Batik Boutique Brings Out Malaysian Unique Artisanal Skills

Batik In This Era

batik malaysia

In this modern and fashionable era, did you notice how our communities could actually be so fascinating with their own fashion style even in their daily wears? However, I would say that not all of the fashions and styles are based on modern touch. Did you notice how youngsters are proudly wearing and making batik fashion to be in trend again these days? This is truly something that should be proud of as we know that this is how batik can never be fading in the future and the next generations especially since we have seen a lot of batik in Malaysia on both online and offline marketplace.

What Is Batik All About?

The Origin of Batik Design

As we acknowledge, batik malaysia design is something that we brought and still here from ancient art that are in fact still worn throughout the seasons up till now. If we were to ask about where batik actually came from, most of the people would probably agree that it is believed to be from The Island of Java, Indonesia. Batik, on the other hand, is said to have existed in India a long time ago because historical evidence was discovered in India proving India too had its own batik.

Afterall, there are still some saying out there that believed batik belongs to nowhere as the origin is still unknown to some people, but it’s being worn in almost all places as a unique design and pattern. Apparently, batik is one design that could fit in all events and is commonly seen and sold on the Island of Java, Indonesia. Next, batik design and pattern is the symbol of the culture and nationalism spirit that in the same preserving the  or printed with copper stamp.

Where and When Can We Wear Batik?

We might illustrate how batik was frequently worn for various purposes back then. Most people see batik clothing as a costume for specific ceremonial events unique to different civilizations, which is why it is rarely worn on a daily basis. However, as time passes, batik clothing is considered as something that everyone may wear on a regular basis. This is very astonishing because it was previously thought to be something worn solely by the elderly.

However, when it comes to where and when batik may be worn, it is rather Indonesian culture. There are basically two types of batik designs that consist of geometric motifs and free form design.

Why Batik Designs Are Unique

batik malaysia

Speaking of batik design and pattern, I’m sure many people would note how unique batik is in comparison to other types of clothes. Not only is batik malaysia unique, but it is also recognised for its own symbols and significance behind the patterns, making it a masterpiece art and pattern. Do you know why it is called a masterpiece? Have you ever thought of the reason?

Batik is known as something that is unique and masterpiece due to the processes that it took in producing the unique batik itself. Apparently, the batik is made out from a very unique technique that consists of wax-resist dyeing on the plain cloth. Batik is considered as a stylish item nowadays, which is gratifying enough! Most individuals choose batik clothing for both informal and formal occasions, and some wear it to wedding ceremonies, large events such as birthday parties, and even on a daily basis.

Real vs Fake Batik

batik malaysia

How to Differentiate Fake and Real Batik

It is undeniable that batik malaysia industries also have to undergo a few challenges that are totally same with the other kinds of fashion which is the fake and plagiarism batik design production. There are some of us that actually would go for the fake one due to cheaper price, but the quality and the art masterpiece would not be as good as the original one. This is where as a product consumer, it is crucial for you to actually know how to differentiate and be aware of the differences. 

Though it can be tricky to find authentic and real batik in Malaysia, you can use the tips below to differentiate fake and real batik!

  • Flip the Batik.

Simply flip the batik inside out to prove it is genuine. You may be asking why, but the important thing to consider here is if the batik pattern or design will ultimately seem the same.

If the design on the exterior of the batik matches the pattern on the inside, it is genuine! This is because of the fact that the canting tool would leave the same batik vibrancy.

  • There Will Never Be a Perfect Batik.

Real batik, which is often done using canting tools, hand-drawn, stamped, and hair-dyed, will eventually generate uneven patterns on the cloth and material.

As a result, you should take a closer look; if it is too flawless, with no flaws such as dyes combination, etc., it is a forgery.

  • Make Sure It Is Natural Fiber.

Remember that a real batik design and pattern can only be absorbed by the dye on natural fiber materials.

Batik Boutique

Since batik has become a popular fashion trend in Malaysia, many local product in Malaysia company owners have begun to include batik inspired goods into their operations. One of them is The Batik Boutique

The Batik boutique is a company platform that sells batik online in Malaysia and you can visit their website by clicking here. What made it different and outstanding is, it is considered as the most distinctive batik-based business owing to how they offer a variety of styles, home goods, accessories, and everyday wear necessities made of batik as a traditional fabric. They also ship their products worldwide so people are able to get their own batik outfits wherever they may be living. Batik Boutique uses the art of batik on the trendiest outfits and you can style your daily wear with a hint of tradition!

Batik Boutique not only has an online store but they also have physical stores you can visit at the following locations:
1. The Row, Kuala Lumpur
2. Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
3. The Westin Desaru Coast Resort, Johor

Amongst the many collections that they have, there are many apparel choices for men and women from Batik Boutique, where they implement the Batik designs on current trending fashion outfits. They have really outstanding and eye-catching values in promoting the uniqueness of batik design worldwide that was highly inspired by Malaysian architecture. It is indeed such an amazing idea to actually make batik as daily wear by everyone no matter where by this apparel. In fact, we believe that this would be the perfect souvenir to give if you have friends from other countries! 

