Benefits Of Spa Treatment & 10 Best Spa In KL!

The spa is a great way to relieve our pent up stress and tension which can be caused by our day-to-day hectic routine. Giving yourself a break is not a bad thing, and somehow it is considered to be a good thing. Nowadays people tend to go to the spa in order to destress themselves. This is what we called as a retreat process. There are countless positive outcomes that can be gathered by pampering yourself. Therefore, before we jump into the best spa in KL. Let’s educate ourselves further when it comes to treating our body, mind and souls through, the spa in KL.

Benefits Of Using Spa In KL

Here are some benefits of people heading to the spa in KL, just to unwind and relax.

  • Helps To Destress

As mentioned earlier, the spa is able to help people to destress from their hectic schedule or their tiring week. Spa in kl on other hand is able to create a soothing and peaceful environment where people are able to calm and relax the moment they step their foot on. It so bizarre, that no matter what type of treatment you’re getting at that time, you will be able to notice how your mind is being at ease and also speaking of ease it shows that you’re finally giving your body the credit it deserves by either having a body spa massage, luxury spa or even hotel with spa. But either way, it is your highly deserved “me” time. 

  • Helps With Your Skin

Spa in KL is able to help your skin to look more radiant and smooth. The important part here is that people should be aware of the spa treatment that they’re getting for themselves. There are a variety of spa treatments that are available in many spas in KL. Therefore, when it comes to the skin, there are spas that provide services like facial treatment, to help your skin look more natural. Most of the time, these facial treatments can help in treating acne, acne scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, improving skin tone for dull skin colour and more. 

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Les Visage Wellness Centre and Spa
  • Improves Sleeping Cycle

A good full-on body massage spa is enough to get you through the night. In addition, many spa in KL are able to deliver a very good service that has great effects on their customers, such as helping people with sleeping issues. Getting a fine body massage spa, or good facial treatment is capable of relaxing your tense up body muscle which is not allowing you to sleep properly throughout the night.

  • Release Dopamine and Serotonin

All the good hormones are able to be induced if a person is in a really calm and relaxing state. There are some studies showing that having a regular spa treatment from a spa in KL is able to help people overcome depression or seasonal depression.  It is also proven that the treatment which is provided by the spas are effective in boosting all the good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which will allow people to wind down a bit.

  • Prevents Anti Aging

There are many spas in KL that provides facial treatment services which will help people to continue to preserve their youthful skin by attaining their botox treatment, micro-needling, vein treatment and more. Most of this treatment is to prevent the skin from getting aged or wrinkled in a young age. Fortunately, there are plenty of spa treatments in a spa in KL that offer this type of service to make our skin more radiant, brighter, smoother and younger.

Moreover, there are plenty of spas in KL, which have a variety of treatments and good services to help improve our physical and mental health. Therefore, here are the top 10 best spas in KL.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Betterteam

1. Spa Village @ Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

This spa is one of the most popular spas in KL. Known for its luxury spa in a retreat tropical area which is able to create that aesthetic surrounding, by immediately making people feel at ease the moment they step into this facility.

Spa In KL
Source By Pic: Mag The Weekly

Phone: 03-2142 8000


2. Mandara Spa @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

The Mandara Spa is claimed to have won the award-winning Balinese spa which provides services such as manicure pedicure, foot massage, facial treatment and so on by skilled therapists.

Spa In KL
Source By Pic: Trambellir

Phone: 03-2162 2233


3. The Spa @ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Treatments provided by this spa are traditional Malay and aromatherapy body massage spa to Borneo body scrub and even jet lag treatment as well. 

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Where To Goh

Phone:03-2179 8772


4. The Majestic Spa @ The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This spa in KL is known first for its Scottish inspired deco style and also for its service which is known as the spa’s signature treatment called North Coast seaweed sculpt, which helps in blood circulation,  lifting and firming the skin, as well as treatment to reduce cellulite and water retention by using seaweed from Northern Britain and Ireland.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic:

Phone: (603) 2785 8000


5. The Spa @ Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Spa offers holistic Malay body massages, facials, body scrubs, foot reflexology and wraps with all-natural spices and mixed essential oils.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: By Google Image

Phone: 03-2074 3581


6. Swasana Spa @ Impiana KLCC Hotel

This spa specializes in Southeast Asian spa treatments, from hand to facial treatments to overall full body massage spa, scrubs and masks.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Impiana KL

Phone: 03-2147 1111


7. Hammam Spa @ Bangsar

This spa is popular for its 45-minute treatment of Hammam and Gomage where your entire body will be scrubbed with a traditional Moroccan black soap and with the help of a coarse mitten.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Tripadvisor

Phone: 03-2282 2180


8. Be Urban Wellness @ Damansara Heights

Is known for its slimming and spa treatments services. There are also other services provided by this spa in KL like facials, oxygen chambers,  bio scans, and also nutrient therapy.  On the other hand, the spa has male and female lockers designed with infrared saunas,  Jacuzzi and steam rooms.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: TimeOut

Phone: 03-2095 1999


9. Thai Odyssey @ Fahrenheit 88

This spa in KL has several branches across Malaysia and is known for its Thai inspired spa. There are herbal therapy,  reflexology, and traditional massage being performed by highly skilled Thai masseurs.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Tripadvisor

Phone: 03-2143 6166


10. Herballine

This spa specializes in facial treatments and things related to the skin, yet the spa in KL also offers body massages and also foot paraffin treatments.

