Best Place To Celebrate Birthday Party In KL: Check Out These Top 5 Party Places!

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

Ah, it’s that time of year again where white hairs appear on your scalp, you can’t drink as much anymore when compared to a few years ago, and wait – why is there more lines on my forehead? 

There’s no escaping growing older. The Earth ain’t gonna stop spinning around the Sun just for you to keep any semblance of youth left. 

Which also makes me wonder, isn’t it weird we celebrate birthdays? It’s like “Hey, another year has passed and you’re one step closer to death! Have some helium balloons, weeee!

Okay cynicism aside, it’s always nice to be the centre of attention and what else can provide more of that than everyone gathering in space to celebrate the conception of you?

So don’t worry birthday girl/boy about planning too much, Teh Talk has compiled a list of the best places to celebrate a birthday in KL.

Now you can go back to counting your white hairs. One…two…three…ninety…

1. Rent an Airbnb

If your current home situation isn’t suited for a house party, that’s when the beauty of technology comes in. Rent an Airbnb for a night (or two, depending on how wild it’s gonna get) as a neutral spot to gather all your friends around. 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

But why an Airbnb? Well firstly, you won’t need to worry about cleaning up. We know no matter what, your house is gonna be unrecognizable at the end of the night.. Things WILL get messy and do you really want to spend the post-party blues vacuuming any evidence of last night’s happiness away?

EVEN SO, please don’t take it as a green light to thrash your Airbnb. It’s still someone’s home so treat it with respect. 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

Secondly, think of it as a staycation, almost like a birthday present to yourself. Rent one with a beautiful view, a rain shower and a big king sized bed to truly pamper yourself. So when the guests leave, you can have the time to yourself to do whatever in complete luxury. 

Obviously we’ve all thrown birthday house parties before but here’s a little recap to ensure yours will be ingrained in every guest’s memory for years to come: 

  • ALCOHOL. Lots of it, whether it’s wine, beer, soju, anything to get guests inebriated and out of their shell will surely make everyone at ease (ESPECIALLY if you’re combining different groups of your friends). 
  • FINGER FOOD/PIZZA/POTLUCK. A lot of stress happens when deciding what to cook for guests who all have different diets & preferences. So finger food or pizza is always a good choice. But what if some guests want pineapple on pizza while the other half don’t? Then let’s make it even easier for you and make it a potluck! A large variety of food and you won’t need to spend as much too.
  • BALLOONS. Well, just because. Embrace your inner child. Come on, those white hairs aren’t going anywhere soon… 

Okay, that’s our Teh Talk secret recipe of throwing a kickass house party (birthday or not)

I think at a certain age, going out to a bar/club or restaurant doesn’t kick it anymore. The music’s too loud, too much social rules to follow and really, almost RM30 for a cocktail? Nah, you can definitely do it better (and cheaper). 

2. To a bar we go! 

Ignoring what I just said in the previous paragraph, a bar can still be the best place to celebrate birthday parties in KL.

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

Where else can you get an unlimited flow of alcohol (with a price, of course), loud music that you & your friends can drunkenly dance to (with no judgment) and the possibility of meeting other strangers to join in on your day?

Only a bar, of course!

However with the hundreds of bars in KL & the Klang Valley to choose from, it can be quite a daunting decision. 

Fortunately for you (and also me the writer), Teh Talk already has articles on bars! That YOU can read! And decide for yourself where to go. 

One of them is a hunt we embarked on to check out the many hidden bars of Petaling Street. You can read it in detail here!

Or check out another article about things to do in KL at night which has a small section on bars in Bangsar & TREC that is perfect to chill at (or have a birthday party to be exact).

3. Karaoke places 

What better place to celebrate a birthday party in KL than to sing your heart out with your best buds?

Previously, karaoke places always seemed as a dimly lit and smoked covered dodgy place where drugs, hookers were abounded. 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

But gone is that stigma as more & more reputable karaoke joints open up around Malaysia. I’m pretty sure you can find one at every mall that is 100% family-friendly.

If you’re worried about all that singing tiring you out, some karaoke places really take it to the next level by offering set lunches/dinners and buffets! So even your friend who HATES singing in public can still have their fun. 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

And some of these karaoke places also offer drinks package so don’t worry about any of your friends coming out of their shell. The booze will definitely have them feeling like the next winner of The Voice by the end of the night.

Also again another jackpot for you & me! We have an article about the places for the best karaoke in KL! 

4. Venue Space: Union All Day 

If all those former options can’t fulfil your needs, how about renting a venue space?

This is especially apt if you have a large guest list, kids or just want a whole place to yourself (that is not booking a whole restaurant).

We’ve found Union All Day which is strategically located at 3 Damansara Mall (formerly known as Tropicana City Mall), a shopping mall situated right in the centre of PJ. 

Having a maximum occupancy of 80 seated pax, you can definitely throw a huge birthday party here if needed. But if you know your guests are gonna be standing or coming & going at different times, Union All Day can occupy up to 100 guests. 

Starting from RM38 per pax, we say this is pretty reasonable pricing to start with. Check out their rates & menu here.

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL
Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

And now allow the pictures of Union All Day to do the talking.


Address: GF LOT47A ,3 Damansara mall , Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Phone: 03-7622 7005

Website Facebook 

5. Laser Tag

If you and your friends are an active bunch, why not do something a little different than the usual sitdown dinner while eating & drinking to oblivion? 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

We’re not suggesting a gym birthday celebration (trust us, there’s way beyond our sedentary lifestyle approach) but what about celebrating with a little laser tag action?

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

Did you know some laser tag centres in Malaysia offer birthday packages?

The prices vary in each one but we saw at Galactic Laser, the cheapest package (with a minimum of 15 pax) goes for RM60 per pax. 

It’s definitely a pricier alternative compared to the others on the list but we are definitely sure it’s the most unique one too. 

Best Place to Celebrate Birthday Party in KL

Not only is it a fun way for you & your friends to gang up on that ONE friend, but it’s also the perfect way to release all the stress of getting older (without having to resort to a midlife crisis or a quarter-life crisis, depending on your age).

Embrace your inner child and shoot away at your friends while revelling in the childishness of it all. 

Here’s our list of the best places to celebrate a birthday party in KL.

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