Bodyguarding in 2022: The Best 10 Reasons to Hire One

What are the benefits of having a personal bodyguard on your team? Why do celebrities, business leaders, and politicians hire bodyguards? Here are ten reasons why having a bodyguard in Malaysia is a great idea. People, particularly celebrities, corporate executives, and political office holders, are becoming increasingly concerned and sleeping less due to rising crime and violence rates. As a result, personal and home security have become critical elements in ensuring people’s safety and pleasure.

Having a bodyguard is an excellent way to ensure your protection and the safety of your family. You’ll need a bodyguard if you want to sleep with both eyes closed and your mind at ease. Apart from having someone to keep you company all the time, here are ten reasons why having a bodyguard is a great idea:

1. A bodyguard will protect you from harm

Bodyguards have received extensive training in safety procedures. As the situation requires, they can apply their self-defence, first aid, and weapon management skills. In the event of an accident or serious injury, you will have someone to turn to for assistance.

2. A bodyguard is aware of impending danger

Bodyguards are well-versed in determining safe routes. They know which places of town to avoid at particular times of day for a variety of reasons, including traffic and danger. As a result, a bodyguard knows which routes to take to keep you and your family safe, which is why it’s critical to hire the proper security company in Malaysia.

3. A bodyguard can rapidly determine a person’s motivations

The majority of the time, we have no idea what strangers are thinking. It’s possible that they’re crooks. They could be swindlers looking for a quick buck. They might be spies sent by real criminals to investigate our faults. They may also have other hidden agendas that will leave you terribly burned in the end. Bodyguards have received extensive training in understanding people’s psychology and anticipating their actions. As a result, having one nearby would defend you from unseen foes.

4. A bodyguard does more than just keep you safe

Bodyguards are capable of performing a variety of chores, including driving and completing specific errands, in addition to safeguarding you from harm. In a nutshell, bodyguards are adaptable. So, if you employ a bodyguard, you’re likely to get a lot more than just personal and house security.

5. A bodyguard keeps an eye out for flaws

Most of the time, robbers succeed in breaking into homes because homeowners fail to take necessary measures to deter intruders and safeguard their homes from them. If you employ a bodyguard, you can be sure that he or she will spot any security flaws in your house or business and will tell you about the risks. These people also serve as Malaysian personal security guards for executives arriving or departing an event you’ve scheduled.

6. Bodyguards can provide you with non-security advice

Aside from security advice, a bodyguard can provide advice, thoughts, and suggestions on a variety of topics because he or she is familiar with your personal life. A bodyguard is therefore more than just a guardian; he is also a confidant, an adviser, and a concerned companion. In fact, you may grow so attached to your bodyguard that you will miss them greatly when they are absent. Yes, it may come to that.

7. For persons with particular needs, a bodyguard is ideal

Apart from providing security force, bodyguards can aid persons with special needs in a variety of ways, including holding them when they need assistance, guiding them through the process, assisting them in carrying and handling items, assisting them in seeking help when they need it, and so on. If you have particular needs, hiring a bodyguard will relieve you of a lot of stress and make your life easier.

8. A personal assistant is a bodyguard

You may get so preoccupied that you are unable to pick up phone calls or attend to other pressing concerns such as sending or responding to essential emails. In such instances, a bodyguard may be able to assist you. As a result, many clients demand that their bodyguards have excellent communication skills in addition to other essential skills.

9. A bodyguard can act as a spy for you

If you’re unsure about travelling to a location to have a closer look at an object, inform your bodyguard to check the location or thing for safety. Bodyguards are aware of the warning indications that signify oncoming danger. When he sees an impending danger to your life, they know how to deal with it. Yes, he’s astute enough to safeguard himself appropriately. As a result, he will not risk his own life in order to defend yours.

10. Bodyguards keep assailants at bay

As a result of their daily workouts and fitness training, bodyguards are often large and muscular. Potential attackers are frightened away, and they change their intentions because of their intimidating size. Some bodyguards also carry pistols when the situation calls for it. An unarmed attacker is scared off by the sight of a gun.

Finally, if you’ve always dismissed the idea of hiring a bodyguard because you don’t think you need one or don’t believe you have enough reasons to employ one, I’m confident that these 10 reasons will persuade you otherwise. If you want to employ a security service for your next large event, you should start looking now and reserve the necessary personnel ahead of time. Hiring a bodyguard is the finest alternative for optimum security and safety during emergencies and crises.

5 Best Bodyguard and Security Companies in Malaysia

1.   Team Guards Security, Facebook
SERVICESSecurity personnel, mobile patrols, crowd management, event security, club security, security training
OFFICE HOURSOpen 24 hours
ADDRESS2A-3, Off, Jln Tun Razak, Fraser Business Park, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected], [email protected]  Contact Number: +603-9223 5898, +603-9223 0898, +6011-3222 6668 (Mobile), +6019-666 6066 (WhatsApp)

If you’re planning a large event, Team Guards Security is a good option. They are one of Malaysia’s premier security companies, providing dependable event security professionals

This company, which was founded in 1997, has been offering security training and management to a variety of organisations. Residential institutions, business buildings, and significant events are among their specialties.

