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Best Movies To Watch To Make You Feel Inspired

Looking to get out of a slump and feel more fired up? This collection of inspirational movies to watch will provide you with ideas.

Make School A Safer Place For Our Teenage Girls in Malaysia

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have noticed the trending topic of #MakeSchoolASaferPlace throughout all social media platforms. This hashtag has been a hot topic among teenagers who have been feeling or felt unsafe in school environments in Malaysia.

Sex Positive Influencers in Malaysia and Why You Should Follow Them

Our culture today is more tolerant of sex awareness. Below are some sex positive influencers in Malaysia and why you should follow them.



Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): All You Need To Know About BPD

Have you ever gotten so angry that you burst into a fit of rage, committing some destructive acts and almost like a blackout, you’re left wondering...

Fancy Some High Tea?: Top 7 Places In Malaysia

A tourist in Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by several activities because they are in a hyper-commercial city that is larger than life and just as fast. To retreat from the chaos of the warm afternoon, approaching the cool of evening, we have come up with a list of 6 of the best places to go to high tea in KL and around Malaysia. For those curious to know what high tea is, it is a meal time set between early evening and late afternoon where tea is often served. Adopted from British culture, and also known as “afternoon tea” in America-centric households, high-tea is probably something you’ve seen on the period dramas set in America or Britain, where the household sits together to nibble on dainty sandwiches and cakes.

Religion In Malaysia: Is Religion Important For A Happy, Fulfilling Life?

We all know how controversial the topic of religion can get not only among Malaysians but with our own family members and relatives as...

Feeling lonely and out of cash? Try be a girlfriend-for-hire!

Two Birds One Stone It can be frustrating when those around you are in a stable relationship and you can’t even get past the talking...

Tips And Guides To Creating An Outstanding Portfolio

There are few shortcuts, but with the right use of time and control of content, you can avoid detours and produce a high-quality portfolio...