Bunge Tangan (Exclusive Interview): Enchanting Flowers for Special Occasions

People said flowers are love’s truest language. Well, I do agree. For me, flowers are the part and parcel in any relationship. It indicates the seriousness of a relationship. Imagine receiving flowers from your loved one? How do you feel? Ah, it just melts my heart by just imagining it!

Having said that, I’m so thrilled upon finding out this one tweet about the owner of Bunge Tangan that went viral on Twitter. Specialist in flower arrangements for special occasions with an inspiring story behind it, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out this exclusive interview!

Introducing Bunge Tangan

The Humble Owner

As I stumbled upon that particular tweet that I mentioned before, I am utterly awestruck with the pictures of flower arrangements by Bunge Tangan. In my head, I was saying “Oh my god, these flower arrangements must be done by someone that is already professional in doing this stuff!” 

But, I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong once I had the chance to interview the owner itself. So, let’s get to know the founder!

Can you introduce yourself and your business?

Hi, my name is Nur Hafizatul Ain. I am the founder of Bunge Tangan and I’m doing this business part-timely. I started the business 2 years ago and I can say that my florist business has been doing good lately. Many customers started to trust my service and it allows me to offer more variety in my products.

It all started with a passion

As of now, I already have a stable job, but I still did this flower business part-time because of my immense passion for flowers. There was one day where I scrolled through my Instagram and found on Instagram of a wedding planner. I was so amazed at their flower arrangements that I started to fall in love with it.

Started with zero knowledge on flower arrangements

Actually, I studied computing during my university time and I never thought of becoming a florist. I have zero knowledge about flower arrangements but due to my keen passion and endeavours, I decided to learn from watching Youtube videos and attended some classes. 

“Do something that you are passionate about. Being rejected five times to work as a florist doesn’t break me from doing what I love.”

Nur Hafizatul Ain

Products by Bunge Tangan

Bridal Bouquet

Bunch Bouquet

Money Bouquet

Behind The Scenes of Bunge Tangan

Getting this golden chance to talk personally to Hafizatul, there are lots of question on my mind regarding the running business. So here are a few questions about the process that goes into flower arranging.

How long does it take for you to arrange one flower bouquet?

Usually, a simple flower arrangement only takes about 5 to 10 minutes while more complicated ones take 1 to 2 hours. However, a simple flower can be so complicated to arrange delicately as well if I am physically or mentally tired.

“The key to deal with flowers is to be patient and loving. If you don’t have that love, how can you care for the flowers?”

Nur Hafizatul Ain

From your experience, what is the hardest flower arrangement ever requested by your customer?

I can say that all flowers are easy to arrange except fragile flowers such as the Tulip and Calla Lilly. Besides that, a factor that can make a flower arrangement difficult is when the flower is large in size.

Achievements and Future Business Plans.

I have to say that there are not so many big achievements for Bunge Tangan. However, there are a few small achievements that I can be proud of, such as having to work with the famous Malaysian singer, Fitri Harris, for his wedding. Apart from that, my business branding and sales also improved as I started to get more attention from the media.

Plans for The Future

After this, I plan to do more products such as hidden hantaran (wedding gift) and box bouquets. With the skills that I have, I also plan to open a studio in 2 to 3 more years where customers can walk in to get my products. 

Words of Advice

“My advice would be to just do it. Start it without others to push you and do what you love”

Nur Hafizatul Ain

This whole interview session with the owner of Bunge Tangan goes to show that there is always a way for us to be successful in everything that we do. We never know what the future holds for us. So, stay passionate and put in the effort!

If you enjoyed reading this and would like to surprise your loved ones with flowers from Bunge Tangan, no? You can check out their products by following their Instagram!

Ain Syuhada
Ain Syuhada
A girl with big dreams.







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