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“Only Hot People Get Pfizer”: The Battle Of Covid-19 Vaccine Brands

Long story short, take the jab. Your vaccine brand name does not matter. Saving lives and reducing infection takes priority over which vaccine is “hotter”.

Mental Health In Malaysia During The Movement Control Order (MCO)

The statistics show an alarming rise in the deterioration of mental health among Malaysians, which was mainly because of the prolonged implementation of the Movement Control Order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiger Parenting in Malaysia

Being strict is not a violation or offence. There are situations where you need to be strict and assertive to avoid people taking advantage of your kindness. However, is it fair to always be strict without considering another person’s feelings and thoughts? You check your children’s phones to make sure that they do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You threaten to slap your kids if they don’t dress the way you want them to dress. On the other hand, your children are struggling to be their true selves in front of you because they fear YOU. You think that you are being strict with them for their good but you end up being the biggest obstacle in their life. Hence, I want to share my take on the major three styles of tiger parenting in Malaysia, how it negatively affects their kids and what tiger parents can do instead.

Malaysia’s Misconceptions Towards English Literature Students

For me, misconceptions are like a contagious disease. It spreads fast and vast, releasing its wrath upon innocents, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its path. People may...

6 Problems With Public Transportation In Malaysia

Despite the millions and millions of ringgit dedicated to improving local transit systems, Malaysians have still professed a lot of dissatisfaction with our public trains and buses over the years. So what is the deal with Malaysian public transport?

Physical vs Online Classes In Malaysia: How Do Malaysian Academicians Do It?

How student and lecturer face the online classes?