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In this article, we are going to take a look at the top web design companies in Malaysia.

Nature Staycation Malaysia: Top 8 Places To Visit For An Escape From The City

Relaxing activities such as meditating and getting close to nature can also certainly help when dealing with stress. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, just remember that you can always take some time off from work and go for a nature staycation in Malaysia.



The Most Preferred Confinement Centres in KL

Confinement centres are located all over Malaysia. These confinement centre kl show the proper care that goes into taking care of pregnant mothers and mothers who have just given birth.

Books Written By Malaysians That Can Inspire You In Many Ways

There are so many important English books written by Malaysian writers out there. Here are some that can inspire you in many ways.

Top 10 Malaysia Roofing Companies

Thankfully, Malaysia has no shortage of expert roofing companies who are dedicated to seeing your roof finessed to perfection. So for those hoping to enlist some passionate, professional hands to see to their roofs or even install new ones, well - here you go! Here are 10 awesome Malaysia roofing companies you can check out!

What You Need To Know When You Got Into A Car Accident

There is a first time to everything, and often, it can be nerve-wracking. Due to an unfortunate event, you got into a car accident...

The Straits Finery (Exclusive Interview): Catching Up With Malaysia’s Talented Jewelry Makers Foo Chia Chern & Amira Yahaya

Jewelry making is a hobby that most of us probably took up as a child, creating interesting ornaments by weaving together different colored strings,...