Best Christmas Gifts 2022 In Malaysia

Christmas is a time of happiness, delight, and harmony. It is the designated season for commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though this was its initial meaning, Christmas has evolved to represent a season when people should live in harmony and love. In essence, Christmas serves as a reflection of the importance of remaining true to our humanity. In other words, as we celebrate, we are encouraged to share, help those who are less fortunate, spend time with loved ones, and have a good view of life.

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle All The Way”. The long-awaited festivity is here! Have you already seen the change in decoration across the country? Everything is turning red and green in every corner—what a lovely sight. The festivity is also a reason for us to give and receive a lot of Christmas gift in Malaysia. Here are some Christmas gift recommendations for you to give to your loved ones this year.


Eskacreative started its journey in 2004 with a small business flower shop. Their florists are committed to expertly curating your Christmas gift in Malaysia. They present a work of art made from the beauties of nature and enhanced by years of experience and skill. Eskacreative’s customer service representatives are always available to answer your questions and address your needs, wishes, and requirements. The delivery service staff will see to it that your presents are timely delivered to your doorstep or into the recipient’s hands.

This year, their Christmas gift set for Malaysians includes a flower bouquet, wine and champagne sets, chocolate and sweets hamper and various different gift sets and bags. It is very convenient for you if you are under the budget. Starting from RM150 for a Christmas Bouquet, you can scroll for more options on their website. 

Christmas gift in Malaysia

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Dorothy Scents

Candles are a common household item, a custom in many cultures, and even a luxury to enjoy for yourself and others. It is scientifically proven that scented candles can relax your brain and help you to have a deep sleep. Dorothy Scents focuses on reliving your childhood memory among your loved ones. Their Christmas gift box Malaysia is the main attraction this year. Including two scented candles of your choice, you can get it at RM230. With cute red bow packaging, it definitely wouldn’t disappoint at the receiver’s end.

Each candle is hand-poured to ensure a perfect finish to be the best Christmas gift in Malaysia. Beeswax and soy wax are used to create the candles. They emit special energy qualities when burned, which aid in purifying the atmosphere and removing poisons from the air.

Christmas gift in Malaysia

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The Chic Habitat

Founded in 2018, they believe gifts can bring more happiness and joy to the world. Chic Habitat knows that giving and receiving gifts should be enjoyable for both parties. They wish to bring people together by establishing new relationships and rekindling distant ones by carefully selecting presents that convey the art of love. With their aesthetically pleasing, useful, and environmentally friendly presents, let them be the spark that helps you create special moments. 

For guys out there, this is the best Christmas gift for her in Malaysia you could check out. No need to get fussy over your choice of gift. Starting from RM79 you can get:

1 x Succulent sits in a personalized dainty ceramic vase.

1 x Scented Candle (90gm) paired with a classic matchbox.

1 x Signature The Chic Habitat Homemade Cookies. 

Christmas gift in Malaysia

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WISHFUL strives to provide Christmas gifts in Malaysia that is more than just attractive on the surface. They think that giving gifts has the power to strengthen and change our personal and professional connections. The company’s mission is to serve as a conduit between clients and the beneficiaries of their gifts. What we love the most about WISHFUL is they provide a message card with every gift. Nothing beats a heartfelt and sincere message that comes with a gift. You may enter your message to your recipient in the Message column upon checkout. Handwritten letters are also available upon request.

christmas gift in malaysia

The most eyed product is Winter Town for unisex Christmas gifts in Malaysia. Connect the acrylic box lid to the illuminated wooden foundation to see the magic come to life! Not just that, the Winter Town gift box also compromises:

  • Rosemary Pure Honey by My Naturi (100g)
  • Crunchy Almond White Chocolate by Beryl’s (160g)
  • White Tea Reed Diffuser (100ml)
  • Snowflakes Silver Stainless Steel Tray
  • 2023 Designed Calendar
  • White Marker Pen
  • Wooden Base with LED Lights
  • Engraved Acrylic Pendant Adornment
  • Personalised Printed Message Card in  Winter Street Design
  • Reusable Acrylic Sliding Box Adorned with White Christmas Forest Engraving on Lid, Designed Box Sleeve, Silver String, Star Sequin and Mini Silver Bauble, Lined with Silver Satin Fabric Lining

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The brand name already attracts our attention. This local brand focuses on delivering the best fresh fruit platters to their customers. A variety of fruits are available for you to choose from. Their Christmas gifts throw little sweet treats in their gift set. Including a set of Fererro Rocher chocolates, this is the best fruit gift box you can send out for Christmas. Available to order through their website, they also allow you to have 3 or 4 times monthly instalments through Atome or Grab payment. How convenient.

christmas gift in malaysia

For RM169, their Christmas gift box includes:

  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 
  • Apple
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Kiwi

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Granny Doris

The brand is owned by a pair of sisters that started out the brand as a tribute to their mother, Doris Chee. She once said that she was reminded of the rainbow by the colours of the fruits. This great recollection of their mother serves as the inspiration for Granny Doris’s tagline, “Taste like Rainbow.” A rainbow emerging in the sky is a sign of long-lasting joy, love, and happiness.

