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Fictophilia: A Romantic Relationship Between Reality And Fiction

Ladies and gentlemen, the jewel in this featured image is Fluttershy. She is one of the Six Mane in the fourth generation of My Little Pony, representing the element of kindness. True to this, she...

The GE15 Elections In A Nutshell And Voting In It

With the 2022 Malaysian elections set to be held on 19 November 2022, the time to decide which political party to vote is still looming over the heads of voters. Maybe you are now curious...



Best Advertising Companies In Malaysia

Advertising companies in Malaysia will help you in creating marketing and branding strategies that wil make sure your business reaches the target audience.

Popular House Style Décor in Malaysia

Everyone has their own style, ideas and  when it comes to decorating their own house. It is once in a lifetime to have our...

Mental Health In Malaysia During The Movement Control Order (MCO)

The statistics show an alarming rise in the deterioration of mental health among Malaysians, which was mainly because of the prolonged implementation of the Movement Control Order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Entrepreneurship Is Important In Malaysia

Entrepreneurship is important in all parts of the world. Not only do entrepreneurs bring a great asset to the country, but they also create...

Fitness Studio Malaysia: Recommended Studios For Malaysian

For today, instead of writing about places, you could fill your tummy. I’m thinking of writing about the best places you could check out...