Best Places In Klang Valley To Get Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

Lotus Biscoff’s journey begins in 1932 at a little bakery in the Belgian town of Lembke. The one-of-a-kind formula was perfected using carefully selected natural components. Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and operated in its hometown today. From there, the delicious cookie continues to dominate the world including here in our country, Malaysia.

Lotus Biscoff

What’s So Special About These Biscoff Biscuits? 

As stated on their official websites – “It all comes down to 3 simple things: its unique flavour, crunchy bite, and iconic shape. For many, it’s their cup of coffee’s best companion. For others, it’s an irresistible treat on its own”. 

Lotus Biscoff has evolved into much more than just a coffee partner. The Lotus Biscoff cookie is used by chefs all over the world to make exquisite desserts such as tiramisu and Lotus Biscoff mousse. 

Lotus Biscoff

If you like cheesecake, you’ve undoubtedly tried, seen, or known about the Lotus Biscoff cheesecake already though. It’s essentially a conventional cheesecake with a flavorful caramelised boost of Lotus spread, crumbs, and the whole biscuit. 

So, if you’re seeking one, we’ve compiled a list of 7 Places To Get Lotus Biscoff Cheesecakes in Klang Valley for you. 

1. Doh Batter 

Lotus Biscoff

Nadiah Jaapar, the restaurant’s founder, serves a variety of cheesecakes, including Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake, and the in-season Durian Cheesecake. But don’t forget about her Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake! The cake, which comes in a 7-inch size (RM 65), is loaded with the nutritious goodness of cream cheese and Lotus Biscoff spread. 

If that isn’t enough, it also has a liberal dusting of crumbs all the around edges and the distinctive rectangular biscuit itself in the centre. Simply phone her at 012-262 6582 to arrange your purchase.

Facebook: dohandbatter

Contact: 012-662 6582

2. Little Chindian Bakes

Lotus Biscoff

Do you want to taste a Lotus Biscoff cheesecake in an unusual way? Deconstructed, to be precise, with Lotus Biscoff cheesecake presented in a jar. Little Chindian Bakes provides a blend of exquisite cream cheese with layers of Lotus Biscoff spread in between, layered in a parfait style. Priced started at RM 16 per jar, you can add two extra layers of Biscoff spread for just RM 2.50 by topping up. 

In order to order or pre-order, it is suggested to DM them on Instagram. Delivery or self-pickup is also another option available. 

Facebook: littlechindianbakes

Contact: 012-811 1514

3. Alia & Her Cakes

Lotus Biscoff

Look at their cute business names ‘Alia & Her Cakes’, this Ampang-based home baker specialises in custom-made cakes in flavours like salted caramel, chocolate fudge, and pandan gula Melaka. Meanwhile, cheesecake fans and lovers may look forward to her delectable Lotus Biscoff cheesecake. Expect a cream cheese filling covered with Lotus Biscoff biscuit spread and crumbs in a 9-inch size (RM 120). 

WhatsApp: 018-255 3769

Instagram: @aliaandhercakes

4. The Cheesecake Master 

Lotus Biscoff

When it comes to this Lotus Biscoff cheesecake, leave it to the expert to create the greatest cheesecake on the market. Or, to be more exact, the mother-and-son combination of The Cheesecake Master, two home-based bakers who specialise in the aforementioned baked delights. They debuted earlier this year, with no-nonsense Classic-Baked Cheesecakes.

Consider it a more sophisticated version of a Classic-Baked Cheesecake with the addition of Lotus Biscoff crunch, which gives the cake a characteristic caramelised flavour. Are you eager to give it a go? To place an order, simply DM them. 7-inch and 9-inch cake sizes are available. 

Facebook: the_cheesecakemaster

Contact: 019-240 8007

5. She Bakes @ Cake Together 

Lotus Biscoff

Here in She Bakes, Biscoff cheesecake is available in two sizes which is 6-inch and 8-inch. This handcrafted baked product has a blend of light and creamy cheesecake covered with a Lotus Biscoff biscuit spread and is created entirely with halal and quality ingredients.

They don’t compromise on the crumbs either, with a mouthful of Biscoff covering the cheesecake. This adds a caramelised crunch to every mouthful. When placing your purchase, take into account that at least a 2-day prior is required.

Instagram: @shebakeskl

Contact: 011-1289 9813

6. DayBab’s Delectable Treats 


Cheesecake is their speciality, and they have a wide range of flavours to choose from. From Burnt Cheesecake to Baked Mango Cheesecake to Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, there’s something for everyone. 

The Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake is also available. If you want to spice up your Biscoff cheesecake, they have a variety of flavours including Macadamia with Salted Caramel and Nutella-Ferrero Rocher.

Facebook: @daybabsdelectabletreats   

Whatsapp: 012-612 8708 

Email: [email protected]

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