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Digital Interactive: 5 Best Kiosk Developer and Manufacturer in Malaysia

What is a Kiosk? Kiosk, a small free-standing physical structure, is used to display information or provide services to customers. The kiosks can be either digital or non-digital, depending on...

Having to Experience Zero Credit Balance At The Worst Timing?

If you want to make sure you always have credit when you need it, find out about the best postpaid plans in Malaysia that I've accumulated for you!

Earn Money Through Online Survey In Malaysia

One of the many ways that you can earn money is by doing online surveys in Malaysia. Simply complete online surveys on a range of issues.

POS System Malaysia: An Essential System For Business

POS System Malaysia helps with your accounting needs and also provides software that will allow you to keep track of your employee's payroll.

6 Top Payroll Software In Malaysia For Your Business

Payroll software is a programme that businesses can use to manage and organize the salary of the employees.

Precision Machining: Top 5 Manufacturer Solutions In Malaysia

Metal fabrication is the process involving creating metal pieces through manipulation (i.e. assembling the pieces together, cutting them and bending them). Precision machining is a process of shaping metal by cutting off its excess. This is to shape it into the parts it is meant to be used for. Precision machining therefore is sometimes subsequent to metal fabrication. Precision machining and fabrication are a defining and visibly important component of machining in today.

Translating Imagination To Reality: Top Places For 3D Printing

There was a time when we depended on clay, stone and wood to bring our visions into a visible, tangible model. However, once again, modernity has saved us from the arduous tasks of doing so with the creation of the 3D printing machine. 3D printing is a manufacturing technique that involves taking digital information and creating a 3D modelling of it. It may seem incredible– incredulous even, but, 3D printing has been prevalent for years now. It is used extensively in architecture, business and even medicine and it is a crucial proponent in media sectors. There are a handful that put in the time and effort to ensure that all the dimensions of your artefact come out accurately. Accuracy is a proponent of the business. Here we provide a list of the best places to consult for your needs.

Top 3 Affordable Work From Home Essentials You Should Get

If you are just starting on your work from home, then this is probably the work from home essentials you might need. It does take more than patience and...

Top 5 Cyber Security Companies In Malaysia

The Horrors Of Hacking In this day and age, practically everyone is storing important data and business info over the internet. It’s the wave of the technological future, after all;...

Pentest Malaysia: Top 5 Best Pentest Companies in Malaysia

And for those seeking pen-testing in Malaysia? You’ll be happy to know we have no shortage of cybersecurity companies, here to offer you all types of pen-testing for an all-around security network! 

So here are 5 types of penetration testing you can get in Malaysia, and where to find them!