Best Hiking Trails In KL

For the past few months we’ve all have been stuck at home, and finally now is the time for us to go outside get some fresh air, and do some physical activity. Hiking is actually a fun outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy in their free time. If you are living in the middle of a city like Kuala Lumpur, there are actually tons of places to hike in KL

Are you planning your next hiking trip with your friends? Family? Or maybe your partner? Well, here are some of the best hiking spots in KL and the difficulty levels of each hiking trail. However, before you went on your hiking trip it’s important to take notes of a few things like your health conditions, wearing the appropriate attire for the activity and the most important thing to keep on track is always double-check the weather conditions before you went on a hike. 

Bukit Broga, Semenyih 

If you are someone that loves to hike and someone that usually hike in their free time. You’ll definitely be familiar with this hill. Bukit Broga also known as Broga Hill is one of the most common hiking trails for most people. This is because the pathway for this hike is quite easy for starters or someone that want to go on a casual hike. And the beautiful scenery that awaits most hikers on top of the hill. Most hikers will go for a hike around 4 am to catch the beautiful sunrise and how the sky changes colors to begin a new day. Side tips, if you are planning to go for a morning walk, it’s best to bring along a headlight or a torchlight so that you can have a clear vision of the pathway. 

Height : 400m

Difficulty Level : Easy 

Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya 

This is one of the easiest hiking trails, that is located in the middle of KL. There’s no doubt that this is easily one of the best hiking spots located in KL because Bukit Gasing offers a lot of routes for people so they can easily choose whether to up for an easy hike or something more challenging. What makes this hiking trail unique is that Bukit Gasing was once a rubber estate that turns into a lush secondary forest. Not only that but there’s a watchtower on top of the hill where hikers can see a temple and the Telekom tower. 

Height : 160m 

Difficulty Level : Easy 

KL Forest Eco Park 

If you are looking for a place to have an easy walk and take an Instagram-worthy picture, this is the suitable place for you. KL Forest Eco Park isn’t necessarily hiking trails where people will put on their working out attire and plan their route, but it is more of a quick walk outside while getting the fresh air. What makes this simple place an attraction to people is their Canopy Walk which is a wood and steel aerial bridge where you can take beautiful pictures while enjoying the view of Kuala Lumpur. Taking a brief walk here is literally the easiest walk compared to other hiking trails on this list. 

Difficulty Level : Super Easy

Bukit Saga, Ampang 

If you have a dream or goal to hike Mount Kinabalu or Gunung Tahan, this is the best place to hike in KL as a practice. This hiking trail offers hikers 3 different starting routes where they can choose from. You can either start your hiking at Cheras Awana, Cheras Hartamas or Ampang. These different routes offer different types of challenges less steep or longer routes to reach the top of the hill. The main attraction at Bukit Saga is that, once you’ve reached the top of the hill you’ll be reward with an open space where they provide you with, rest huts, hammocks, a changing room, and more. And if you continue your hike a couple more miles, you’ll see a small waterfall where you can enjoy yourself there. 

Height : 410m 

Difficulty Level : Moderate 

Wawasan Hill, Puchong 

Are you up to a new challenge? If you do, this is the perfect spot for you to go hiking in KL. Wawasan Hill is actually a  part of the forest reserve but the authorities allow hikers to go there for a hike as long as they follow all of the rules there. If you are looking for a more challenging place to hike this is the perfect place because it has a steeper route compared to all of the hiking trails before this. There are 3 trails that you can choose from and one of the trails has a waterfall, however, hikers aren’t allowed to enter the waterfall pool for safety reasons. 

Height : 233m 

Difficulty Level : Moderate

Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Baru 

If you want to challenge yourself with a 3-4 hours hike, Bukit Kutu is the perfect place for you to start your hike. You’ll feel exhausted but once you’ve reached the top the exhaustion will be worth it because of the view. You will be greeted with scenery of panoramic view of the cloud, mountains, and valleys. You do need to have good stamina in order to conquer this hill. 

Height : 1053m 

Difficulty Level : Moderate 

Taman Tugu

Are you looking for an easy hiking trail where you can enjoy yourself with your family and children? If you do, Taman Tugu is the perfect place for you to go to take a walk with your family. All of the trails have been paved and you will easily have a nice stable walk, which is safe for beginners and children. This is a nice weekend place you can go to get a brief of fresh air. 

Difficulty Level : Super Easy

Gunung Nuang

This is probably the hardest and challenging hiking trail on this list. Gunung Nuang is located on the border of Pahang and Selangor and it’s also the highest peak in Selangor. If you are planning to take a hike here, make sure that you are well prepared mentally, emotionally, and most importantly physically because this hike can take up to 12 hours to finish depending on which route you choose to start from. 

Height : 1493m

Difficulty Level : Hard 

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