Best Baby Car Seats Malaysia 2022

What is Baby Car Seat?

Child safety seats, also known as infant safety seats, child restraint systems (CRS), child seats, baby car seats, or car booster seats, are seats that are specifically designed to protect children from being injured or killed in a car accident. The majority of the time, these seats are purchased and installed by the car owners themselves. 

However, automakers may design them directly into their vehicles and must provide anchors and ensure seat belt compatibility. Many jurisdictions require that children under the age of 13 be secured in a child restraint seat that has been authorised by the federal or state governments.

The Evolution of Baby Car Seat

Baby Car Seat

Since the first car was built and sold in the early 1900s, many changes and improvements have been made to protect individuals who drive and ride. Most restraints were designed to protect adults, not children. Although child seats were manufactured in the early 1930s, their primary aim was not child safety. 

The main goal of the booster seats was to raise the kids so the driver could see them. In 1962, two child-protective designs were independently designed. The British inventor Jean Ames designed a rear-facing kid seat with a Y-shaped seatbelt. American Leonard Rivkin of Denver, Colorado, created a child-safe forward-facing seat. Child safety seats first became available in the late 1960s, and the rest is history. 

Why is Baby Car Seat Important?

One of the most crucial jobs a parent has is to keep their child safe while travelling in a vehicle. Thousand of children under the age of five are killed or seriously injured in car accidents every year. The proper use of child safety seats in automobiles can reduce the possibility of serious injuries to children in the case of an accident. It also has the effect of keeping the children safe.

In Malaysia, The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has appointed the CRS regulation under the Road Transport Act 1978 – Motor Vehicles (Safety Seat-belts) (Amendment) Rules 2019. The law went into effect on January 1, 2020.  According to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), the percentage of CRS awareness among drivers has increased from 44% in 2019 to 50% in early 2020.

What are The Best Types of Baby Car Seats? 

Baby Car Seat

There are many different types of child car seats available on the market, selecting the best one for your child could be tricky. Your child’s comfort and safety should always come first, regardless of their age or stages. There are primarily four major types of car seats available on the market. 

1. Infant Car Seat

Infant car seats are designed for infants or babies. It is suitable for children up to two years old and is heavily reliant on the child’s growth. These car seats are only for rear-facing use. This car seat may also be used as a baby carrier seat, allowing parents to easily transport their children wherever they go. Avoid car seats in grocery carts as it is unsafe and does not fit well. When your child hits the seat’s weight or height limit, it’s time to upgrade.

Notice when your child has outgrown the infant seat, either of the following could happen:

  • When they are belted in, the top of their heads is less than an inch from the seat’s top.
  • They’ve exceeded the weight limit, which is normally between 30 and 35 pounds.

Note that Tiny preemies and premature infants with particular needs may not be able to sit in a reclined position right away, prompting the use of alternative options such as car beds.

2. Convertible Car Seat

One of the best things about this car seat is that it can be used from birth until your child reaches the maximum height and weight limits of a car seat, at which point it is time to transition. Nonetheless, it is still necessary, to begin with, a baby and work your way up.

Depending on your child’s weight, they can be used forward-facing or rear-facing. Rear-facing is recommended for newborns up to 3 years old, and after your child is 3 years old, you can begin putting them in a forward-facing position. 

Convertible car seats cannot be carried as infant carriers. They lack a base and are difficult to move between cars. Smaller babies may struggle to use these larger seats, but their bulky shape often creates a sense of protection.

A child has outgrown a rear-facing convertible seat when: 

  • There is less than an inch of space between their brows and the car seat shell or head restraint. Taller kids may outgrow their seats faster than shorter kids.
  • They hit the weight limit for rear-facing which is generally 40 to 50 pounds, about an average of 5 years old. 

A child has outgrown a forward-facing convertible seat when: 

  • Hit weight limit which is 65 pounds.
  • The tops of their ears are at or above the top of the car seat’s shell or head restraint.
  • Harness straps can’t be placed at or above their shoulders.

