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Farah Hanis (Exclusive Interview): Inspiring Journey of Starting Hanis Alhabib

Started in 2018, now Hanis Alhabib has successfully stepped forward from other Hijab brands.

August In Malaysia: What’s Happening on Social Media?

Have you been so busy lately that you have no time to know what’s happening on social media? We understand that some of you have overload work to be done. But no worries, we are here to keep you updated. 

TOP 5 Malaysia Freebies & Discounts in August: Tealive FREE Signature Coffee Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Do you know that every month there will be so much stuff and food you can get for free outside there? There are also discount deals that are waiting for you.

What’s Viral In Malaysia: Top 3 Social Media Stories in August 2022

It's crazy how internet technology is going on! But there are times when you hear people talking about things that have gone viral, yet you do not know about it as you are so busy with your work and you don’t have time to scroll your social media. But don’t worry, we will update you on what has happened this week. Let’s take a look if you do not want to miss it! 

Top 5 Freebies and Promotions in August: GSC FREE Ice-Cream Voucher

Are you guys planning to go out with your friends or family this weekend or this month? Don’t miss out on these 5 freebies and promotions waiting for you this August! Make sure you take advantage of all these freebies and rewards to enjoy your days without spending too much money. Let’s take a look at them!



Enhance Your Work Performance With The Best Office Chair

The best office chair comes with sturdy lumbar support; one that cushions you for long periods of sitting. The back of the chair should also be able to hold your back comfortably and allow it to rest in a position that does not manipulate your spine and neck. A supportive chair ensures that your neck, too, does not experience strain or discomfort when seated. Without the appropriate frame and cushioning, your back can suffer from pain and aches, spams and even misalignment over time.

Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist: The Age of Afropop

Music tastes are different, but its role is the same to many of us. It is a comfort tool in turbulent time. It is a source of inspiration or a source of truth. And to others it is the only way they know of rekindling their spirituality.

SZA, The N-Word and How Malaysians Have Still A lot To Learn

Every year, groups of young adults (or older) perform an almost ritualistic pilgrimage to a certain festival situated in the cool forest-y hills of...

Valentine’s Day 2022: Gifts To Get In Malaysia (Updated)

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be our first Valentine to be celebrated fully at home. The government has announced yesterday that our country will be...

8 Hotels In Genting Highlands To Stay At

If you are searching for hotels in Genting Highlands, look no further. Here are 8 hotels in Genting Highlands to choose from.