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7 Reputable Wedding Planners in Malaysia That You Must Check Out!

7 Reputable Wedding Planners in Malaysia That You Must Check Out! 1. Zuriee Ahmad Concepts Sdn Bhd 2. Sugar & Spice Events 3. Pretty Little Things 4. Love & Love Wedding & Events 5. Yellow Leafz 6. MEMOS 7. XO23 Wedding Events

6 Best Skin Specialists in Penang

Skin is one of the largest organs that we own. Therefore, the problems with our skin can't be ignored and need to be taken care of. However, we need to find credible and professional skin specialists. With the price, quality and services provided, is it worth it to go to that specific clinic? In this list, we are looking for the best skin specialist penang.

8 Best Catering Services Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Catering services Kuala Lumpur could help to ease up any events. Catering services makes it easier for anyone that has occasions or events. Usually, catering is used for weddings, corporate events, social event gathering, concession events and special occasions. In this list, let’s look at 8 catering services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

Why Sex Education For Children Is Important in Malaysia

Sex education, which has been discussed by numerous people about whether sex education should indeed be taught in schools, has been the subject of controversy. Due to the rapid expansion of knowledge, there has been a rise in demand for sex education in schools. Today's kids are eager to study all of the new things that have cross their path, especially non-pictorial concepts like sex. 

Cara-cara Solat Maghrib Yang Lengkap(Beserta Rumi) 

Solat merupakan tiang agama. Solat Maghrib ialah solat harian ke-4 dalam Islam dan merupakan salah satu daripada solat fardhu. Hukum solat maghrib adalah wajib untuk setiap muslim dan berdosa jika ditinggalkan. Jika tertinggal solat Maghrib,...

Solat Jamak dan Qasar : Niat dan Signifikasi 

Solat jamak ialah mengumpulkan dua solat dalam satu waktu. Sebagai contoh, waktu zohor dikumpulkan bersama solat asar atau solat asar kepada zohor. Manakala, solat qasar pula ialah memendekkan solat daripada 4 rakaat menjadi 2 rakaat....

Cara Melaksanakan Solat Sunat Sebelum Subuh

Umat Islam wajib menunaikan solat. Bagi solat fardhu, terdapat lima waktu untuk menunaikan solat. Solat, atau sembahyang adalah aspek yang penting bagi iman seorang Muslim.  Solat Subuh, adalah yang pertama daripada solat fardhu. Namun, terdapat juga...

Solat Tasbih & Solat Tahajjud untuk Amalan Qiyamullai

Apakah Qiamullail? Dan mengapa saya sebut tentang solat Tasbih dan solat Tahajjud? Qiamullail merujuk kepada amalan sunat untuk beribadat. Qiamullail ialah satu amalan sunat yang bererti ‘bangun pada malam’ iaitu bangun dari tidur dengan tujuan...

Pelaksanaan Solat Istikharah (Niat, Cara dan Penjelasan) 

Solat mendekatkan diri seorang hamba kepada Allah SWT.  Masa solat ialah masanya kita berbincang dengan Pencipta kita. Kebanyakan kita boleh bercakap dengan sahabat dan keluarga kita; dengan cara yang sama, iaitu solat, masa yang berharga ini...



Top 5 Places To Get Confinement Food Delivery In KL

Healthy Diets For Healthy Confinements!  Childbirth is a pretty big ordeal.  There’s no point in mincing words - for 9 whole months, your body undergoes harsh...

Comic Books Malaysia: Best 5 Places To Find Them

Knowing the imminent superheroes films and tv shows, fans all over the world are crazy about comic adaptation and theories. The hype does not stop here in Malaysia. Comics can be various which allows so many possibilities for certain movies and tv shows, whether it’s English, Chinese, or Manga. If you have a hard time analyzing theories because you running out of comics, here are the top 5 best comic stores in Malaysia.

Sci-Fi Books: Best Books To Read For Sci-Fi Lovers

My personal opinion is, if you want to buy Sci-Fi books in Malaysia, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted shop or online shop so that you will be able to get the best price.

Check Out These 6 Free Places For A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in KL 2022 (Updated)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Venues in KL We all know how costly it is to have a pre wedding photoshoot in KL (Kuala Lumpur). Instead of...

Top 10 Veterinary Clinics in Selangor 2022

We know that your pets are just as important to you as your own family. You take care of them like your own children,...