For those that are interested, they also provide mobile patrols, crowd management, club security, and training packages. IFFA, SIIMA, and David Blaine’s tour are just a few of the prominent events for which they’ve supplied security.

Team Guards Security has the experience to keep things in order if you’re expecting high-profile guests and large groups. For inquiries, you can send them an email or call their phone numbers.

3.   Eagle Eye Security
SERVICESBodyguard, Gurkha guard, guard dogs, CCTV, CMS, mobile patrol services, car park barrier, alarm systems, and more
OFFICE HOURSOpen 24 hours
ADDRESS521-A, 2nd Floor, Jalan Tiong, Taman Million, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  Contact Number: +603-4041 3200, +603-4044 5067 (Fax)

If you’re looking for a one-stop security shop, give Eagle Eye Security a call right away. This security firm serves Malaysia’s major cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Rawang, and Johor Bahru, with complete security services.

This organisation can provide you with both physical and digital security. They provide services such as CCTV and CMS, as well as car park barriers, access-card systems, and burglar alarms.

They supply bodyguards, Gurkha guards, local guards, guard dogs, and mobile patrol services if you need manpower. Their comprehensive services make it simple to secure huge commercial buildings with only one security company.

They offer security services to a variety of businesses, including retail malls, factories, houses, and hotels, to mention a few. They are one of the greatest security businesses in Malaysia because of their extensive range of services, branches, and clientele.

3. Delta Force Security Services & Consultancy, Facebook
SERVICESPrivate investigators, security guards, Nepalese guards, mobile patrols, guard dogs, personal bodyguards, security systems, and more
ADDRESSNo. 92, 2nd Floor, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  Contact Number: +603-2272 1322, +603-2274 2622, +603-2273 4939 (Fax), +6019-470 9053 (24-hour control room)

Delta Force Security Services & Consultancy, a certified security business in Malaysia, offers a comprehensive range of security services. For example, they have security guards, Nepalese guards, bodyguards, guard dogs, and mobile patrols as well as other security personnel alternatives.

They also have CCTV cameras, access control, badge printers, turnstiles, vehicle barriers, and scanning systems, among other electronic security gadgets. This company has it all, whether you need security personnel or advanced security systems.

Putrajaya Holdings, Robert Bosch, Dell Asia Pacific, and Western Digital Media are just a handful of its clientele. This organisation has everything you need to secure your valuables, thanks to its extensive selection of services and excellent track record.

4.   Metro Security Services, Facebook
SERVICESMobile security, security management, and security monitoring and enforcement
ADDRESSMetro Security Services Sdn Bhd, 15, Lorong Maarof, Taman Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected]  Contact Number: +603-2282 8300, +603-2282 6200 (Fax)

Are you seeking reliable security services that won’t cost you a fortune? If that’s the case, Metro Security Services can help you secure your valuables with professional and inexpensive services.

They provide static workers, bodyguards, and K9 support whether you own a small business or manage a large establishment. They even offer overnight vaulting and banking services to keep your money safe until it’s delivered.

Security escorts, mobile patrols, and cash transit security from bank to business are among their other services. To satisfy all of your internal security needs, they also offer CMS, 24-hour alarm response services, and legal management.

KPT, Tourism Malaysia, LHDN Malaysia, and Perkeso are just a handful of their clients. Metro Security Services is an excellent solution for company owners and major corporations due to its comprehensive security skills.

5. MVD International

SERVICESHigh Profile VIP Threat Management & Protection, Personal Assistant With An Edge, Bodyguard (BG/PPO) | General Protection, Emergency Response Team, Event Security, Security Driver, Security Guards
ADDRESSNo 1, PJ 21 Business Center, Jalan SS 3/39, Sungai Way, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
CONTACT INFORMATIONEmail: [email protected] Contact Number: Phone: +603 78660071 
Mobile: +6012-2151776 +603 7866 0072 (Fax)

Are you looking for trusted security services that are tailored to your specific needs? If that’s the case, MVD International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based licenced professional private investigation firm. They’ve been in business since 2003, delivering high-quality private investigation services to a large number of delighted clients. may be able to assist you.

MVD International is a Malaysian firm that supplies businesses with internet security systems. They presently provide bodyguard services, security guards, an emergency response team, event security, a security driver, and more.

With the country’s tremendous economic growth, politicians and business leaders are on the rise, as is the exposure (and potential threat) that comes with being wealthy and well-known.

Given the continued growth in personal threat and crime, wealthy individuals have turned to MVD International’s Close Protection Division for protective security, which provides professional close protection operators – sometimes known as “bodyguards.”

The best bodyguard and security agencies in Malaysia are ready to handle anything from long-term contracts to one-off events. It’s now only a matter of deciding on the business that will provide the services you require.

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