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Being a Malaysian in a cultured country seems fine and good, but when you are a woman in this country, you can see the ugly dirty truths. No matter where you are, women just don't...

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Avocado drinks range from avocado juices to smoothies and avocado milk. You could go to a cafe and order something on the menu that has avocado in it. Here are the 6 popular places for you to get your exquisite avocado drink, here in Malaysia.

The Straits Finery (Exclusive Interview): Catching Up With Malaysia’s Talented Jewellery Makers Foo Chia Chern & Amira Yahaya

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Kuih Malaysia: Where Can You Find The Most Delicious Kuih-Muih in Malaysia?

You name it. Apam, Kuih Koci, Kuih Cina Sarawak, Akok, and more than 40 varieties of Malaysia kuih than you can find here at this café. If you are coming in a group, you can always order their kuih platter that has more than 20 types of kuih that you can share.

Local Makeup Brands From Young Entrepreneurs In Malaysia

Do you spend a lot on high-end makeup because you couldn’t get the best local makeup brands? No more worries as I will help...