3. Three-in-one Seat

The name says it all. All-in-one seats, often known as 3-in-1 seats, are similar to convertible car seats, however, they also function as booster seats. The advantage of this seat is that you only need to invest in one and it will grow with your child as they transition from rear-facing to forward-facing to a booster seat until they are old enough to simply use a seatbelt.

4.Booster Seat

A child over the age of 8 can use this car seat until they are 13. The minimum weight varies by model. Therefore, it is not recommended to utilise a booster seat until your child has outgrown their prior car seat. They are only for forward-facing kids. Booster seats can be used until your child outgrows them.

Check out the car seat with your child before you buy it. When a child is in a booster seat, the car’s safety belt can also be used to keep them safe. When putting your child into this booster car seat, raises them up a bit so that the seat belt hits the hard part of the body like the shoulders and legs instead of the soft parts of their body, like the stomach.

How To Choose The Right Baby Car Seat

1. ISOFIX – The ISOFIX is an internationally standardised car seat fitting system where it automatically locks the seat on the base onto 2 metal clips (the fixing point) between the vehicle seat of the car which means, does not rely on the seat belt anymore.  

2. Second-hand seat – If you are aware that a seat has been involved in a crash, avoid using it. It may have been harmed in ways that are not visible. 

3. Quality & Parts – Don’t use a seat that has missing parts or lacks a manufacture date and model number. If there’s no instruction manual available, avoid using the seat. Also, check the seat for the recommended “expiration date.”

As for the best car in Malaysia and safest baby car seat Malaysia, there are ultimately a variety of different models and features to select from, hence we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 baby car seats in Malaysia so you can spend less time doing research and more time on your loved ones.

Top 10 Baby Car Seats Malaysia 

1. Quinton Smart Plus 360 Isofix Safety Car Seat  (Best 360° Car Seat)

Baby Car Seat

The car travels for your infant might be more enjoyable thanks to the 3+1 reclining positions of this seat. Q-MAX fabric and a 5-point harness system with an anti-slip design complete the package. The 5-point harness may be tightened with a simple one-pull stroke. It also comes with a sunshade canopy. 

Including 360 rotation features make it more convenient to breastfeed or feed your little one whilst in the car. Your concerns about your child’s safety will be eased by the 4-layer side impact protection provided by this best baby car seat. 

CategoryGroup 0/0+, 1, 2 & 3
AgeNewborn to 12 years old
Support WeightUp to 36kg
Support HeightUp to 135cm
Installation TypeISOFIX System or 3-point Car Seatbelt
TypeRear-facing & Front-facing
Dimensions37 x 42 x 63 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty3 years

For More Information: Quinton Baby | FB: @quintonbabymalaysia | IG: @quintonbaby

2. Recaro Booster Car Seat (Premium Car Seat)

The ergonomic fit of the seat foam makes this baby car seat stand out. The breathable cover can keep your toddler cool amid hot weather. Also, the car seat has a multilayer, height-adjustable headrest that can accommodate your child at any age.

Baby Car Seat

ASP (Extended Side Impact Protection) minimises the force of impact on your child in the event of an accident. HERO safety system prevents belts from slipping or twisting and allows smooth buckling. 

CategoryGroup 1, 2 and 3
Age15 months – 12 years old
Support Weight9kg – 36kg
Support HeightUp to 135cm
Installation Type3-point Car Seatbelt
Dimensions50 x 58 x 63-71 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty1 year

For More Information: Recaro Kids Malaysia | FB: @recarokidsmalaysia | IG: @recarokidsmalaysia

3. Britax One4Life Car Seat (Top Tier Patented Safety Technology)

The essential role of a car seat is to provide quality safety precautions for our children, and happily, the Britax One4Life does not disappoint. Trusted by a lot of mums worldwide, Britax Safety technology delivers unique V-shaped Tether and SafeCell Technology that reduces movement and absorb shock during a crash. 

