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A girl who loves to read and listening to music. Always making an effort to become a better writer.

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Vomit Thunder (Exclusive Interview): The Talented Malaysian Comic Artist

Meet John, The Malaysian Comic Artist Who Goes By The Name 'Vomit Thunder'. Ever heard of Monkey King? Or more widely known as Sun Wukong? It is a legendary figure best known as one of the...

MySore Room (Exclusive Interview): Silence And Serenity With Ashtanga Yoga

Walking into the shala, we were greeted with serenity and the sound of breathing from the students. There’s no music playing nor any mirrors around and the students seemed to be doing their movements by...

The Potato Couple (Exclusive Interview): Walking Through The Daily Life Of Jason And Ymei

Jason and Ymei (pronounced as Wai Mei), or as most people have known them as The Potato Couple is one of the most popular and renowned Malaysian comic artists. With 548k followers on Instagram, The...



Birthday Planners and the Many Advantages they Bring to the Table

Planning a large scale event is easier said than done. It may seem like child’s play or a walk in the park to organize...

Cheesecake Malaysia: Get Your Tummies Ready For The Best Cheesecakes In KL And Selangor

I'd like to think that almost everyone on the planet would always enjoy dessert, no matter the time or place. If you don't like...

Best Baby Car Seats Malaysia 2022

What is Baby Car Seat? Child safety seats, also known as infant safety seats, child restraint systems (CRS), child seats, baby car seats, or car...

Mental Health Illness in Malaysia: A Taboo Topic To Talk About

Have you been in a situation where you are facing depression and when you try to talk it out to someone older, they always tend to say just just pray and it will be all fine. Well, if you have been in this kind of situation then, high five! Most of the old generation never understood what mental health illness was and would always consider it as a madness.

Online Grocery Malaysia: Order Your Essentials From Home

To evade long queues and other mishaps, the simplest way is to arrange online grocery Malaysia to fulfil your wants and needs.