Best Bubble Tea Stores in KL & Selangor

Are you a huge fan of boba tea? Wondering where you can find some of the best bubble tea in Malaysia? Well, I’ve got you! Although bubble tea originated in Taipei, it is becoming a trendy beverage in Malaysia with some of the best varieties of bubble tea shops. Just walk down one of the streets in Subang Jaya’s SS15, Klang Valley, and you’ll see an entire row of competing air boba shops.

bubble tea stores
Asian woman is holding bubble pearl milk tea outdoor in the evening

It makes you happy when you’re sad and happy when you’re already happy. The key to a long, happy, and prosperous life is bubble milk tea! There hasn’t been any scientific research into it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! So, in this article, I will share with you some of the best bubble milk tea shops all around KL and Selangor. Let’s dive into it!

So, what is the first thing you will think about before buying a boba drink? Obviously, it is the brown sugar flavour mixed with milk and those round, sweet tapioca pearls. Just thinking about the mouth-watering bubble tea drink is making me drool. Now, let’s get into the best-ranked bubble tea shops. Starting with the best-ranked boba drinks which are…

Instea Creative Tea & Coffee Bar

bubble tea stores
Photo: Instea Official Facebook

Instea Creative Tea & Coffee Bar is a great place to get great bubble tea drinks like creative tea in KL that are infused with inspiration to spark ideas or conversations. John Chua founded the company and has extensive experience in the franchise industry. He founded Instea International in 2018, with the goal of transforming the culture of tea drinking in this new era by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. John hopes that by sharing great ideas and conversations, people can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with one another. Check out their Instea menu here.

They are located at: SS2, Sunway GEO Avenue, IOI Boulevard Puchong, Serdang

For more information: Instea Creative Tea & Coffee Bar | FB | IG 

Tiger Sugar Malaysia

bubble tea stores
Photo: Tiger Sugar Official Facebook

Tiger Sugar is one of the best bubble tea shops in KL and Selangor! Tiger Sugar’s story began in November 2017 in Taichung, Taiwan. 

Tiger Sugar isn’t your average milk tea. It’s a refined dessert beverage made with traditional Taiwan brown sugar. Of course, it has something to do with the unique presentation of its drinks whereby the cups are coated with brown sugar, which resembles tiger stripes when milk is poured in.

If you would like to order your bubble tea from Tiger Sugar via food delivery apps malaysia, you can do so by ordering from FoodPanda, GrabFood or ShopeeFood. Check out Tiger Sugar menu here.

They are located at: Sunway Giza, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, Berjaya Times Square

For more information: Tiger Sugar Malaysia | FB | IG

Chun Yang Tea

bubble tea stores
Photo: Chun Yang Official Facebook

Chun Yang Tea emphasises fresh and natural ingredients in order to foster a healthy tea drinking culture. Only one of the few bubble tea chains that insists on serving only fresh milk tea and specialty fruit teas made from fresh fruits, all of their products are carefully selected and designed with freshness and authenticity in mind.

They are located at: Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, Bukit Jalil City

For more information: Chun Yang Tea | FB | IG


bubble tea stores
Photo: PIN Tea Official Facebook

PIN TEA’s first store opened in August 2018 in SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. PIN Tea specialises in freshly brewed tea made with the best tea leaves with nutritional benefits.

They are located at: Kota Damansara, Puchong, Kepong

For more information: PIN Tea | FB | IG

Daboba Malaysia

bubble tea stores
Photo: Daboba Official Facebook

Daboba is famous for its pearl milk tea. Brown sugar milk, classic milk teas, cheese teas, fresh teas, and other beverages are available on the menu. Aside from regular tapioca pearls, they also have golden bobas that are worth trying. If you would wanna order bubble tea from Daboba, you can do so by Foodpanda and GrabFood delivery Malaysia.

They are located at: Paradigm Mall, SS2, Pandan Indah

For more information: Daboba Malaysia | FB | IG

The Alley Malaysia

bubble tea stores
Photo: The Alley Official Facebook

The Alley uses high-quality ingredients to make their own sugar cane syrup and tapioca boba pearls. Aside from their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca series, The Alley offers a wide range of flavour combinations. 

They are located at: SS15, Setapak, Plaza Arkadia

For more information: The Alley Malaysia | FB | IG

Black Whale

bubble tea stores
Photo: Black Whale Official Facebook

Black Whale has one of the best boba drinks. It is made with hand-made brown sugar black whale pearls, exclusive honey-golden pearls infused with premium tea leaves roasted under high temperature and also using premium low-fat milk caps and low-fat yoghurt.

They are located at: SS15, Sunway Pyramid, Sri Petaling

For more information: Black Whale | FB | IG

Xing Fu Tang

bubble tea stores
Photo: Xing Fu Tang Official Facebook

Xing Fu Tang, a popular Taiwanese chain, takes pride in their specialty, stir-fried pearls with brown sugar. They have expanded to 14 outlets across Malaysia since opening their first location in the SS15 bubble tea street. They are best known for their Signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

They are located at: Mid Valley, Setia Alam, Sunway Velocity Mall

For more information: Xing Fu Tang | FB | IG

Gong Cha

bubble tea stores
Photo: Gong Cha Official Facebook
  • Gong Cha is one of the most favourite places to go when we’re craving boba! It is the world’s fastest growing bubble tea brand, with over 1,500 stores worldwide. It is an international bubble tea chain that originated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

They are located at: Paradigm Mall, SS15, Sunway Pyramid

For more information: Gong Cha | FB | IG

Fire Tiger

bubble tea stores
Photo: Fire Tiger Official Facebook

Fire Tiger is a popular Thai bubble tea brand that serves delicious cups of tea with brown sugar ribbons and chewy boba pearls! They are famous for their Fire Tiger Milk and Fire Tiger Milk Tea.

They are located at: Mid Valley Megamall

For more information: Fire Tiger | FB | IG

If you are a boba-holic, this article will be a good read for you to explore more new and exciting boba tea shops in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. So, go get your boba tea craving fixed now! You can also check out here for more interesting boba cafes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the tapioca pearls gluten-free?

Yes, in a nutshell. Tapioca is a starch derived from cassava root, a South American tuber. It is a gluten-free starch alternative to wheat and other grains.

What is the difference between milk tea and fruit tea?

The most common type of bubble tea is milk tea. It depends on the recipe, but it can include non dairy liquid or powdered creamers to whole milk, or alternative milks to condensed milks. Fruit tea also varies, as there are milk-based fruit teas. Fruit teas, on the other hand, are usually infused with real fruit or have fruit syrup added to them. Consider your standard passion fruit or mango teas combined with a black tea or green tea base.

Are all the above boba tea shops halal?

Yes, the majority of the boba tea shops around Malaysia are halal certified.

It is said that drinking bubble tea is not healthy. Is that true?

While claims have been made that tapioca pearls contain traces of acetophenone and styrene, a study found that “compounds in the tapioca are actually chemicals used in food flavourings and are approved for use by the FDA.” While this does not necessarily imply that they are toxic or pose a serious health risk, the real concern is the starchy tapioca pearls, which consume a lot of carbohydrates and an increasing amount of sugar and sweetened creamers. Any excessive sugar consumption can result in an unhealthy diet. Consume everything in moderation, as doctors advise. We strongly advise seeing a healthcare professional or practitioner if you have any health concerns or questions.

How are bubble teas made?

Boba is extremely simple to make! The most traditional boba flavor is Hong Kong style black milk tea. All you need are three ingredients to make this. Black tea, preferably loose leaf tea, milk or creamer, sweetened condensed milk is popular, and tapioca pearls.

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