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Where To Have Valentine’s Dinner?

The Origin Of Valentine’s Day Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day, falls every year on February 14th. It began as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine...

Best Plant Nurseries in Malaysia

Plants are fostered in nurseries by providing them with optimal growing conditions in order to achieve germination.

Issues To Look Out For In 2022

Here are the issues to keep an eye on in 2022: COVID-19, Climate change, Malaysia politics, Malaysia interest rates, Malaysia economic system, etc.

The Best Cendol You Can Get In KL & Selangor!

Cendol Malaysia is an iced dessert made of coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, and green rice flour jelly droplets. It is popular in Southeast Asia.

Starbucks Menu Malaysia

Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffeehouse business in the world. Click in to check out Starbucks Menu Malaysia 2022.

Mr Dakgalbi Menu

Mr Dakgalbi has approximately 20 branches around Malaysia now and more are coming soon! Check out the Mr Dakgalbi menu with price in Malaysia 2022 below.

Everything About Mental Health Issues In Malaysia

Did you know that over 450 million people suffer from mental disorders around the world? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), one out of every four persons is likely to experience mental illness at...



Flower Delivery KL: Top 5 Flower Delivery Services in Klang Valley

Flower Delivery KL There comes a time where a man (or a woman) has to do what the movies have only taught us to do: A...

Top 10 Tips to Master Wedding Photography 2022 (Updated)

Wedding Photography - Top 10 Tips To Master Wedding Photography Thinking about moving into wedding photography after being in the photo taking business for quite...

Ramadan In Malaysia: Staying Healthy While Fasting

The 24th of April marked the beginning of Ramadan in Malaysia in 2020. Practicing Muslims around the country and the entire Islamic world began...

Top 10 Malaysia Car Rentals You Can Afford Anytime

Driving a car in Malaysia is pretty safe. But if you don’t have your own car to drive, you can always opt for Malaysia...

Everything You Need to Know with WeChat Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

WeChat is an advanced system that allows any user to handle every transaction with their fingertips. How nice it must be to get everything you need by simply using your phone? Welcoming a cashless culture seems very tempting at any given time.