Here is the list of popular apparels that they have in store and limited edition of batik design:

Men’s Batik Shirt – Crimson Nasi Lemak

batik malaysia

The Batik Boutique Malaysia has launched one of their best men’s apparel which is Crimson Nasi Lemak. It has a unique pattern and is made by using a traditional block printing technique by talented Malaysia artisans. It comes with 5 different sizes which are S, M, L, XL  and also XXL for RM269.00 only!

The shirt is really comfortable to wear for any occasion due to its comfortable natural fiber that is made from 100% cotton and  high quality batik material, and it does not wrinkle easily throughout the day. This shirt also comes with one chest pocket with a straight fit cut. The fabric is also incredibly comfy and pleasant to the touch, making it appropriate for everyday use. 

Men’s Batik Shirt – Midnight Arabesque

Batik Boutique

Another pattern of men’s batik apparel that you could get from The Batik Boutique collection is the Midnight Arabesque! With the 5 stars given from the customers’ reviews, you could also see how the masterpiece pattern was also amazingly made using a traditional block printing technique. This pattern comes with 5 different sizes which are S, M, L, XL and XXL for RM269.00 only! 

This batik shirt with mandarin collar has really a premium quality and 100% natural fiber (cotton) that was made using a traditional block printing technique. It is really comfortable and suitable to wear for any occasion as it comes with a chest pocket and straight fit. 

Batik Kimono – Cobalt Fern

batik malaysia

Next collection from Batik Boutique is their Batik Kimono that is especially made for women’s apparel that is suitable to be paired with any outfits and for any occasion. It was uniquely made using eco-dyes and print placement processes that made the batik kimono have a really unique and masterpiece pattern. This silky  and flowy kimono comes in one size for RM349.00!

Batik Maxi Dress – Navy Brush

This amazing collection is 100% viscose and comes with a V-neckline and can be paired with two narrow tie belts. What is fascinating about this dress by Batik Boutique is how it is handmade using a wax-resist technique of fabric dyeing of batik pattern. You can see how this batik dress is fashionable and comfortable to wear for any occasion. You can get it in 4 sizes which are XS, S, M and L for RM359.00!

Batik Placemat Set (Reversible)- Golden Pineapple

Batik Boutique

Batik Boutique also has a unique collection for homeware for table decoration! It is a great handmade quality of homeware set using a wax-resist brush technique that is made of 100% cotton. It comes with 17″L (43cm) X 12″W (30cm) measurement for only RM138.00!

Homeware Gift Set (Reversible)- Sage Banana Leaf

batik malaysia

Another collection of homeware sets is a unique collection for homeware sets is the Sage Banana Leaf. It has a great handmade quality of homeware set using a wax-resist brush technique that is made of 100% cotton for only RM299.00! 

For this homeware set, you will get:

  • 4 reversible batik placemats each measuring 17″L (43cm) X 12″W (30cm)
  • 4 reversible batik coasters each measuring 4″L (10cm) X 4″W (10cm)
  • Brown craft gift box with colourful stickers ready for gifting

TehTalk Review!

Batik Boutique

KL Tote Bag Fuschia Jambu

I’m just in love with the colours used for this whole collection but the Fuschia Jambu gives such a stylish twist and it works so well on the beige tote bag and very convenient to use for someone who’s always on the go. The inner pocket is good to arrange my things and the side button is a real space saver to put it away/fold it when i’m not using it. 

Batik Boutique

KL Pouch Fuschia Jambu

Really love how sturdy the pouch feels on my hand, and the space is just nice and big enough to insert all my belongings. The tassel included with the pouch is a cute addition to the pouch and makes it more accessible to open and seal it shut.

Batik Boutique

KL Skyline Scarf Fuchsia Jambu

The scarf is very easy to wear, and the material does not get wrinkled easily. Also, the fabric is very comfortable and cool to the touch, which makes it suitable for daily wear as Malaysia’s weather can be really hot! It really helps that the fabric is lightweight and the pattern is super easy to match with many different clothing.

Though the tote bag and pouch are not batik designs, they pair extremely well with the shawl that you can up-do however you feel comfortable and yes! The shawl is an original batik design by Batik Boutique – a fun and fresh twist to traditional art.

Refer here if you would like to pair your batik with pretty accessories to amp up your outfits!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Batik (FAQs)

Why is batik a special design? 

It is special because it is a masterpiece design. The process of crafting batik also involved a delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling.

Does batik have any specific materials to be used?

Printing batik doesn’t have a particular material. Somehow, it is best to be made traditionally on cotton and silk material for the best quality.

How long does it take to produce a batik traditionally?

The whole process of producing batik could take up about 1-3 months. This is due to the complexity of the details of batik.

Are there any other terms that can be used for batik?

Yes there are. There are several terms that can be used which are: beadwork, painting, tie-dying, adire, basketry, embroidery, felt-making, woodcarving and decoupage.

How many types of batik do we have?

Batik is classified into two categories. They are stamp batik, which is a pattern formed by stamping a design using a cap stamp. The other is written batik, a pattern created by painting dots and lines using a spouted instrument known as canting.

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