Best Sheet Masks In Malaysia For Various Types Of Skins

There are many drugstores in Malaysia you can go and get many kinds of sheet masks. Somehow, you still couldn’t get the best sheet masks that you enjoy. Apart from that, I am sure that many of us are also aware of one of the major problems we Malaysians go through every day, which is skin problems. 

Why Are Facial Sheet Masks An Essential

It is stated in many articles such as it is in Allure’s website that facial sheet masks give major skin benefits to people. It is considered an additional routine to your daily skincare routine. For example, many authorized dermatologists have mentioned, that facial cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens are only the primary skincare products you need. Nevertheless, facial sheet masks are still often enjoyable for people because it gives more hydration to our skins, and allow our skin to absorb it better. 

What Are The Different Types Of Facial Sheet Masks

If you have been using a lot of facial sheet masks from different brands, I think you are able to differentiate the types of facial sheet masks you can get. As for some people who have, they already knew their preferences on the best sheet masks. These are some of the types of facial sheet masks you can look through

  • Cotton, Microfiber, Cupra, Tencel
  • Hydrogel
  • Bio-cellulose
  • Foil
  • Charcoal

When Is The Best Time To Use Facial Sheet Masks

Moving on to the best time to use your facial sheet masks. It is always advised to make sure that your face is fully cleaned before you apply the best sheet masks. Why? Because having a cleansed skin allows your skin to absorb all the benefits from the face mask for skin glow. Whether it’s the best Korean sheet mask, or best hydrating face mask, or even the organic sheet mask. You need to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the dirt on your skin.

Another thing to know about the best time to use facial sheet masks is you could have them during the day or night based on what you want. Normally, I’d love to wear the skincare mask early in the morning as I get to prep my skin before starting my day. If I would like to exfoliate my skin or any face mask skincare that is specifically for detoxifying, I will have it at night. As it is the best recommended time to detox your skin. 

Here are some of the best face mask sheets you can grab in 2021, and enjoy better skin with full confidence. 

1) Chuck’s

best sheet masks

Chuck’s is founded by Jane Lau, and established in 2009. If you’re still new to the brand, Jane Lau is known as a social media influencer that consistently providing a safe space for her followers in regards to sharing anything about lifestyle and allows her user to be in a community. The products produced are all safe with EWG-certified ingredients with no presence of parabens, minerals, alcohol, fragrances and etc. Furthermore, the products are also free from animal testing as well. Not to mention, a lot of thoughts has been put into coming up with these products just to make sure their customers are able to enjoy it, and not just for the sake of getting good skins. 



  • Motherchuckers’ apparels
  • Very Important – Sunscreen
  • Self Love – For All Honey Cream
  • Glow On – Brightening Peony Mask
  • Chuck It – Purifying Face Mask
  • Self Love – Moisturizing Face Mask
  • Disposable Camera Valentine’s Limited Edition



Website: Chuck’

Email: [email protected] 


2) Clef Skincare

best sheet masks

Clef Skincare if your local brand skincare focuses more on using clean and effective ingredients in their products. They did a lot of research before coming up with their own formulas and products for skin care. In 1 year and a half, they succeeded to develop a formula for their first product. Many of Clef skincare’s customers also shared their joyous experience from using Clef’s products. Which led the brand to have their retail footprint and have their products on the shelves of SASA Malaysia in 2020, last year. 



  • Clef Combo Set
  • Heal And Hydrate Limited Edition PR Gift Set
  • Copper Peptide Mask
  • Hydrating Cleansing Gel
  • Clef trial Package (Mask And Cleanser)
  • Cleansing Gel Trial Kits
  • MoonStone Facial Roller
  • Hand Sanitizer



Contact Number: +6 016 222 7306

Email: [email protected]

Address: Lot PT 153630, Jalan Kledang Utara, Kawasan Perindustrian Chandan Raya 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak. 

Website: Clef Skincare

Instagram: Clefskincare

3) Kayman Beauty

best sheet masks

I am sure many of you have heard about Kayman Beauty and the amazing results from people who have to use it as well. For your information, Kayman Beauty is still quite new in the skincare industry, they started in 2017, but they have gotten a lot of attention from the locals. Kayman Beauty’s main goal is by celebrating all types of skins in Malaysia and help them by allowing them to purchase these products for more self-confidence, and better-looking skin. 



  • CalFace Soap
  • Wipe-It-All Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • Skintella Repairing Serum
  • Rosa Glow Treatment Essence
  • CoalBerry Cleanser
  • Golden Cocoon Multi Element Mask (MEM)
  • Better Together Value Kit
  • Glow Goddess Kit 
  • Cleansing Queen Kit
  • Acne Buster Duo 



Contact Number: +6 03 5891 1122

Email: [email protected] / [email protected] 

Address: 18-1F, Jalan Setia Perdana BEU13/BE, Bandara Setia Alam, Seksyen U13 Shah Alam, 40170, Selangor. 

Website: Kayman Beauty

Instagram: KaymanbeautyHQ

4) Lululun

best sheet masks

Although Lululun USA is Japan based business that considered as one of the skincare business that sells facial sheet masks in Malaysia. Thus, if you think you cannot grab this gem, you can! Lululun provide the best fragrance-free, artificial colouring-free, mineral oil-free natural ingredients, and they also have carefully tested out the combinations of their ingredients for more optimum treatment. I would definitely recommend this brand to you if you’re looking for a deeper penetration, with results of radiance and healthier skin. 



  • Lululun Skincare
  • Lululun Regular 
  • Lululun Precious
  • Lululun Over 45
  • Lululun One
  • Lululun One Night
  • Lululun Premium 
  • Limited Edition



Contact Number: 626 861 2292

Email: [email protected]

Website: Lululun

Instagram: lululun_usa

Now that you have a complete knowledge and information regarding getting the best sheet masks in Malaysia, you can make your way to these websites to purchase these products. Regardless, if you’re not looking for buying facial sheet masks, you could also get a short and leisure service to treat your skin like going for any aesthetic clinic in Malaysia for the same types of advantages.

I hope this article is helpful for my readers, I’ll write more soon!


Frequently Asked Question about Masks

Is it accurate to say that wearing a sheet mask will give you a bright face?

Sheet masks can brighten the skin, help the healing process of acne, to moisturize dry skin. This depends on the content of the essence sheet mask you choose.

Can I wear a sheet mask daily?

Only one or two times each week should you use a face mask. This is because some of the components in sheet masks have a tendency to irritate skin, especially in people with skin that is prone to acne.

Is sheet mask safe for all skin types?

Despite the fact that many manufacturers make masks specifically for various skin types or even all skin types, sheet masks are actually very ideal for people who have dry skin due to their excellent moisturising properties.

Is using a sheet mask at night or in the morning beneficial?

When to utilise a sheet mask is not subject to any set schedule. It all comes down to what you need and want. Many people opt to use it at night so that when they wake up, their facial skin feels moist. Others, meanwhile, favour using sheet masks in the morning or afternoon prior to applying makeup.

If you put a sheet mask in the refrigerator before using it, what are the benefits?

Although the primary benefit of putting sheet masks in the refrigerator is to make them feel cool when applied to the skin, this cold sensation may be more calming than when using masks that are not chilled. Before using the mask, you can place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

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