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Passionate about online marketing and writing. Apart from that, I enjoy lifting weights at the gym.

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ChaWanJia Tea Bubble Malaysia (茶丸家): Affordable Colourful Bubble Teas

Need some refreshing teas? Head over to ChaWanJia 茶丸家! ChaWanJia isn't just all about teas - they are certainly affordable for the quality of their drinks, with an average price of only RM11! There is nothing...

Check Out These 6 Free Places For A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in KL 2022 (Updated)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Venues in KL We all know how costly it is to have a pre wedding photoshoot in KL (Kuala Lumpur). Instead of spending hundreds and thousands or dollars on a venue, why not...

Top 6 Malaysia Wedding Photographer You Should Hire in 2022 (Updated)

Malaysia Wedding Photographer Wedding photography is one of the things that most people will prioritize. The reason being that weddings don't happen often, it's a once in a lifetime memorable event! When you want to reminisce...

5 Photographers Who Provide Indian Wedding Photography in Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

Indian Wedding Photography Malaysia We understand how important wedding photographs are - the memories of a magical moment of your life depend on pictures to look back on. For Indian couples, we know there are certain...

7 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places In Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

7 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Places In Malaysia Your wedding wouldn’t be complete without a proper pre wedding photoshoot. If you can afford, you’ll probably opt for a pre wedding photo shoot overseas, at places such as...

6 Pay Per Entry Gyms In KL & PJ To Check Out In 2022 (Updated)

6 Pay Per Entry Gyms in KL & PJ So, you've finally decided to start your fitness journey! If you're feeling just like the girl above, don't let that motivation go to waste! Staying fit can be...



Natural Organic Skincare Malaysia Brands: 7 Environment-Friendly Skincare Brands

The world as we know seems to be changing, and not in a good way. Many political distrusts, social issues are popping out but not only...

Pentest Malaysia: Top 5 Best Pentest Companies in Malaysia

And for those seeking pen-testing in Malaysia? You’ll be happy to know we have no shortage of cybersecurity companies, here to offer you all types of pen-testing for an all-around security network! 

So here are 5 types of penetration testing you can get in Malaysia, and where to find them! 

Unboxing Review: Sterra Water Purifier

Buying mineral water constantly is a hassle and a waste of money. Think about how much money and effort you’re wasting. Plus, when you need hot water, you have to wait for your water to boil in a kettle. Meanwhile, to get cold water, you need to wait for the water to cool in the refrigerator. So, to save all that effort, you need a water purifier at home. We have just the solution to your missing water-purifier problem. Have no fear, for the Sterra Water Purifier is here. The premium, most-value-for-money, water purifier for instant hot and cold water. 

Top 6 Best Dermatologist in Malaysia 

Skin is the largest organ that one owns. We all strive to ensure that we have clear glowing skin whether we realize it or not. A dermatologist is in charge of the skin conditions and problems . A dermatologist is a medical specialist that specializes in disorders that affect your outer skin that even includes your hair and nails.  If you’re experiencing problems with your skin, a dermatologist in Malaysia can give the treatment you need. 

Malaysia Interracial Relationship: An Interracial Couple Shares Their View On The Pleasures & Difficulties Of Dating Another Race

Malaysia Interracial Relationship  Click here for more articles related to sex & relationships! Dating is hard. Dating another race? That’s even harder. When we visualize a soulmate, a perfect...