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Top 10 Fast-Food Restaurants That Used to Exist in Malaysia

However, plenty of those restaurants have stopped their operations due to a variety of reasons. If you have been wondering why your favorite fast-food suddenly closed, here’s why

Top Music School in Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

Music is the universal language of the world, it sends a message to its listeners and can often be used as a sign of peace. In today’s rise in music and singing, we watched ordinary...

Iflix Malaysia Privileges And Why You Should Sign Up

Ever since Iflix made its way to Southeast Asia, a lot of people have started signing up and streaming thousands of movies and series available. Compared to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon...

10 Best Coffee Shops in Kuching

As opposed to how the city is perceived, Kuching is not just an ordinary, small city anymore. Over the past years, the locals in this city have been opening businesses such as coffee shops and...

Top 10 Watch Galleries in Selangor

Selangor is a city of luxury. From the jewelries to branded watches, you can really find all of your luxury needs the next time you are going to visit the city. There are a lot...

Top 10 Places To Have Dinner In Ipoh 2022 (Updated)

Known for having the best flavored and textured food in Malaysia, Ipoh is often called the food heaven of the country. If you are planning to stop by and visit the city, it is a...

Top 10 Bars in KL To Visit In 2022 (Updated)

In the past year, Kuala Lumpur has become well known for its busy and vibrant nightlife. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife experiences because many pubs, clubs, and bars...

Top 10 Veterinary Clinics in Selangor 2022

We know that your pets are just as important to you as your own family. You take care of them like your own children, and are always on the lookout for their wellness. Just like...

Everything You Need to Know with WeChat Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

WeChat is an advanced system that allows any user to handle every transaction with their fingertips. How nice it must be to get everything you need by simply using your phone? Welcoming a cashless culture seems very tempting at any given time.



The Best Cendol You Can Get In KL & Selangor!

Cendol Malaysia is an iced dessert made of coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, and green rice flour jelly droplets. It is popular in Southeast Asia.

An Overview of Anime in Hip-Hop

All kinds of societal and cultural elements have an impact on rappers. Any true hip-hop enthusiast can name a few musicians who have been significantly influenced by comic books, video games, and films.

The 5 Best Car Rental Services in Penang, Malaysia

Taking a trip out of town or picking someone up at the airport? Alternatively, perhaps you'd want to show a guest about Penang or...

Inspirational Malaysian Made Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

In today’s time, everything is moving so fast that we barely even notice them. That is why it is important for us to master...

Fathers Day Malaysia: 8 Local Malaysian Brands To Buy A Gift For Your Father in 2022 (Updated)

Looking for Fathers Day in Malaysia gift ideas? Support local Malaysian brands with these awesome gift ideas for your father!