Baby Car Seat

In addition, the car seat boasts a high-strength steel frame for durability, 2-layer side impact protection, and a 5-point safety harness, ensuring your child’s safety at all times. Also adjustable up to 15 positions. Could be used in all stages depending on the functionality. 

CategoryGroup 0/0+, 1,2,3
Age0 – 10 years old
Support Weight2kg – 54.4kg
Support HeightUp to 160cm
Installation TypePatented ClickTight Technology
TypeRear-facing & Front-facing
Dimensions20.5 x 19.5 x 25 inches

For More Information: Britax Malaysia | FB: @BritaxMY | IG: @britax_malaysia

4. Little One CSA 4 in1 Infant Baby Car Seat (Affordable Baby Car Seat)

One of the best car seat in Malaysia. Apart from its primary function as a baby car seat Malaysia, it may also be used as a baby carrier, rocker, or even for feeding. Additionally, its cushions are plush and thick, making it even comfier for your child to sleep comfortably.

baby car seats

Additionally, this infant car seat features a three-point safety strap system with a crotch pad. Additionally, the handlebar and canopy are adjustable. Also, its removable and washable seat cover simplifies cleaning. Undoubtedly, the best car seat carrier for parents out there.

CategoryGroup 0/0+
AgeUp to 15 months
Support WeightUp to 13kg
Support HeightUp to 83cm
Installation TypeSeatbelt
Dimensions40 x 69 x 58 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty2 years

For More Information: First Few Years Malaysia | FB: @firstfewyearsmalaysia | IG: @firstfewyearsmalaysia

5. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System (2 in 1 Baby Car Seat)

Meet this 2-in-1 baby stroller/car seat. The baby car seat has KeyFit® 30 with a click-in attachment. This makes it easier to put in and take out. Installers can easily monitor the base angle with two easy-to-read bubble levels.

baby car seats

This car seat also incorporates a LATCH tightener for a more snug and secure fit with minimum effort. The baby stroller Malaysia car seat’s shell is additionally coated with energy-absorbing foam for added protection.

It also has three reclining positions, a comfortable backrest, a 5-point cushioned harness, and a canopy. The stroller comes with an innovative fold/carry handle that allows for a one-handed, free-standing rapid fold baby carrier car seat. This allows for easier manoeuvring. 

CategoryGroup 0+/1
AgeNewborn to 13.5kg
Support WeightMaximum 13.6kg
Support Height76.2cm
Dimensions43.2 x 61 x 70 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty1 year

For More Information: Chicco Malaysia | FB: @chiccomalaysia | IG: @chiccomalaysia

6. Mamakiddies Infant Baby Comfisafe Convertible Car Seat  (Big Size Baby Seat)


Mamakiddies’ Comfisafe child car seat Malaysia provides padded back support. The seat may be reclined up to 165° for further comfort. Its multi-position recline enables more comfortable automobile travel. The 5-point safety harness adjusts with one pull. Deep, lightly cushioned side wings provide additional side impact protection. 

CategoryGroup 0/0+ And 1
AgeUp to 4 years old
Support WeightUp to 18kg
Support HeightUp to 83cm
Installation TypeSeatbelt
TypeRear-facing & Forward-facing
Dimensions40 x 42 x 60 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty4 years

For More Information: Mamakiddies | FB: | IG:

7. Sweet Cherry Convertible Infant Baby Car Seat (Comfy Baby Car Seat)

Baby Car Seat

Listed as one of the best car seat, the Sweet Cherry LB303 Dean’s car seat has dual-facing options and is ideal for newborns and toddlers weighing up to 18kg. It also features three seating positions and a backrest that can be adjusted. Its 5-point safety harness offers additional padding for added comfort and effectiveness in keeping your youngster secure. 

CategoryGroup 0/0+ And 1
AgeUp to 4 years old
Support WeightUp to 18kg
Installation TypeSeatbelt
TypeRear-facing & Forward-facing
Dimensions42 x 58 x 62 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty1 month

For More Information: Sweet Cherry | FB: @SweetCherryEnt | IG: @sweetcherryent

8. CYBEX Platinum CLOUD Z iSize Reclining Backrest Infant Car Seat (Best Overall Baby Car Seat)

The CYBEX Z-Line Modular System delivers maximum protection, comfort, and versatility. The Base Z device allows the car seat to be swivelled to the side of the car door for simpler kid entry and exit.


