How to Choose The Best Gifts for Women?

best gifts for women
best gifts for women

Many people say that women are mysterious figures and difficult to understand. They are honestly not that hard to understand, maybe we just have to start listening! No worries on that, cause TehTalk definitely has been listening to what most women want for any gift that you are planning to purchase. Looking to get your favourite women the gifts for special occasions? Scroll further to know more about some of the Best Gifts for Women!

What are The Best Gifts for Women?

Women are known to like details, unique, beautiful and even eccentric things that make the moment of choosing gifts for women a dizzying time. There are many alternative gift ideas for women. But before you choose, making sure the recipient will like the gift is one of the most crucial factors to take into account before selecting one. In this approach, the recipient of your gift will be more convinced that you value her and that you know well. She will be overjoyed to get a gift from you if it coincides with her interests or pastimes. Even better would be if the present enabled her to pursue his pastime. Because you’re giving her a present she enjoys and will truly use, it’s usually well appreciated.

Some Best Gift Ideas for Women

Another thing you should pay attention to when choosing a gift for a girl is to give something different every year. It would be better if we give them something that is uncommon, like a marketable gift like flowers, or something meaningful, or even things they personally enjoy. Well, here are some options that you can use as ideas in choosing Gift Ideas for Women for those special in your life.

  • Little MooMoo Craft
Gift Ideas for Women

Did you realise that a woman’s personality is unpredictable? However, if they saw such a fantastic object, they would undoubtedly melt. Best if the product is special and adorable. According to studies, having something special or different makes people in general happy a lot of the time. If so, Little MooMoo Craft would make a good women’s gift.

Little MooMoo Craft: What is it? They have a tiny store where they sell handcrafted items with unique shapes. According to their website, Little MooMoo Craft offers a variety of products, including Goodie Bags, floral arrangements with music boxes, mooncake-shaped candles, scented candles, aromatherapy sprays, and more. 

Just recently, they have released their Mid Autumn Series and we are definitely in love with the cute moocake candles that you can find in store! Below are all the information you need to know, if you’re interested.

Company NameLittle MooMoo Craft
Company AddressBukit Jalil City Signature Shop Office, E-5-3 Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 1, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Company Contact Number017-771 2338

Little MooMoo Craft | Facebook | Instagram

  • CocoRaw
Gift Ideas for Women

Giving chocolates as a gift is a great idea for a special day like a birthday. Chocolate is a food that is one of the traditions of the celebration of Valentine’s Day or she may even request it on a monthly basis for some monthly occasions aka period! A box of chocolates can be enjoyed at the office, at home or with friends and family. Chocolate is a symbol of many things, from passion and love to caring and friendship. It’s not complete to spend Valentine’s Day without giving a piece of chocolate to your loved one. There are many chocolates in Malaysia, but only a few are special. Cocoraw is definitely one of them!

Cocoraw – a homegrown brand made in the heart of Malaysia, serving only the best concoctions of chocolates with a twist of local favourites such as Gula Melaka and Teh Tarik. Since 2016, Cocoraw has been producing amazing variations of chocolates that are not only rich with flavour but also cost-friendly. These chocolate variations are sure to make the women in your life happier than ever especially if they personally enjoy chocolates!

Company NameCocodash Bangsar
Company Address1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Company Contact Number+60189840228

CocoRaw | Facebook | Instagram

  • Kamelia Cosmetics
Gift Ideas for Women

Does she enjoy makeup products? If you see her patting and blending her face away every other morning, maybe you should consider getting her more makeup for her to explore! Let’s also clarify that women wear makeup for themselves, and not for men’s validation so don’t ever tell a woman to use less makeup for you! Instead, support her hobbies and passion for makeup and let her stay creative and content with her skin and creativity.

Which product is safe and doesn’t let you down, yet unclear to you? Check out Kamelia Cosmetics! A cute product with multiple choices of colours, and a wide range of foundation shades. From lip tints to lipsticks, foundations and other makeup needs. This will undoubtedly warm women’s hearts, especially if you offer it as a present! Kamelia Cosmetics have recently released their AquaKiss Lip Tint and it comes with three different shades. But if you’re not sure what exactly to buy for her, you can always check out their bundles! One of their top pick would be the Wildest Dream Bundle pack.

Company NameKamelia Cosmetics
Company Address30-1, Jalan PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Company Contact Number019-299 6848

Kamelia Cosmetics | Facebook | Instagram

  • Mineraw
Gift Ideas for Women

Perhaps gifts in the shape of clothing, accessories, or footwear seem common and not to her liking. Have you ever thought of gifting skincare goods to her? Did you know that for some people, skin care products have become a daily necessity. As we all know, skincare products are not cheap either. So when a beauty product is given as a gift, the person you love will be happier, especially if she enjoys exploring skincare products. In this case it’s not just any skincare. In fact, Mineraw provides an affordable price and it makes a great birthday present because Mineraw is a skincare product that is suitable for all skin types as well, so there’s no need to be perplexed. Wish to learn more? Check them out down below!

Company NameMineraw
Company AddressPuncak Prima Condominium, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Company Contact Number017-662 5349

Mineraw | Facebook | Instagram

  • Batik Boutique
Gift Ideas for Women

Who doesn’t like to be given the most beautiful gift? It is certain that everyone likes to be given a gift, especially if it is from the person who is most loved and cherished, namely a partner. Clothes become a very impressive item if given to a partner as it is an item you can use every other day. Clothes also have function and good quality. Did you know that batik clothes can be the best gift for couples. These clothes can actually make the couple’s appearance even more impressive. If you are confused about where to buy batik, here is a little information!

Company NameBatik Boutique
Company Address3, Jalan 26/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Company Contact Number03-2303 6052

Batik Boutique | Facebook | Instagram

We hope that this list of gift ideas would help you narrow down some of the best gifts you could give the women in your life. Even though these suggestions are for the women you love, these would be great ideas for men too. Stay tuned to TehTalk’s Instagram and look out for our articles on Birthday Gifts for Men soon!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Gift Ideas for Women

What Exactly is Gift?

Gift is a gift in the form of reminiscence, appreciation, and respect. It is often associated with the kindness of someone who loves each other.

What is The Relationship Between Gift, Love, and Chocolate?

Chocolate has a symbolic meaning of love, care and commitment. Many believe that chocolate has a magical effect and when shared between two people, it can even make them fall in love with each other. Not without reason chocolate gives the magic effect. Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine, an endorphin that energizes and creates feelings of joy, happiness and euphoria.

What is the Connection Between Unique or Cute Things and Women?

Workload, love relationship problems, arguments with parents, domestic tasks that seem to never stop, are some of the sources of stress that are often experienced by a woman. And shopping or looking at cute and unique items is a stress reliever that is often done. Where it will clear their minds.

What is The Difference Between Cosmetics and Skincare?

Skincare is different from cosmetics in that the effects of using cosmetics can be felt or seen right away. For the face or body, cosmetics are not long-term investments. Since cosmetics naturally get clean or vanish from the skin when we wash or clean it.

What Exactly is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of self expression that both men and women use on their clothing, behaviour, writing, or even performing. Often tied to a person’s clothing, Fashion constantly changes in time depending on the trend of a certain era or timeframe.







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