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Top Hotels In Port Dickson, Malaysia For A Beach Vacation

If there's one thing we enjoy about Port Dickson Malaysia, it's the beach, hands down. The feeling of a warm coastal breeze, the swaying of palm trees, and the feel of fine sand between your...

Top 10 places car rental in KL and Selangor!

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Difficulties Faced by Interracial Couples in Malaysia

When we think of racism, we automatically visualise hate crime. We think about the cruel fate that George Floyd was met with, leading up to the Black Lives Matter Movement. On the other hand, when...



Taking Care Your Liver: The 5 Health Supplements For Liver Care

Understanding the importance of our liver Why is our liver important to us? That is because the liver removes toxins from our body’s blood supply,...

Top 10 Carton Box Supplier Malaysia 2022

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Top 6 Places to Get Your Avocado Drink in Malaysia

Avocado drinks range from avocado juices to smoothies and avocado milk. You could go to a cafe and order something on the menu that has avocado in it. Here are the 6 popular places for you to get your exquisite avocado drink, here in Malaysia.

Trying to Move Forward in Life And Chose The Dating App Route? Let Me Help You On That Road

As someone who has benefited (fairly) from numerous dating apps available in Malaysia, I know how difficult and irritating it can be.