Best places to visit in Malaysia: 2022 New Year’s Edition (Updated)

Finally, we are about to end our 2020. What a relief to have finally overcome a year that has been a whirlwind to many of us. So many people have been wanting to celebrate festivities with their families, go on holidays to places in Malaysia such as visiting Cameron Highlands attractions, and making new year’s resolutions so badly even though we are still going through a lot. Even so, before anything, let us recap some of the 2020 events that had costs lives, and our mental states before we go deeper into celebrating 2021. 

2020 Issues That Affected Many of Us

As we all know 2020 has been filled with a lot of tragedies and events that until now we are still going through it. Although most of it has ended and taught us many lessons, especially not to take the time we have with our loved ones lightly, we are all still affected by it mentally, emotionally, and financially. 

The first shocking event that happened this year was the Australia bushfires that killed nearly 500 million animals. It was a long timeline since 2019 that on 31st of January 2020, The Australian Capital Territory had to declare the area around Canberra a state of emergency as the fire had burnt 60 000 hectares and threatened the city. 

Another event that happened around that time of the year was the Taal Volcano Eruption that happened in the Philippines where everyone had to be evacuated faster because of the sudden eruption. People who lived around the island had to save themselves and their families but had to leave all their properties behind including their houses and clothes. Although they were provided with mats, foods, and drinks, it was still not sufficient for everyone and they were too worried about how to start over with the lives as they only depend on whatever business they have on the island. 

The obvious event that is still ongoing, causing us to normalize wearing masks and social distancing, preventing us from enjoying our annual festivities including forcing all shopping mall managements and events to cancel live concerts and New Years’ firework displays is the Coronavirus global pandemic. This pandemic has been affecting everyone around the world, where people had to practice the new norms to maintain not getting infected and decreasing their country’s number of cases. Although the World Of Health (WHO) has claimed that the vaccines are ready, there are still rumours of Coronavirus’s new mutation that might be stronger than it already is, which will easily infect others faster without showing symptoms on the virus’ carrier. 

Whatever it is, it has been 9 months since Malaysia’s first lockdown, and we have finally get used to it by now. Our government has to be fast in coming up with new initiatives in trying to overcome these problems and making sure businesses can work as usual, as we need to maintain the stability of our economy. 

2021 Resolutions

Save Money & Spend Less

I know how this sounds a bit cliche, I mean we hear all the time, come on! But hey wait, don’t you guys feel like it’s about time for you to take it seriously? I mean from what has happened, what did we learn from it? That’s right people, we need to have extra money nowadays. I have seen my parents struggle financially, especially during the global pandemic, and thankfully they got to keep their jobs. How about the people who didn’t?  How are they surviving?

Make Sure Your Goals Are Achievable 

Due to all the things that have been going on around us lately, I understand that we are all probably too tired to start a new year without being able to restart everything all over, instead, we are all required to move on and move forward with our lives. Even so, it is undeniable that we are looking forward to ditch 2020. Therefore, I believe that our new resolution for 2021 should be realistic and achievable. If you would like to get a job, send your resume to all companies, do a follow-up with them often, preferably three times a week, about your applications and I am sure you will get one. If you feel like the pandemic has been hard on you, make it one of your goals to take some time to yourself, check on yourself like how you would do to your loved ones. At the end of the day, only you yourself know your potential. 

Take Things Slowly 

Moreover, we should have learned by now that it is better to take things slow. 2020 has been a glitched year to everyone, and most of the time we honestly do not know what is going on. Although it took a while for us to step back and take some time to digest, eventually we learn that we are capable of going through it, but we need to go off of our mind’s capability.

Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones 

Apart from that, one of the lessons we learned in 2020 is to not take time lightly with our loved ones. Many people were taken from us in 2020, and the ones who are still around are struggling with their problems. Why don’t we add one more to our New Year’s Resolutions, to spend more time with our loved ones and appreciate their existence while we still have them around us? Not only do we get to build back our lost connections but this can also make us feel good about ourselves being surrounded by other people. 

Luxurious Restaurants With Extra Benefits

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur 

Places to visit in Malaysia

Counting down to your new year at Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur, known as the highest rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur. You can consider opting for Altitude, Vertigo, and Vertigo TOO if you would like to enjoy your countdown only with drinks, but if you would like to fill your tummy, Horizon Grill is your go-to place at Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. 


Horizon Grill 

Dec 31 (6 pm – 12 am): New Year’s Eve Dinner, RM788 net per pax

Jan 1 (7 am – 3 pm): New Year’s Day Extended Breakfast, RM148 net per pax


Dec 31 (8 pm – 12 am): New Year’s Eve Party, RM150 net cover charge

Vertigo TOO

Dec 31 (8 pm – 12 am): The New Year’s Eve Bash, BBQ, and bottle packages available


Dec 31 (8 pm – 12 am): The New Year’s Eve Social, RM100 net cover charge


WhatsApp +6010-566 0968 or email [email protected]

The RuMa Hotel And Residences

You can start your year with a stay and dine at RuMa Hotel and residences with ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery in which you will be delighted with the seven-course menu including Dressed Mud Crab, Spotted Grouper, and Wagyu beef. With this kind of offer, you can enjoy and spend your last hours of the year luxuriously. 


ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery 

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Set Dinner, RM 495 per person

The RuMa

New Year’s Eve Stay and Dine package, RM 1500+ for a deluxe room, the ATAS New Year’s Eve Set Dinner for two guests, complimentary breakfast, and a fully stocked minibar. 


Call +603-2778 0888 or email [email protected]

W Kuala Lumpur

Dancing your way towards 2021 with W Kuala Lumpur this 31st of December! If you would like to get bold and wild at any places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, this is your place to go. They have this one bar called the Wet Deck which is where you want to be seen. 


Retox At Dusk 

Dec 31 and Jan 1 (8 pm – 11 pm): Rm 388 net per pax (food and free flow  non-alcoholic beverages), RM 588 net per pax (food and free flow selected alcoholic beverages), RM 988 net per pax (food and free flow selected alcoholic beverages including champagne)


Now until Jan 1* (3 pm – 5 pm): Festivi-Tea Hi-Tea, RM98 net per pax (inclusive of a Festive Mocktail) 

*On Dec 24, 26, 31, 2020, and Jan 1, 2021, the Festivi-Tea is priced at RM 128 net per pax (inclusive of one sparkling cocktail)


Dec 31 (6 pm -11.30 pm)*: Light It Up, bottle service available as well as with packages

*To be announced depending on MCO restrictions. No entry without reservations. 


Call +6012-347 9088 or email [email protected]

You can also check out Dining In The Dark if you are into luxurious dining 😉

Affordable Restaurants And Casual 2021 Celebrations

I can understand that some people also would like to have a casual celebration where they can enjoy affordable foods and cherish valuable moments with families and friends. Thus, there are some places I think you would look forward to going to whenever you visit Malaysia. 

Botanica + Co

Places to visit in Malaysia

This is a very good place to hang out as they have plants around their restaurant, even inside to give you a calm ambience with an elegant element. Botanica+Co has two branches which are in Bangsar South and Alila Bangsar, therefore you can go to the one near your location. Moreover, especially during public holidays, they would have their restaurants open earlier than usual. Thus, you can even enjoy your breakfast here. Furthermore, the recommended foods from their menu would be their pizzas and plates of pasta. Hop on to a new year with good food and a great time here, do not forget to make a reservation before you walk in to avoid a full house during New Year’s eve. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday ( 11.30 pm – 10 pm )

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays ( 9.30 pm – 10 pm )

Kenny Hills Bakers

A good place to start your first day of the 2021 celebration would be Kenny Hills Bakers. If some of you guys do not know, apart from they have few branches around Kuala Lumpur that you can easily go to, they also offer you many kinds of pastries you can think of. Not only that, it is important to note that they created a casual environment where people can enjoy a good meal with great company and leave with satisfaction. 

Address And Opening Hours 

Kenny Hills Bakers, Ampang 

241-B, Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Every day ( 8 am – 7 pm )

* During CMCO ( 8 am – 7 pm ) 

Tel: 03-4265 2020

Kenny Hills Bakers, Bukit Tunku

Lot B-2, Taman Tunku, Off Jalan Langgak Tunku, Bukit Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 

Every day ( 8 am – 10 pm )

* During CMCO ( 8 am – 6 pm )

Tel: 03 – 6206 4111

Kenny Hills Bakers, Desa Park City

GF-06 Waterfront, 5, Persiaran Residen Desa Park City, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.  

Every day ( 8 am – 7 pm )

Tel: 03 – 6419 5990

Promo Codes For Your Delivery Food During 2021’s Eve

With our current situation in the global pandemic, I am sure most of us would like to remain at home with our loved ones and do the things we can enjoy together including watching Netflix, playing games, having BBQs, etc. Apart from that, there are also some promo codes you can spend on before your last day of 2020, you are welcome!


Places to visit in Malaysia

Foodpanda is one of the top delivery Malaysians would use, and I notice how people love using promo codes where they could save so much more money but are still able to get more food. There are a lot of promo codes I have found on Foodpanda that I think might useful for you and your friends, if you actually do, you guys can click here and know more.

Grab Promo Codes

While Foodpanda can only offer promo codes for food, you can get more with Grab promo codes including getting more points using Grab because Grab offers more services such as delivery service, GrabCar service and so much more. If you are going out for New Year’s Eve, these promo codes can be useful for you. 

With these options, I hope you can make use of them, and start your new year with a positive mindset and enjoy!

Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Sometimes I wish we could lick rainbows.







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