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6 Payment Gateway Malaysia You Should Know About

Malaysian payment gateway is today’s norm in the world of digital transactions. Assuming you have a credit card in your possession, the payment gateway in Malaysia might be your usual way of purchasing without having...

Fictophilia: A Romantic Relationship Between Reality And Fiction

Ladies and gentlemen, the jewel in this featured image is Fluttershy. She is one of the Six Mane in the fourth generation of My Little Pony, representing the element of kindness. True to this, she...

The GE15 Elections In A Nutshell And Voting In It

With the 2022 Malaysian elections set to be held on 19 November 2022, the time to decide which political party to vote is still looming over the heads of voters. Maybe you are now curious...



Malaysia’s Best Microwave Ovens for Your Kitchen Solution

A microwave is a must-have kitchen device in every home. Read more here to know all about microwave ovens and the best in Malaysia.

Tourist In Malaysia: A Guide To Tour Travel Agencies

Traveling has always been a rewarding experience. The world is still shut down, but it is slowly coaxing itself out of its pandemic slumber, and there is no better way to celebrate freedom than by traveling. Perfectly planning a trip is a step I ensure that I take once the destination is set. I am particular about how I spend my time, and so travelling with an agency is beneficial to ensure that you have covered all the nitty-gritty details from transport to accommodation and sightseeing. Here are some awesome tour travel agencies to help you prepare for your trip for the next time you want to travel with your mates.

Discover These 5 Best Malaysian Ice Cream Brands Right Here!

There's no better option to overcome the sweltering heat, unwind after a long day at work, or honor a significant success than with a...

Cool Off!: Best Air Conditioner In Malaysia To Fight The Heat

Given our country's tropical climate, here is a quick reference to the best air conditioners available for your home interior.

LGBT in Malaysia: Is There a Place for Them?

Nowadays, LGBT has become a delicate and taboo topic to discuss. Not all countries view this as a legal behavior. A quarter of the...