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Sugar Baby In Malaysia: Prostitution Or A Different Way Of Earning? We Interviewed A Former Sugar Baby To Learn More About It

Sugar Baby In Malaysia Imagine this: you’re a student short on cash. What do you do?  The obvious route would be getting a part-time job either...

Fruit Basket Delivery KL: Top 5 Places To Find Them

You can try giving them fruit gift baskets or fruit boxes instead of junk foods and unhealthy snacks.

Top University in Malaysia: Guaranteed a Promising Future

Education Indeed Guaranteed a Promising Future. It's long been accepted that putting up the effort necessary to get a high level of education is the...

Difficulties Faced by Interracial Couples in Malaysia

When we think of racism, we automatically visualise hate crime. We think about the cruel fate that George Floyd was met with, leading up...

5 Best Places To Eat In SS15 That Costs Less Than RM20

Places To Eat in SS15 When you think of SS15 what do you picture? Universities, college students wearing clothes as if they were going to...