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Top 10 Spa Massages in Penang Worth-Trying

Penang is a world-famous exotic getaway for holidays.  It is many things. Penang is a state of Malaysia, on the northwest coast of the Malacca Strait. It has two parts, the capital city of Penang...



Online Dating In Malaysia: How You Can Find Your Future “Prince Charming” or “The One” On Dating Apps

When you’re feeling bored and lonely, what’s your usual route of meeting someone new? You might go to a party, hope that a chance encounter of...

Use Instagram For Your Affiliate Marketing. How?

As we enter a digital age, Instagram has become a very popular social media tool amongst the the younger generations in Malaysia, which acts...

5 Best Omakase Restaurant in KL & Selangor (2022)

Do you understand the meaning of the Japanese word Omakase, which is commonly heard in Sushi restaurants?  The term Omakase literally translates as "I...

The Nando’s Menu: Dictator Of Taste!

The reason behind Nando’s menu success and growth is due to the unrivaled PERi-PERi Chicken; huge success that shook the world for its sensational recipe.

Starbucks Menu Malaysia

Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffeehouse business in the world. Click in to check out Starbucks Menu Malaysia 2022.