Similar to any time you see “Granny Doris” wherever, anytime. Different from others, their Christmas hampers in Malaysia, features a fruit box as their bestseller

Their fruit box consists of different types of premium fruits and could be customised upon your request. This year’s Christmas gift ideas Malaysia starts with the basic Berry Xmas With Gingerbread Man – Fruit Box. Full of joy, the box includes:

christmas gift in malaysia
  • Gingerbread man fondant cookie x 1 piece
  • Seedless grapes (green/red/black) x 250g
  • US strawberry x 100g
  • US cherry x 100g
  • Gooseberry
  • Greenery & Pinecone
  • Message card
  • Kraft box size S L15cm x W20cm x H7cm

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Hello Joy

The birth of this brand is the result of a spirited passion for gifting and curating happiness in a gift box set. Hello Joy makes sure that all of their receivers is full of smiles and feel contented. They love the idea they could spread sprinkles of happiness in this tiring world. This year, if you are planning for Christmas exchange gift ideas in Malaysia with your friends or family, consider Hello Joy the brand for you. Every idea is unique and they curated the best for you. They also offered same-day delivery for the Klang Valley area.

Ranging from RM55 to RM380, their Christmas gift ideas for Malaysian game this year is on! Our personal favourite is Santa’s Treat Box – Toasty Smores. 

christmas gift in malaysia

1x Hershey’s Chocolate Bar 40g

1x Van Houten Cocoa Mix in Glass Jar

1x Fluffly Marshmallow in Glass Jar

1x Meiji Plain Crackers

1x Bamboo Skewers

1x Portable Campfire

1x Customised Message Card

1x Hello Joy White Gift Box with Ribbon Ties and Christmas Deco

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What does Christmas Actually Celebrate?

Christmas used to be a Christian holiday honouring the birth of Jesus. As they held the belief that God brought his son to mankind as a sacrifice to atone for the world’s wickedness. But in the early 20th century it also evolved into a secular family event that was celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians. The secular celebration, which centres on the mythological character Santa Claus, frequently lacks Christian components. However, Christmas is more for a time of gathering with your family and being with your loved ones, catching up with each other.

Why is Christmas Important?

Christmas is a time to reflect, a time set aside to remember and be thankful for the gift of God’s Son, who endured despite recognizing what lay ahead of him as he walked the earth. Never let yourself become distracted from that. Reflecting on the deeds that you have done for the past months of this year and let you comprehend to be a better version of yourself in the next year.  Christmas brings a family together, those from a distance that lives on another continent, and offers an opportunity for interaction. Enjoy it, take the time to connect, but have Christ at the forefront of your thoughts. Never lose sight of the initial spark that brought you together.

Where do Christmas Presents Originate From?

Christmas gift-giving is a Christian custom that is practised widely all across the globe. Christians view Christmas gifts as symbolic of the homage paid to the infant Jesus by the Three Wise Men following his birth in the Nativity narrative. While it starts as a religious tradition, it is never wrong to shower your loved ones with presents and gifts. They deserve a reward after a long and rough year. Presenting gifts also lifting up the festivity mood before approaching the New Year.

Who is Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas, sometimes known as Santa Claus, is revered for his goodness and piety. He reportedly donated all of his hereditary fortunes and toured the rural areas to serve the ill and impoverished. At the society’s annual gathering in 1804, John Pintard presented woodcuts of St. Nicholas. The engraving’s background features now-familiar Santa imagery, including fruit and stockings laden with toys hanging above a fireplace. Santa Claus is now an icon that is related to Christmas with all this gift-giving culture. There is no Christmas without TV stations showing Santa Claus’s movies and brands promoting their products with a Santa Claus mascot. Even some shopping malls in Malaysia let Santa Claus roam around inside the shops as an interactive measure in the malls. 

Why do Red and Green Symbolise Christmas?

Many Christians think that the colours red and green, whose birth Christians commemorate on Christmas, were inspired by the life of Jesus. For instance, the colour green symbolises Jesus Christ’s eternal life since evergreen trees retain their green colour throughout the winter. While the colour red stands for the blood that Jesus Christ spilt at his execution. Green also symbolises money, good luck and health. Wishing you and your loved ones to always be in a stable financial condition. Always be healthy and everything will be according to your plan throughout Christmas.  Red is also a symbol of love, courage and romance which is suitable for the idea of family at Christmas. Presenting your love, making a step of courage in becoming a bigger person and probably even finding new love on Christmas day. 

Why A Christmas Tree is Needed?

Martin Luther, a Protestant leader who lived in the 16th century, may have been the first person to put a Christmas tree into a home. According to the story, he was motivated to grow a tree and decorate it with candles after becoming inspired by the stars streaming through branches during a winter night walk. The tree is also a symbol of the family’s togetherness and sturdiness. Christians will decorate their trees with cute and beautiful ornaments together and light up the tree with sparkling stars around it. They will put their presents under the tree and when Christmas comes, the family gather around the tree and have their gift-giving activity going on.