Spa In KL
Source Of Pic: Google Image

Phone: 018-967 9667


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where did spa originate from?

The term originates from the name of the city of Spa, which is located in Belgium. The city has been known by its current name since Roman times when it was referred to as Aquae Spadanae.

What is the main purpose of a spa?

Spa is created with the purpose to provide a space for you to relax physically and mentally. The services at the spa offer body, mind and spiritual healing which is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote longevity.

How many types of spa are there?

There are three different types of spa:

– Destination Spa: This spa establishment is usually located at a resort or five-star hotel as the customers will stay there to experience all the spa services. Destination spas offer an all-inclusive service that includes beauty and wellness treatments, massages and even healthy meals. 
– Day Spa: This spa establishment only offers basic spa services like massages, and facial treatments and the price is more or less the same at every spa place. If you’re on a budget, a day spa is a good place to go because they offer essential services at an affordable price.
– Mineral Spring Spa: This spa establishment is typically located in an area where they have access to natural resources that they use in their spa treatments. For instance, you can experience soaking yourself in a natural hot spring that you usually can’t get at other modern spas.

What are the usual services offered at a spa?

Depending on the spa establishment that you go to, they usually offer a sauna, steam room, massage, mud bath, milk bath, salt scrub, seaweed body wraps and reflexology for their body treatments. For facial treatments, they usually offer hydrating, moisturizing services or specific treatments for your skin concerns. Also, some spas also offer services like manicures and pedicures.

What do people usually wear when they go to spas?

Since you are going there to relax, it is wise to wear something comfortable for example – sweatpants, lounge pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts or even hoodies. This is to ensure that you won’t feel restricted and uncomfortable as you will be spending a lot of time at a spa.

What are the things you should do when going to a spa?

First of all, you should give them a ring before you decide to visit a spa so they can prepare all the stuff needed and not waste your time waiting for them to prepare. Next, make sure to arrive on time to avoid scheduling issues because they might have another customer after your session. So, if you come in late, it will cause inconvenience towards the spa staff and the other customers. Also, make sure to leave your jewellery at home to keep it safe because when you go to a spa, they will ask you to take off your jewellery. No matter how safe the place is, there is always a risk of theft or your jewellery being missing while you are on your treatment.

Why do I need to take off my clothes when I go to the spa?

When you are having a massage at a spa, the staff usually needs to be able to reach your neck and chest area. So, in order to avoid your clothes or bra straps getting stained by the oil and lotion, you need to take off your clothes so you can be comfortable throughout the treatment duration.

Is the spa exclusive for women only?

No! All genders are allowed to have a spa day because the main purpose of going to a spa is to relax your body and mind. Furthermore, most of the services and products offered at spa establishments are gender-neutral – lotions, oil, body and facial massage and many more!

How long do people usually spend at a spa?

It all depends on the package that you describe, but usually, people will spend around 3 to 6 hours on a spa day. If you opt for a facial treatment only, it might only take you less than that. Be sure to call the spa establishment and ask about the duration of each service so you can plan your schedule properly.

How many times should I go to the spa?

In general, those who experience light to moderate stress should see a massage therapist once or twice per month at the most. However, if you have a high-stress level and travel a lot, it is recommended to visit the spa once every two weeks!

Is it okay if I accidentally fall asleep during my spa treatment?

No worries, it’s perfectly fine if you fall asleep during your spa treatment. Since you are going there to relax, the staff won’t be judging you if you hit the snooze when they are massaging you.

What is the most popular treatment at a spa?

The most popular treatment at a spa is massage! One of the benefits of getting a massage is that it can help relieve stress and speed up the healing process after an injury. Also, massage relaxes tired muscles, speeds up the flow of blood and lymph, and makes your body make endorphins, which make you feel good.

What should I do after a spa treatment?

First, make sure to hydrate a lot by drinking water or green tea because it is normal to lose a bit of hydration after a spa treatment. Therefore, make sure to keep yourself fully hydrated 24 hours after a spa day. You should also stay away from alcohol and cigarettes because spa treatments usually will detox harmful chemicals out of your body. So, be patient for a minimum of 24 hours to avoid losing the effects of your treatment.

Can I bring a friend to the spa?

Of course, you can. If you’re a first-timer to the spa, bringing a friend will calm down your nerves and also it’s a good place to bond with your friend! You can catch-up with your friend and then leave the spa together feeling relaxed and also energized!

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