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You Don’t Need Expensive Gears To Be A Videographer

The misconception of being a videographer is that you need to have the most expensive gears out there in order to shoot a good/professional-looking video. Well, my friend, you...

How To Kickstart Your Live-Streaming Career

Turn your hobby into a career Playing video games has always been your hobby ever since you were a kid. In this day and age, it is hard to downplay...

What You Need To Know When You Got Into A Car Accident

There is a first time to everything, and often, it can be nerve-wracking. Due to an unfortunate event, you got into a car accident for the first time probably...

Books Written By Malaysians That Can Inspire You In Many Ways

There are so many important English books written by Malaysian writers out there. Here are some that can inspire you in many ways.

Women Are Completely Against The Idea Of Starting A Family And Not Ready For The Big Step?

Women's are committed to their work and dream, and isn't prepared to began a family, fearing it may affect their career and lifestyle.

Popular House Style Décor in Malaysia

Everyone has their own style, ideas and  when it comes to decorating their own house. It is once in a lifetime to have our own dream. In conclusion, planning...

What Does Accountant Actually Do: Responsibilities and Tasks

Most people would wonder what an accountant does. If you are a younger generation, most likely you are familiar with TikTok and the inside joke of an accountant. Nope,...

How To Start Financial Planning: Tips For Young Adults

The first thing you need to know is that wealth, such as money, houses, stocks, funds and other material assets, are tools to make our lives better, not the...

You Should Exercise During The Coronavirus Pandemic, Go Join a Gym in KL!

This is a blog post that talks about the importance of keeping fit during and after the pandemic.

Sci-Fi Books: Best Books To Read For Sci-Fi Lovers

My personal opinion is, if you want to buy Sci-Fi books in Malaysia, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted shop or online shop so that you will be able to get the best price.

Your Ultimate Portfolio Tips: Fresh Grads Essentials!

There are few shortcuts, but with the right use of time and control of content, you can avoid detours and produce a high-quality portfolio quickly. What are the fresh...

Why Is A Career Bucket List Is Important For Students?

The phrase “career bucket list” can inject some serotonin in you every time you think about it and it is known as exciting checklists!

Confused About Financial Investments? These Financial Advisors Can Help You With It.

Besides advising you about financial plans, consulting a financial advisor Malaysia, is very beneficial for you and your family.

Seeking Online Courses In Malaysia? Check These Out

This blog speaks to those individuals looking to partake in short online courses, which are either free, short or accredited.

Job Hunting With Top Job Agencies Malaysia

The times are tumultuous. Jobs have always been difficult to find, but given the circumstances of the pandemic, it has become exceedingly harder to find steady employment. Many of our young readers are fresh from university and looking for opportunities wherever they can but they have no idea where to start. We’ve got you covered. Check out these job agencies that can help you secure employment inside or outside of Malaysia.