Beauty Tips For Skin: To Boost Your Confidence

Nowadays, we are all living for better tips to get clearer and healthier skin. 2021 has shaped many of us to be more mindful of what we consume in our daily lifestyle. Although it is not a pressure to mainly prioritize everything to be healthy as it will be unhealthy to ourselves. It’s always good for us to practice it in our daily lives. 

Not everyone has the privileged to have clearer skin and I think it’s normal for people to go through skin problems, at least once in their lives. I feel like when we go through these kinds of problems that give insecurities to ourselves, it allows us to be more humble and loving to ourselves. Living in the 21st century is quite pressuring for many people. We were normalized to find validation from compliments whether it is on social media or by a person’s thoughts. We were not taught that it’s okay to go through certain things slowly and allow ourselves to enjoy the process of changing. 

Beauty Tips For Skin
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Furthermore, the awareness of self-love was not practiced before this. People were really insecure about society’s acceptance when it comes to their skin conditions. Only recently when many influencers have started to share this awareness on their social media, people start to slowly digest these changes. Some of the awareness also included the anxiety and depression people go through that caused by acne.   

For people who have it easier than others to not have to struggle to find skin care tips, they would not easily understand why it is important for us to have clear skin. Thus, I feel like it is important for me to share some of the reasons why healthier skin is important. 

Reasons Why Healthier Skin Is Important

Having Full Confidence Instead Of Going For “Pretty Privilege”

Many people thought that when we are looking for clear skin tips or glowing skin products, we are aiming to be pretty. By pretty, I meant enjoying the “pretty privilege”. Honestly, when you have gone through growth and certain levels of maturity, you’re no longer attracted to the “pretty privilege” anymore. Instead, you are more attracted to have full confidence in your skin. 

This is not what everyone aware of. While you are going through the process of healing your skin with all the healthy skin tips you can find. You are also allowing yourself to accept your condition and changing it for the better. As you are doing that, you are typically accepting your condition, which makes you more humble. In the process, gives you more confidence as well. 

Removing Self-Doubt From Yourself

Beauty Tips For Skin
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You know that self doubts you have when people compliment you and you just don’t feel like they’re telling you the truth? That feeling is shaped because you taught yourself that you’re not good and pretty enough to be complimented because of your skin condition. You had the idea of pretty is by having clear and glowy skin. But if you are looking for skincare for glowing skin or healthy skin tips from people with acne experience. You will notice that the process they go through can sometimes take a lot of time depending on your skin condition. Basically, you cannot expect instant results just by following the beauty tips for skin. Some people suffer oily, while others have dry skin. Not to forget, some with sensitive and combination skins. Hence, it is important for people to get the right tips for a glowing skin routine. 

Preventing Long-Term Effects On Your Skin

Apart from all the things I mentioned also, acne leaves long-term effects on your skin, such as scaring and pigmentation. Scaring takes a longer time to fades from your skin unless you go for a laser treatment. But you should know that not everyone can afford laser treatment as it is very pricey. There’s another way that you can have your skin treated in a way to help the scars healed, by going to the aesthetic clinic. Instead of looking for beauty tips for skin, make your bookings at one of these top aesthetic clinics. They will also give you additional tips such as oily skin tips and dry skin tips if you need them.

Top Beauty Tips For Skin 

Choose The Right Cleanser For Your Skin

Beauty Tips For Skin
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When we were younger, we weren’t educated properly on how to choose the right cleanser for our skin. Hence, during those times there is a high possibility of us using the wrong type of cleanser for our skin type. There are many articles you could find that will be helpful for you to choose the right cleanser for your skin.

Hygiene Care

You need to also be aware of the hygiene around you such as your makeup brushes, pillow sheets, phone screen, and etc. The reason why this is as important as other things is that if all these dirty surfaces come in contact with your skin, the germs and oil can be clogged in your skin pores. This point has stated in a lot of articles like glass skin tips, which emphasize the importance of hygiene care.

Do Not Skip Your Sunscreen

Beauty Tips For Skin
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Another important tip for beauty tips for skin is to never skip your sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most important product in your skincare routine that becomes a barrier for your skin from all the dirt and dust from your surroundings. Most people thought that sunscreen is to only protect your skin from getting skin cancer because your skin is exposed to the sun. But they are completely wrong. Sunscreen is meant to give protection for your skin from both, dust and the sun. Thus, keep in mind to not skip your sunscreen. 

If you are thinking of additional skincare product, you can definitely check out the best facial sheet masks, to add into your skincare routine.

Now that you have gotten enough beauty tips for skin from me, I hope you can apply that in your daily skincare routine at home. Hopefully, over time, you are able to gain more confidence and self-love in yourself. 

Regardless, you are beautiful just the way you are 🙂

Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Sometimes I wish we could lick rainbows.







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