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Artist Margaret Lau On Her Artistic Journey In Painting Hyper-Realistic Local Snacks

At her retrospective solo art exhibition, Margaret Lau reflects on her early days of starting the journey of painting local snacks in Malaysia.  A former ARB-certified architect, Margaret Lau who is now a full-time artist has...

Lips Carpenter (Exclusive Interview): Customising Lipstick In A Fun Way

Introducing Lips Carpenter— Gifting your loved ones has never been so personal.  You’ve heard about engraved pens, handmade mugs, and DIY pottery but have you ever come across engraved, personalized lipstick?  Me neither!  I first came across the...



Brunch In Kuala Lumpur: Best Spots For Breakfast And Lunch

Are you looking for an affordable brunch in KL? I understand not all spots in Kuala Lumpur are affordable and enjoyable. Hence, it is...

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) in Malaysia

I'm confident that most of you have heard of a Real Estate Investment Trust at some time in your investing career. Real Estate Investment...

Rebuilding With A Top Home Renovation Contractor

Reimagine and Rebuild. That is the official motto for every homeowner who’s tired of going home to bland and boring walls. Call up a home remodelling contractor to reshape the structure of your house. Build it to match the dream home you have always wanted or alter parts you want to emphasise. Home renovation keeps your household looking modern and stylish regardless of the times.

Co-Living Spaces Malaysia: What Is It?

If you are ready to start living on your own, we would like to suggest you check out co-living spaces in Malaysia.

Top 8 Best Ramadhan Buffet in Klang Valley 2022

This year, where should you go for a "buka puasa"? For Ramadan 2022, we've compiled a list of the best restaurants & hotel buffets...