10 Hot Springs Resorts You Should Check Out In Malaysia

Malaysia, in a sense, has the best of all worlds. On the one side, we're incredibly fortunate not to be in the vicinity of...

Porn in Malaysia: Watching Porn, Good or Bad?

Welcome back to another instalment of The Cool Bear's Taboo Series! Today we’re gonna be talking about something dirty, steamy & (now) only found on the internet.