How to Choose The Best Christmas Gift?

The best Christmas gift is something that might be on the receiver’s wishlist. You may try to talk about it casually with them without hinting at anything. It might be something that they have wanted for so long but couldn’t afford it. Probably some limited items that are not in the market anymore. If you still cannot decide, choose something that relates to their personality. If they are into fashion, buy something for their wardrobe collection. Love to journal? Buy them a set of cute washi tapes, stickers, and highlighter. Remember that the thought matters the most, not the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I give Christmas present?

A gift presented in commemoration of Christmas is known as a Christmas present. Christmas gift set malaysia are frequently given and received on Christmas Eve (24th December), Christmas Day (25th December), or Twelfth Evening, the final day of the twelve-day Christmas season (5th January).

How many Christmas gifts do you receive?

Parental views can differ, of course. Others hold to the “rule of three.” As a result, a child receives three gifts—one for each Xmas gift ideas that baby Jesus received. Some people stick to the idea of four things: something you need, something you want, something to wear, and something to read.

What is the most popular Christmas item?

The most popular Christmas item every year is the decorations item. Lighting up the Christmas tree will need ornaments, tree lights, some sprinkle-like items to make it shiny etc. People also love to hang up Christmas big socks over their walls near the tree or even on the tree as a part of their Christmas decoration.

What is trendy over Christmas in 2022?

In 2022, it seems like people want to break the Christmas stereotypes. Instead of buying only red and green Christmas decorations, they add up more other vibrant colours to make it more colourful. Throw some dried leaves and yellow and orange colours to mix the winter and fall vibes also a trend for this year.

What shouldn’t be given as a Christmas present?

If you want to give your partner something seductive, save the underwear or lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Also, nobody wants a trinket key chain or tiny registration plate featuring their initials on it from a trip they didn’t even take as their christmas gift malaysia. 

What is a Christmas Thoughtful Gift?

A Christmas thoughtful gift is to prepare a gift that has close meaning behind it. For example, most customised gifts are considered thoughtful because it is designed one and only for your friend. As Christmas is all about reflecting and remembering, think about the biggest struggle they face this year. Let’s reward them with their favourite things. Some of the ideas for unisex christmas gifts malaysia are custom shirts, desk decorations, arranging a movie night or making a photo board. The closer you are to the recipients the more thoughtful these gifts are for them.

What are the most affordable Christmas Gifts for students?

The best christmas gift idea malaysia to not make your bank broke is making homemade items. The easiest way is to make a DIY Christmas card with significant handwritten messages. A more time-consuming idea is to make homemade cookies. You can choose your receiver’s favourite cookie flavour for you to bake. 

When should I Shop For Christmas Gifts?

You can prepare a christmas gift malaysia as early as you can. To avoid last-minute cramps, you would want to consider making a gift list first. When the holiday is around the corner, you only need to go and buy it.

What is Black Friday?

The Friday following Thanksgiving is referred to as “Black Friday” in American slang. Although it used to signal the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US, Black Friday sales are now celebrated worldwide. Many shops open early and have heavily advertised specials with big discounts.

What is people’s favorite Gift for Christmas?

A Gift Card. When you are not that close to your gift’s receiver, you can opt for a gift card. It is the easiest and most useful gift that most people buy. No need to worry much about christmas gift idea malaysia when the season comes. 

What is the best Gift for Secret Santa?

Tumblr or Mugs. These are simple and cheap gifts that you may find easily at any nearest store. Both of these are always within the price for your Secret Santa games either with your co-worker or your close friends. The two also are very useful in daily life and always have cute designs to be your christmas gift malaysia!

What makes a Gift great?

Giving someone anything that represents a common interest or shows that you are aware of their interests is nice, but it can be challenging to remember their favourites over time. Think about xmas gift ideas that revolves around a memory or an old accessory that means significance to you and that they might also remember.

Should I wrap Christmas Gifts?

Yes! Wrapping a gift enhances the element of surprise and it intrigues a delightful feeling when opening the gift. This feeling also only comes once a year, so better to deliver it well. It also rejects the element of insecurity for your christmas gift malaysia and be confident about your giving to others. 

Is it possible to wrap Gifts without tape?

Yes. Decide how much wrapping paper you require, then cut it into squares. The corner of the paper should line up with the edges of the christmas gift on each side when you place the gift on top of the paper. The paper is folded over one of the longer edges, and the corner is tucked underneath the paper. Each side should be folded in.

How to avoid feeling awkward when giving Gifts?

You won’t! Christmas is a gift season. Everyone is receiving and exchanging gifts at this time of year. Your christmas gift malaysia will definitely bring happiness to your life. This is also the opportunity for you to reconcile with long-lost friends or family!







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