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Colourism And Stereotypes Against Dark Skinned Individuals

With the rising of beauty standards, the thoughts about general stereotypes against colourism and dark skinned people in general are not discussed enough. As a dark skinned individual myself, I would say no matter how...

Perfect Gifts To Brighten Up Your Deepavali!

Celebrated against the triumph over darkness, Deepavali has always been about vibrant colours. This celebration is always accompanied by mouth watering delicacies and wonderful gifts. A huge part of my childhood has always been me...



Do You Know What Is Male Chauvinism? Here is the explanation

Male Chauvinism is inseparable from the influence of the feudal ideology of "male superiority over female" in China for thousands of years.

Natural Organic Skincare Malaysia Brands: 7 Environment-Friendly Skincare Brands

The world as we know seems to be changing, and not in a good way. Many political distrusts, social issues are popping out but not only...

10 Must Go Places To Eat In Kuantan

A list of the best places to eat in Kuantan

One Condoms Malaysia: It Got Your Back When Things Get Hard!

We all know there are many condom brands out there. But what is the best out there? What is the best at safety, enjoyment and also cares for you and not just providing you with a product? It could be difficult but there is one company that does so. Why do we need condoms? What are some reasons as to why we should use them? It is for your own good and for your partner so remember the importance of it.

2022 Best Healthcare  Baby Product That You Can Get In Malaysia

There is never a doubt that the parents love to go the extra mile to take care of their little angel. In fact, we...