This baby car seat may also be adjusted to a lie-flat position for your child’s comfort. Aside from that, this seat car Linear Side-Contact Protection (LSP), an extended side protector that helps lessen the first impact forces in an accident. The baby car seat’s shell, on the other hand, also reduces up to 25% of impact forces further protecting your child. 

CategoryGroup 0+/1/2
AgeBirth – approximately 18 months
Support WeightMaximum 13kg
Support Height45-87kg
Dimensions44 x 67 x 38 cm (W x L x H)

For More Information: CYBEX | FB: | IG: @cybex_global

9. Sweet Heart Paris DRANCY Baby Car Seat (Best Infants Baby Car Seat)

Suitable for babies and toddlers up to 25kg. Depending on your child’s age and weight, you may effortlessly move this baby car seat backwards or forwards.


The car seat offers nice padded cushions and an insert for your child’s comfort. Its headrest has 6 height levels and its backrest has 4 recline positions. It also has a central one-pull harness mechanism for easy adjustment. 

CategoryGroup 0+,1,2
AgeNewborn to 25kg
Support Weight0 to 25kg
Support Height40-60cm
Installation Type5-point harness system, ISOFIX system
TypeRearward and forward facing
Dimensions53 x 48 x 62 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty1 year

For More Information: @SweetHeartParis 

10. BabyGo Exclusive Baby Car Seat (Best Quality For Toddlers)

baby car seats

The cooling and silky fabric will keep your child cool throughout automobile rides. Despite not having an ISOFIX system, this baby car seat has a 5-point safety harness with a one-pull adjustment. It also includes side impact protection with deep and softly padded side wings for your child’s safety.

Also, when facing forward, its handle may be adjusted to 3 reclining settings for the backrest. A thoughtful feature for parents who are always busy. 

CategoryGroup 0/0+ And 1
AgeUp to 5 years old
Support WeightUp to 18kg
Installation TypeSeatbelt
TypeRear-facing & Forward-facing
Dimensions43 x 47 x 67 cm (W x L x H)
Warranty4 years

For More Information: theAsianparent | FB: @theAsianparentMY | IG: @theasianparent_my


Keep in mind that becoming a parent entails a lot of responsibilities. A fantastic example to follow. Always make sure you are properly restrained in your vehicle. This will assist your child in developing a strict routine of fastening his or her seatbelt.

On every trip, be certain that everyone who is transporting your child is using the proper car safety seat or seat belt for the child’s age and size. Consistency in the usage of a car safety seat is good parenting because it decreases grumbling and complaints, and it is the safest option for your child.


How About The Airbags? Isn’t it risky for the baby? 

All new cars have front airbags. Teens and adults can be very safe from airbags when they’re used with seat belts. However, airbags can be very damaging to children, especially those who are in rear-facing seats and who aren’t properly strapped in. Toddlers who are in rear-facing seats must sit at the back of the car if your car has a front passenger airbag. Even in a low-speed crash, the airbag can boost, hit the car safety seat, and cause brain damage and death.

In some cars, the airbag can be turned off if the front passenger seat needs to be used for a small child. See your car’s owner’s manual for more.

What if I have more children than can be safely strapped in the back seat? 

Avoid this at all costs, especially if your car is equipped with front-seat airbags. It is recommended that all children under the age of 13 ride in the backseat of the vehicle. A child in a forward-facing seat with a harness may be the best option to ride in front of it is absolutely essential. It’s enough to make sure the car seat is shifted back as far as possible from the dashboard (and airbag).

What will happen if my child’s feet touch the back of the car seats?

This is a valid feeling among parents, but this should not bother them. Children are quite adaptable and can always find a perfect position in a rear-facing seat. Leg injuries are extremely rare in children who face the back. 

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